HoloLens' final version will keep limited field of view, says Microsoft

The reality is far from the seemingly huge field of view shown in the demo - Polygon

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Snookies123319d ago

Ouch, that's not great... I was really starting to get behind this thing, as the demo was really awesome looking.

JonnyBigBoss3319d ago

If they do it this way there must be a reason.

SpaceRanger3319d ago

Present day hardware limitations probably. It kinda sucks that they didn't focus on fixing this. It seemed to be a gripe from a lot of tech websites who tried it.

Sometimes I wish I lived in the future when things like this happen with hardware development currently.

maybelovehate3319d ago

Cost and weight would be my top guesses. The original prototype was full FOV but it was also tethered to a high end PC.

-Foxtrot3319d ago

Why did they make it seem like it would be the whole thing with that special camera

MightyNoX3319d ago (Edited 3319d ago )

Why did they advertise the infinite power of the cloud?
The beta testing in the future?
Milo demonstration?
Forza's dynamic audience?

TheNew13319d ago

Why do you always comment something negative on Xbox articles? Surprisingly i didn't see you on any of the articles that mentioned backwards compatibility for Xbox, or when Sony said they won't have it.

Professor_K3318d ago

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Thatguy-3103319d ago

False advertisement my friend. It's Microsoft so you shouldn't be surprised. Hey but the technology has to start somewhere. It will eventually develop into what people are expecting from it.

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Thatguy-3103319d ago (Edited 3319d ago )

Point is? Doesn't discredit the fact that Microsoft is doing it with hololends. They did it with Kinect when it was unveiled and they're doing it with hololends.

jmc88883319d ago (Edited 3319d ago )

Also by saying everyone is doing it, you are giving your approval to it continuing happening.

Go along to get along.

The path to ruin is filled with internalizations such as this.

This is just a piece of gaming tech, but I suspect the same pattern spills over in other areas. Fact is such nonsense is rampant in today's world. You're only screwing yourself by buying into such crap.

Whenever such lies are done, it's wrong. It's not constructive, it's destructive.

I don't know what their rationale is for making it like this, but the simple fact is, it could derail the whole thing.

Think of it now...if Microsoft could actually make a functional kinect, and could actually deliver Milo, etc, etc....at this point, no one would believe them or trust them on it. That's the potential drawbacks of launching too early and lying about how great it all is.

It's better to either
A) Launch and acknowledge it's quirkiness and be realistic and honest with customers while actively supporting it

Or the better route...

B) Wait on the tech to improve and come down in cost so it can be all that and a bag of chips.

Hololens looks intriguing, just like Kinect did. But is it all based on lies like Kinect? 80 percent BS and 20 percent truth?

A lot of commenters have stated it's not really for gaming right now... well that's a problem, because they are attaching it to their gaming device and making demos of it with Halo characters.

I get that feeling that Microsoft is doing it again, and that's not good for anyone. Hopefully, the Hololens can fare better then Kinect. But we would be fools to not notice the same overpromising we saw with Kinect, except this time at least some journalists have behaved like journalists and have told us the truth.

Microsoft simply can't pull the wool over our eyes quite as much this time, and any backlash if it's not all it's cracked up to be, will be swifter and deeper. I hope there is no reason for it, but you simply cannot trust a corporation, especially one that has known to lie, especially about past tech 'wonders'.

Also while VR is not AR, it is similar, and it doesn't look promising when after a year or so of Hololens talk, now they partner with OR for VR. Doesn't engender much confidence in Hololens.

rainslacker3317d ago (Edited 3317d ago )

I believe that MS has no intention for Halolens to be a mainstream gaming peripheral anytime in the near future. I'm sure it'll have some neat uses for games, but this product is for business men or other professionals who can afford devices of convienance for $1000-2000. We'll be lucky to see Halolens support on the X1 by the end of the generation, because the tech needs to establish itself in other areas first. Face it, to date, while the tech looks cool and all, how many people outside of professionals doing very specific tasks are going to use this kind of thing?

The only reason I think MS is showing it off now as a gaming peripheral is to show off the potential for the technology, but to also distract people from Sony's VR solution, to which they don't actually have a real counter for at the moment. Using Occulus on PC is not a solution to VR on the Xbox IMO, and why people believe that between that and Halolens MS has the better VR option for consoles is beyond me. I think it's time for people to really accept the fact that Sony is the only company that has a console VR solution right now, and just leave it alone and see how it goes. Occulus may move to Xbox one day, but it'd likely be a different Occulus than for the PC due to the system specs.

Everything I've seen outside of professional use is just gimmicky, and not worth the price of entry. I mean, how many people have we seen asking to be able to display a TV on a blank wall? How many people actually have anywhere close to the accommodations available in their work or home to be able to do such a thing anyways? Have you seen the setups for showing this thing off? They're always set in pristine ideal conditions. All the examples are highly controlled because there is no way this thing is capable of handling what it does otherwise, which leads me to my next point...Halolens is just google glass on crack, and it's not even as stylish or practical for general purpose applications. It's fine for certain applications, but not practical otherwise. Who's going to throw on a headset like this to walk around when they could just as easily pull up something on their phone? At least Google Glass was stylish, and while it's not as capable, it actually had a purpose to a regular persons every day life.

In any case, if it ever does come to X1, it'll be after a newer version of HL comes out, and X1 will probably get this one which will end up being the basic model.

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maybelovehate3319d ago

If you were to take a camera with around a 50mm lens and look through the viewfinder that is about exactly what Hololense view is. However, Humans have a much far wider view which is why it looks different.

Lucreto3319d ago

I read somewhere some time ago it is the equivalent of a credit card put in front of your eyes and the image in the article kind of supports that.

Microsoft like using smoke and mirrors, Milo for example also look at the original Kinect PR and what it turned out to be.

SpaceRanger3319d ago

How about the Star Wars Kinect demo. Uhhhh I still cringe thinking about how bad the guy acting was who demoed it.

mantis_toboggan_phd3319d ago

Smoke and mirrors? They let people demo their stuff and then told people it wasnt gonna change sounds pretty straight forward to me.

SpaceRanger3319d ago

The hololens setup for the camera is what he was referring to. It had a very wide field of view. While the actual field of view is very small.


So to your comment and Septic's comment:
Their E3 demonstration was not straight forward in regards to the actual viewing experience one would have wearing it. And the people wearing clearly saw that and had gripes about it. If they didn't have gripes then the question asked about FOV wouldn't have even been asked. Don't see how you're speaking sense in relation to that.

rainslacker3317d ago (Edited 3317d ago )

The smoke and mirrors part comes from the fact that this device isn't likely to be priced anywhere close to what any rational gamer would pay for, thus it won't get a ton of support except for tech demo stuff, and I guess Minecraft. But I don't see a bunch of minecraft people dropping a lot of cash for it. The absolute lowest price I've seen suggested for Halolens is $500 by some random forum goers and the occasional techie who range it between $500-1500. Most tech heads that specialize in this stuff are suggesting more in the $1000+ range.

If MS is releasing this around the same time as Win10, they have a pretty good idea of what the price will be. But not a word has been spoken, if not to say we want to keep it affordable for a certain market.

At best, I think one can hope for both a professional and a consumer version of the product, but what we've been seeing is most definitely the professional version. Just look at every demo of this thing outside of minecraft. It's always professionals, doing professional things, looking professional, in well groomed environments.

I really believe people are setting themselves up for disappointment when the price is finally announced. Even if it does come to the X1, which is unlikely, it will definitely cost more than the system itself. History shows that costly peripherals do not sell well, and Sony is going to be having this problem as well with Morpheus. It may have it's time to shine down the road, and it's fine to be excited for the tech, because it is cool, but expectations should be tempered based on reason, and not hope.