Cuphead Preview–Not Our Cup of Tea (The Koalition)

Garrett Glass of The Koalition writes:
The common argument is gameplay is more important than graphics, and while that may be true to an extent, the same proponents of the argument can’t deny this: the perfect art style is enough to sell a game to players and then draw them into the world. For instance, because its competition on Microsoft’s stage was mostly a creepy sludge of conformity consisting of shooters, Cuphead, with its 30s cartoon style, captivated members of the audience in a way that few indie games are capable of. And while the design of Cuphead doesn’t sacrifice its mechanics in favor of the animation, the overall design of the game leaves little to be desired.

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rbailey1217d ago

Definitely love the art style and animation in this game. Hopefully it turns out to be a quality experience.

sagesurge1217d ago

This is making me very sad, the game looks amazing.

mhunterjr1216d ago (Edited 1216d ago )

The game looks awesome. It's pretty much BS to imply that the visuals are the only reason people are sold on this game. It looks like a TON of fun.

LoveSpuds1216d ago

I am not sure, really, how much have we seen?

Personally this is one of the games that has me buying a XB1 in a few weeks, I am really excited for it but I must be honest, its the artstyle that caught my attention and sold me on the game.

I rarely put any store in other peoples opinions, especially when they are based on a demo created for E3 which I doubt is fully representative of the game, I am sure there will be plenty to lovd about Cuphead.

Why o why1216d ago

We cant know if it plays well. Most people I've noticed, myself included, were sucked in by the art style and concept. The gameplay seems to look fun so my hopes are still high. Even if I dont get to play cuphead, I wish it well.

mhunterjr1216d ago

I'm not denying that the artstyle is attractive. But if the game didn't look fun, people wouldn't spend their money on it.

There are tons of beautiful, but shallow games, and they usually don't fair well. From what I've seen and heard about this game, the controls are exceptionally responsive, the levels are creative, and it's addictively difficult.

In short, the visuals might lure people in, but it's quality gameplay that seals the deal.

nyobzoo1216d ago

Amazing art but Yea, I can't get into boss rush only games. Same reason why I couldn't into Titan Souls

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The story is too old to be commented.