Look At Uncharted 4's F****** Mud

Just look at it. Thanks, NeoGAF.

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Kingthrash3601270d ago

Game looks good even when dirty......nd Continues to raise the bar with each trailer for this game.

Rimeskeem1270d ago (Edited 1270d ago )

I like that each trailer they have shown it's something different (albeit they have shown 4, 2 of them teasers).

First teaser - where it will be and what they are after

second teaser - Giving a glimpse of the new Nathan Drake

First demo - improved gameplay and new mechanics (rope and nail of some sort) with more opened environment

Second demo - completely new mechanic (jeep) and SULLY as well as a lot of physics and even more open environment (choosing different paths)

I personally want to know how much it would hurt to be dragged that fast on mud although I would prefer to not be the test subject.

joab7771270d ago

Uncharted and Horizon owned E3.

sonarus1270d ago

@Joab really just uncharted. I think after the surprise announcements ff7, shenmue stuff everyone was just waiting to be blown away by naughty dog. Guerilla Games so far has shown it is not the same caliber of game developer as Naughty Dog

mikeslemonade1270d ago

Ehh pump your brakes cause that's an "on rails" event.

1270d ago
UltraNova1270d ago (Edited 1270d ago )

Uncharted, Horizon, The Last Guardian AND Shemnue owned E3



Let me get this straight, so if a dev is not at ND level or above they need to stop making games and we need to stop caring? Fail.

insomnium21270d ago

This would be an interesting article but Kotaku? No thanks. GG really exposed those guys.

jerethdagryphon1270d ago

That seems like something to ask mythbusters

sonarus1270d ago

@ultranova. You can care if you want entirely up to you. Horizon to me looked OK definitely did not "own" e3 for me. Uncharted footage to me was substantially more impressive than Horizon
GG to me is an overrated developer.

Elwenil1270d ago

I guess if I were to put my two cents here I would have to say that Uncharted 4, Horizon and Fallout 4 "owned" E3.

I think leaving Fallout 4 out of the equation is a bit amiss considering what a huge deal it is to finally be announced and to see all the content they are packing into it. Not to mention it was all but a rumor until recently and releases in just a few months. That sort of secrecy with such a big project is an achievement all it's own.

More on topic, Uncharted 4 looks to be headed in a good direction. I like what I've seen so far and have been a fan of the series since the first one released on PS3. I don't know that they will top Uncharted 2 as a total package but I was a bit let down with Uncharted 3 and I don't mind saying that I was concerned with the mass exodus from Naughty Dog during the development of uncharted 4. Still, what I have seen so far gives me hope that they are getting back to their roots and what fans of the series expect.

tekksin1270d ago

mikeslemonade, the jeep is not an on rails event. You have full control and will use it at leisure in parts. Pay attention to the industry to keep from looking so ignorant, next time.

shysun1270d ago

@mike "What's impossible to understand until you see it is just how kinetic and animated it all is. It's not a static rolling road creating a background for a shooting gallery. It's a twisting, turning, full-on car chase. Sam throws the bike around, leaning into skids or throwing a leg out for sharp turns. The view swings around the action and the bouncing bike as Nate peppers the pursuing vehicle's grill with bullets. Beautiful depth-of-field effects and camera angles create an incredible sense of velocity as the carnage unfolds."

FamilyGuy1270d ago

A new MotorStorm game is all I can think of when seeing that gif

indyman77771269d ago (Edited 1269d ago )

There are four system sellers in this list
Persona 5
Disgaea 5
Dragon Quest Heroes
Uncharted collection

Xbox one had two for 2015
and gears of war.
Now they only have one, on MY list because I am
not buying a game with Micro transactions in it.

Either list would have made me buy them if I didnt already own them. But since I owe both of them, I just want all the lies about there not being any game for the system with the most games (Literally) to stop. Ironically the only thing I play on xbox one is
sunset overdrive.

PS4 Literally gas the most games

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bennissimo1270d ago

This game, like all other Uncharted games, will be the prettiest rental on the shelf.

G20WLY1270d ago

It will be the prettiest GAME on the shelf (and it won't even be there for long) and a hell of a lot of fun!

Enjoy spending more than the game costs on rentals by the time you've completed the game and been hooked by the multiplayer.. Not sure if you noticed ND's last MP was pretty effing awesome?

CernaML1270d ago

It will also be very good at salt production. :^)

TimeSkipLuffy1270d ago

Uncharted always deserved a must buy just to support the amazing work they have done over the years.

JBaby3431270d ago

I feel sorry for people who can't enjoy something more than once. Miserable existence indeed. MP alone makes the uncharted games more than rentals.

guyman1270d ago

That's what I like to call the uncharted effect - brings out trolls from their hibernation

Scatpants1270d ago

The multiplayer has been surprisingly fun in the last 2 games. I'm hoping this one is even better. Definitely worth more than a rental.

Clunkyd1270d ago


If this is only a rental, then what isn't? lol

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BallsEye1270d ago

Not sure what's the fuzz about the mud. Plenty of games have this kind of mud or better. Examples: AC:Unity, Witcher 3.

G20WLY1270d ago

^Fuzz fail :|

It's just one more in a long list of things they're getting spot on. Deal with it.

NerdStalker1270d ago (Edited 1270d ago )

Trust me if this game was on xbox all we would ever hear from you is uncharted this uncharted that, go and play dead rising or fozra instead of trolling ps4 articles.

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garos821270d ago

anybody got the links to the gifs i dont want to give Kotaku the clicks

shysun1270d ago

What did kotaku do? I missed it.

garos821270d ago

@shysun check out for details

tmh35931270d ago

I was just wondering, this is JUST A QUESTION PEOPLE. I bought uncharted on ps3 but I did not understand why people love it so much I mean its pretty and all but the gameplay was just boring to me. What is so good about the uncharted games that everyone likes so much. Dont get me wrong ND make awesome games I mean I loved the last of us that game was a masterpiece but can someone explain the love for Uncharted?

Picnic1270d ago

Because it's a rip roaring Indiana Jones meets Romancing the Stone style adventure in game form.

It's very pretty and, from Uncharted 2 onwards, the difficulty has been toned down (apart from UC2's boss and towards the end of UC3) and the set pieces increased.

It features action, puzzles, smart dialogue, generally likeable characters and high production values.

The attention to graphical detail is sometimes unprecendently high for an action game- where the player is supposed to move on quite frequently.
There is a sense of truly great scale.

If you only played Drake's Fortune, you might feel that it featured too many shooting waves of enemies.
That is something that, apart from towards the end of Uncharted 3, was changed in the sequels.

UC2 and UC3 also feature relatively liked multiplayers.

NukaCola1270d ago (Edited 1270d ago )

The story is adventurous and exciting.
Nathan is not a"bro" he's a modern Indian Jones.
The set pieces are massive.
Graphics are beyond standard.
Combat is fluid and versatile.
Puzzles are creative.
When it's funny, you laugh out loud. When it's scary or thrilling you tense up. This game is very immersive.

I know people love the flood of massive open world games with 1000s of hours of gameplay, but the thing about Uncharted is you will get a healthy and fulfilling campaign to enjoy. A good story you sit down and enjoy. Something that is a rarity among all the WRPGs and Sandbox games.

remixx1161270d ago

Play uncharted 2 big homie

Kingthrash3601270d ago (Edited 1270d ago )

All answers above are on point.
Uncharted really became its own with uncharted 2 ....much like halo 2 it was the sequal that really gave uncharted its legs.
Uncharted 1 was fun as hell to me too but my favorite and the most popular uncharted was part 2. So I suggest you try all of them before you try part 4.... The story line is great. The multiplayer is great too, that came with part two you got a lot of catching up to do.

Yetter1270d ago

Which Uncharted did you play?? Uncharted 2 is truly fantastic, but I didn't find 1 or 3 very entertaining.
Uncharted 4 looks like it might be the best of them yet but we will see when I get my hands on it

pop-voxuli1270d ago

If you didn't like it then you weren't playin Uncharted.

tekksin1270d ago

because Nathan Drake is a handsome devil.

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Blaze9291270d ago

why hyping up mud now? lmao, okay.

Kingthrash3601270d ago

Lol....gamer level is too low.
Name a game that has this much detail.
It's not really the mud....but ND attention to detail and the way they add in little might seem small to a low level gamer...but to high level gamers we know that it's ND attention to the small details is one of the many things that set them apart from the rest of the developers out there. One example is in tlou where they had giraffes roaming in the was a very small thing they added that had nothing to do with the story...and they created a moment with sucks you into the feel it. Little touches like this go a very, very long way.

JBaby3431270d ago

Well said kingthrash. It's all the little things that push NDs games to the next level.

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-Foxtrot1270d ago (Edited 1270d ago )

I know it's not much of an article but I mean look at that Gif's glorious (despite coming from Kotaku)

It's something we aren't going to see the full gameplay of for a while so I thought whatever we can find.

Ezz20131270d ago (Edited 1270d ago )

Those guys are freaking aliens
They will always remain my favorite developers

DarkOcelet1270d ago (Edited 1270d ago )

It looks amazing. Naughty Dog are Black Wizards lvl 99 with Onion Armor.

GamingTruth1270d ago

I think people dont give sony and the brains that go into making their gaming machines enough credit, naughty dog is good; but sony made it possible for this.

one2thr1270d ago

True, and where are those people now that have stated multiple times that these consoles wont do much more than the previous console generation do to having tablet cpu's and mid to low range gpu ratings?

So far these consoles are holding up nicely.

AndrewLB1270d ago

Sony doesn't get enough credit? Are you kidding? Between this site and Neogaf, they get more than enough.

And FYI... AMD designed just about everything inside the PS4 that matters.

WeAreLegion1270d ago

Is that a Shrek reference?

DarkOcelet1270d ago

Its a mixed Final Fantasy reference.

Blurmobjet1270d ago

Onion armor?

Yeah. Every time they show something new it makes you wanna cry, right?

PlayableGamez1270d ago

Damn guy's I think this game is going to be Naughty Dogs best game yet. That mud is just SEXY.

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