Watch Ryu Punch Every Smash Bros. Character in the Gut

Watch this nearly four-and-a-half minute compilation of Ryu laying out every character in Super Smash Bros. in this surprisingly violent and humorous video.

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ATi_Elite1218d ago

Bad animation sorta as most characters fall forward like they got hit in the back.

17% damage nice.

Finally someone wipes that smile off of Marios face.

wonderfulmonkeyman1218d ago (Edited 1218d ago )

Kidney punch, Kidney punch, Kidney punch
and paaaaause...
Kidney punch!"

You get a cookie if you know the reference.^_-

Anyways, I like Focus Punch, but it's got a few big weaknesses compared to other counters.
#1 The release of the punch, is a manual release, meaning it's possible to miss the timing even if you manage to use it to guard a strike.
#2 You still take the damage of the attack that hits you.
#3 Attacks that hit multiple times have a pretty good chance of breaking through and cancelling the punch, unlike other counters that automatically guarantee an interrupt-free return strike in 99% of successful uses, even on multi-hit moves.

That said, it's also the only counter in the game that you can double-tap a direction to cancel out of, making it a nice tool for mind games if you're clever.