IGN: PQ: Revenge of the Plague Lord Impressions

When Puzzle Quest: Challenge of the Warlords was released for Xbox Live Arcade in October of last year, the puzzle/RPG mashup took everyone by surprise, nabbing IGN's 2007 Best Downloadable Console Game award and sucking endless hours of our time with its addictive gameplay, impressive depth and clever style.

And although developer Infinite Interactive is hard at work on an entirely new title – Puzzle Quest: Galactrix – that doesn't mean they've forgotten about Selentia. The company has been hard at work readying an expansion for the game called Revenge of the Plague Lord, and the 700 MS Pts. ($8.75) addition went live this week. IGN strapped on our adventuring boots and downloaded Plague Lord to get a quick feel for what gamers can expect from the add-on.

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