The Last Guardian, Leaks, and the Guilt of Almost Killing a Giant

It was roughly 5 years and one month to the day that PlayStation LifeStyle leaked footage of “Project Trico”, which was later announced at E3 2009 as The Last Guardian.

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TrendyGamers1405d ago

2016 can't get here soon enough.

ftwrthtx1405d ago

I remember that well. Cost the site a lot of clout with Sony

Bathyj1405d ago

Wow, you should feel guilty.

TLG did become a joke up there with Duke Nukem Forever but the reality is Sony probably wouldnt have announced it when they did if not for the leak, and once they ran into trouble they might have never announce it until it moved on to PS4.

E3 2015 in a parallel reality could have been the first time we ever heard of this game and we would have went nuts. Well, we did go nuts anyway, but it would have been better without all the negativity thats followed this game from those early days like a grey cloud of doom.

Just goes to show, the Butterfly Effect. A journalist in the US flaps his gums and a game in Tokyo explodes. Actions have consequences people.

I'm glad but if youve lived with all this guilt all these long years you can breathe a sigh of relief now.

TWB1405d ago (Edited 1405d ago )

Hmm, but alternatively I think we may have not ever got TLG if it wasnt for the leak. If we never knew about it, there would have been way less pressure to downright cancel it. Maybe our continuous interest kept the project alive?

Just another possibility that could have happened.

Im just happy its now officialy heading to our way.

Bathyj1405d ago (Edited 1405d ago )

Well that's true enough too. I'm also just glad it's coming out.

knifefight1405d ago

An interesting perspective perhaps unique to enthusiast press. I can't think of a comparable situation.

hellothere19771405d ago

I called PSLS's involvement out years ago. Sony had no intentions of débuting the game at that time, but this guy's desire to get his website on the map tarnished all the hard work Ueda and his team had done by forcing their hand.

It's sort of bad form to "get this off your chest" AFTER staying quiet for years raking in money from Team Ico putting your website on the map. I truly question this guy's sincerity. He stays quiet while Team Ico were raked over the coals for 4-5 long years. Now, after the team splits apart from the whole debacle, he comes clean to pen a sordid "tell-all."

You greatly benefitted from Ueda's misery of trying his hardest to make TLG workable on a platform that just couldn't run it.