5 Essential “Fallout Shelter” Tips to Help You Survive The Nuclear Winter

To coincide with the announcement of Fallout 4′s release date and other Fallout 4 tidbits, Bethesda released their new mobile game, Fallout Shelter. We’ve assembled some essential tips you need to know before you start populating your underground bunker.

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MercilessDMercer1270d ago

Can't. Put. My phone down...

MRBIGCAT1270d ago

Soooooooo addictive! Having a lot of fun with this one. Must resist buying cards.....

aquaticDonut1270d ago

I've got a tip for Bethesda: Android.

Snookies121270d ago

I'm really not all that into phone games, but I'd check this out if it came to Android...

PistolsAtDawn1260d ago

You know you can actually try them before saying "I'm not really into phone games"

Snookies121260d ago

@PistolsAtDawn - Did I ever say I haven't tried them? I've played quite a few mobile games, and they just didn't interest me.

Gh05t1270d ago

Tip one, Make it for other OS's, so that more people can enjoy the game :)

MasterD9191270d ago

I got two friends into this game and they ditched Clash of Clans for it. I am so proud...

It just really sucks that they have no idea what Fallout is and how amazing it is.

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