Fallout Shelter - Essential Survival Tips

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"The surprise of the announcement at E3 that the iOS base-builder Fallout Shelter would be available at the end of the conference sent Fallout starved fans rushing to the App Store. Once downloaded, those same fans discovered a very nicely fleshed out and benevolently monetised package, with plenty of fan service trimmings to tide them over until the release of Fallout 4. But getting your Vault off to a healthy start is not easy though, and so we've put together some very basic tips that should at the very least set you off on the right path to wasteland survival."

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shipnabottle1245d ago

Easy to write this off as just another F2P base-builder but I think the polish, fan service, friendly monetisation, and gameplay elevate it above lots of other money grabs.

My main gripe would be the clunky controls moving dwellers too to room when defending against raiders.

Other than that this is a cherry on top of a solid conference from Bethesda