Ark: Survival Evolved Reaches 750,000 Sales Within Two Weeks, Adds Five New Dinosaurs

Dinosaurs continue to be a popular thing for gamers, and moviegoers considering the success of Jurassic World, and that is good news for Ark: Survival Evolved. The action-adventure survival game had sold 200,000 copies within 48 hours of its release on Steam Early Access and the momentum has yet to die down. Studio Wildcard has announced that Ark: Survival Evolved has now sold 750,000 copies on Steam Early Access within its first two weeks.

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TacticAce1243d ago

I think they should have charged more so they can use more resources for the best possible experience, maybe better animations, more assets, etc. The game deserved all of the money it's made and I hope it sparks the need for more dino games in the industry.

Pandamobile1243d ago

The game's not even remotely close to being done yet.

mikeslemonade1243d ago

Yea the game doesn't even support SLI. I'm playing on low settings on a 970.

And the tribe system keeps messing up.

IrishSt0ner1243d ago (Edited 1242d ago )

Early access, hints in the name.

@mikeslemonade - they posted about this again yesterday, SLI is already working in-house using DX12, this will be released after windows 10... again early access.

SeanDKnight1243d ago

I'm not a fan of Early Access games charging high prices/retail prices for an unfinished product. It is nothing more than asking people to pay in order to beta test the game.

Pandamobile1243d ago (Edited 1243d ago )

That's exactly what they're doing.

Some people enjoy the process of building a game along side the developers. It allows smaller developers to engage their audience and play test their games on a wide range of systems with a wide range of players before launching a feature-complete game for everyone else. The developers are also able to generate income so they can actually pay their employees and grow their team before launch.

It pretty much works out better for everyone.

joab7771243d ago

It's a choice. I wouldn't mind if they offered something like this on consoles. The benefits are that you get to help them make the perfect game, voicing your opiniin, finding bugs, creating an insane amount of data that could not be gained otherwise.

Many games are finished once they are released. Yeah, many devs support them w/ patches and Mayne dlc, but nothing like this.

Helios861243d ago

There are daily patches atm, most promising early access survival game I've played yet.

Axonometri1243d ago (Edited 1243d ago )

Awesome. Just awesome. Great to see early access UE4 game so successful! Going to grab this and join in asap.

Rimeskeem1243d ago

Can I get a framerate higher than 30?

darksky1243d ago

So far UE4 games all seem to be poorly optimized or simply can't run at good fps on anything older than a gtx 980ti. Pretty poor results imho.

Timesplitter141243d ago (Edited 1243d ago )

Seems like all you have to do to sell games nowadays is make an open terrain in Unity/UE4, package it, and sell it as a "Open world multiplayer survival game with crafting"

Try looking at the "survival" tag on steam. Truly sad

OMGitzThatGuy1243d ago

I think all future efforts should be on optimizations because getting 15fps on a 7950 and 8350 is horrible and also no dual gpu support is laughabl and ram usage can hit 5GB.