Horizon: Zero Dawn is 1080p/30fps, runs on modified version of Killzone: Shadow Fall engine

PS4 action-RPG Horizon: Zero Dawn will run at 1080p/30fps and is being developed on a modified version of the Killzone: Shadow Fall engine, Guerrilla has confirmed.

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Cindy-rella1244d ago

This game was the best looking new game i saw at E3 and i cant wait to play it


Im an Xbox Fan and I totally agree, game is Gorgeous!

tinynuggins1244d ago

I too am an Xbox fan and I'm right there with you. This may be the game that gets me to buy a ps4.

tuglu_pati1244d ago


Graphically I think is Game of the show, but as a whole IMO I think Uncharted 4/ Deus Ex / Battlefront looked better.

Army_of_Darkness1244d ago (Edited 1244d ago )

Yeah at first glance I could easily tell it was using the killzone shadow fall engine. Looks great considering how much more work it is for them to detail and animate robot dinosaurs in an open world game!

UltraNova1244d ago (Edited 1244d ago )


When that guy from EA said that with their next game would make us doubt what we saw was reality or the game I was like, yeah right EA...

But when the NFS trailer finished I was like, shit what did I just see?? The transition from that mechanic-dude and his girlfriend to the car in-game and straight up customization was mind blowing. For me NFS was more mind-blowing than Horizon at first glance.

That said, I realize that making a linear FPS engine to an open world one and producing results like what we saw with Horizon is 10 times the achievement of making a good looking arcade racing game instead.

Horizon and Uncharted were the best looking games of the show, by far.

Battlefront and Deus EX indeed looked phenomenal as did Gears and Forza.

I'm getting a bit of topic here but I'm starting to get amazed by the graphical jump this gen. We have really started to see significant gains from the 1st gen games we got at launch and games are quickly becoming super realistic.

I guess those puny AMD GPUs are not so puny afterall!

Damn I never thought I'd say this, but we in for a treat this gen.

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Majin-vegeta1244d ago

Cant wait.This game just had that "Holy sh*t"moment every second I was watching.Cant wait to see how Co op will be implemented (Assuming its in there)Cuz everything Shinobi had leaked has been right on the money.

szenkapotamus1244d ago

I've read something that said it is a strictly single player open world RPG, from an interview they did this week.

bmwfanatic1244d ago

Maybe they have non story coop like monster or bounty hunting. I have no idea just throwing it out there.

tinynuggins1244d ago

Any ideas when this is coming out? Looks amazing

MegaSackman1244d ago

"They're targetting 2016" so expect November at the earliest. :S

Plenty of games to play though.

Relientk771244d ago

I just really want this game, plain and simple

WeAreLegion1244d ago

Excellent. Any word on co-op? I don't need it, but I love playing co-op with my brother.

Highlife1244d ago

Hope so too. Have been playing dying light and diablo with my wife(2 ps4s guess I'm a little spoiled) great fun.

gangsta_red1244d ago

Co-op would be spectacular in this game of hunting robot dinosaurs. I'm sure the makers of Killzone will have some sort of online play. If they don't then that will seriously be disappointing.

NewMonday1244d ago

WRPGs like Fallout & Witcher are single player only and they sell like crazy

gangsta_red1244d ago

@ NewMonday

Okay...?? Why are we discussing sales?

I think this game would be amazing having a group of friends roaming the plains hunting huge dinobots.

emad-E-three1244d ago

Prepare to be disappointed then! Confirmed SP only and thats a good thing.

And for your question to NewMonday I believe he was trying to say RPG/SP games' devs don't need to waste resources and time to throw a worthless and un-needed multiplayer to make sure there game sells well, for example (not rpg but) Tomb Raider.

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