Sony’s Shuhei Yoshida Tries Microsoft’s Halo 5 HoloLens Experience, Calls it “Super Cool”

SCE Worldwide Studios President Shuhei Yoshida is one of the main proponents of new experiences like Virtual Reality, and today he got to try something a bit different at E3: Microsoft’s holographic experience, HoloLens.

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Relientk771245d ago

Shuhei Yoshida is the man. A true gamer.

Abriael1245d ago

Indeed, I'm still awed but how he beat that damn guard dog in the cursed defiled dungeon.

Ezz20131245d ago (Edited 1245d ago )

Because He's the goddamn BATMA...uhh i mean Shu.

yewles11245d ago

"Because He's the goddamn BATMA...uhh i mean Shu."

Nah, he's just BatShu insane...

Septic1245d ago

Aww its actually kinda cool when you see stuff like this.

You know you're a nerd when you get excited over this stuff lmao.

SonofGod1245d ago

Had much respect for this man before, now I respect him even more!

Sunny_D1245d ago Show
TRS_Gear1244d ago

You're exactly right. He is a true gamer.

This is why all this stupid fanboyism needs to stop.

All three consoles have so much really cool stuff to offer.

Professor_K1244d ago

o my god lol

the double standard is real

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whitesoxfalife19761245d ago

This awesome he went by the booth to check out halo5 special edition of hololens

SmokingMonkey1245d ago

Aaron Greenberg @aarongreenberg
An honor to meet & host @yosp at our @E3 booth today, fun talking about games w/ him. A true class act!

Reggie thinks VR isn't social enough but hasn't tried it yet.

How easy is it to just say something simple like; It's cool. ?

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DragonDDark1244d ago

Reggie only cares about mario

AgentSmithPS41244d ago

Lol I won't buy VR to be social.

PaleMoonDeath1245d ago (Edited 1245d ago )

I like this guy, he has that vibe. But please.. Yoshi, give us some of that Backwards compatibility magic the Xbox One now has, I reckon if we pester them enough about it it'll happen, even if it means doing away with PSNow.

Edit: dislikes eh, got something against being able to play your PS3 games on your PS4? fanboys, I buy machines for playing, not for getting emotionally involved with.

Further Edit: You gusy are seriously attacking having BC on PS4..? shocking, utterly shocking.

xKugo1245d ago

Unlikely and if you're going to pester any about it, start with Andrew House or Kaz. I think they hold slightly more weight than Shu does. Especially Kaz..

mezati991245d ago

dude, it's gonna be impossible to emulate PS3's processor architecture due to how difficult and different it is compared to PS4's

personally, i'll be just happy with a full access to PS1/2 games library on PS4

PaleMoonDeath1245d ago (Edited 1245d ago )

I'd gladly take PS1/PS2 games!

Edit: @ WeAreLegion, woah easy there. Not trying to hurt anyones feelings here, but I want some of that backwards compatability for myself, Sony can probably do it, only thing is it's a behind a pay wall called PlayStation Now, damned streaming service.

I won't be able to reply by the way being my last bubble and all, so all of you Sony folk need to know I only own a PS4, so take off your company loving glasses and realise what MS is doing for the XB1 is utterly amazing, and I want that for myself via PS4. Damned kids on this site I'll tell ya.

@Abriael, I get what you're saying, but surely they have the ability to give us PS1/PS2 BC? I have hundreds.. literally hundreds of PS1 and PS2 games, I'd take that in a heart beat.

JasonKCK1245d ago (Edited 1245d ago )

When are you guys going to stop playing that "impossible to emulate PS3" card? It has nothing to do with emulation and everything to do with money. Impossible to emulate PS3 but works great when streaming behind a paywall. How do they get the PS3 remakes to work on a PS4 so fast?

n4rc1245d ago


i believe the game is run and streamed from a custom ps3 (essentially) on psnow.

Spotie1245d ago


"eight custom console units built into a single rack server."

They're using native hardware, though a bit customized, to stream PS3 games.

At least be educated on subjects before you talk, man.

JasonKCK1245d ago

You guys can use whatever excuse you want but, the bottom lime is the PS4 doesn't have BC because Sony wants to sell it to you. It really is that simple.

Modders have the ability to emulate some PS3 games on a PC for free. But according to you fans, it's impossible for Sony to do. MS managed to get some Xbox games to work on 360 and that had different "architecture".

So my question remains. Why do you guys keep playing that card?

Spotie1245d ago

Yes, Jason, and let's gloss over the hardware it takes to make these emulators that don't even work for every game. Let's ignore that emulation isn't some "just port it over" stuff like you think.

Natively, it's impossible. That's actually the case for both the XB1 and PS4, which is why you download the digital version of the 360 game, rather than reading the disc directly. Such a thing is definitely possible on PS4, but that's not something Sony is currently looking to do.

Sony can't sell backwards compatibility if it isn't backwards compatibility, and PS Now is not that. You want to call it that, because then you can run with the asinine narrative that Sony's trying to charge me for games I already own, but I don't have to pay them a damn thing to play ANY game I already own.

So, really, why do you keep playing THAT card?

_-EDMIX-_1245d ago

@Spotie- agreed and 100% correct.

I don't get the whole "sell you twice". When did they turn off PS3's remotely? When did they FORCE you to buy PS Now? PS Now was not made SOLELY to um..."sell you twice" as it also works on PS3.

Or...are they trying to sell PS3 gamer's "twice" too? lol. I mean...this assumption is baseless and doesn't really make much sense.

BOTH Sony and MS didn't just put native hardware in the PS4 or XONE that was PS3 or 360, as that is not their job. Its nice to see MS do something for fans for free.....but its not a necessity and MS didn't NEED to it. Its very much fan fair and they are doing a great job at it, but I wouldn't just fault them if they didn't as I didn't fault either for not doing it natively as...its not their job to give you free hardware so you can free up shelf space.

For about 70 bucks I can fix that XONE BC issue real quick LOL! I can have the BEST version of that, its a device called the XBOX 360...

uth111245d ago

The PS4 could emulate the PS3 architecture. The question is if it can emulate it in real time, fast enough to be usable. I have my doubts about that.

PS3 is more complex than XB360.

Of course armchair devs think anything is possible and just being held back to sell us stuff :/

JasonKCK1244d ago

"Of course armchair devs think anything is possible and just being held back to sell us stuff"

Because it is. That is the whole point of PSNOW.

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WeAreLegion1245d ago

If you can get PS3 games playing on PS4, let Sony's engineers know. And then call NASA for an interview.

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Abriael1245d ago

I'd love it, but I'm not sure it's as easy to implement.

The Xbox 360 has a PowerPC architecture that is different from the current architecture of the Xbox One, but not THAT different

The PS3 had a completely unique architecture centered on the cell and the SPUs, and required a lot of optimization to work. I don't think it's easy to emulate on a PC architecture. That's why no one (to my knowledge) is working on a PC emulator.

dcbronco1245d ago (Edited 1245d ago )

I have to disagree about the PowerPC architecture. They are very different. I believe the difference is Windows 10. All of those updates have opened more Windows 10 features. Windows 10 is made with the Server 2012 kernel I believe. Servers talk to lots of different architectures.

I bet the Xbox OS plays a major part too. The design is a virtual machine run on a hypervisor from what I've read. PCs can run many VMs and I believe Xbox One is just running another OS when you go to a 360 game. Microsoft has said One only runs a game OS and a app OS at the same time. But they never said the game OS couldn't change to fit the game you load. I'm sure it can play PC games too. They just aren't letting it right now. But I'm betting they eventually will. Plus, iirc, there is a good amount of the Cell spu design in the 360 cores.

uth111245d ago

No Windows 10 can't simply launch a Virtual PowerPC machine and run 360 games in it.

The PowerPC architecture needs to be emulated on an x86. This is very CPU intensive, so it can't run nearly as fast as a virtual machine under a hypervisor.

Imalwaysright1244d ago

PS3 and the 360 have powerPC architecture.

cell9891245d ago (Edited 1245d ago )

I rather have them spent those resources and energy on new IPs than being able to play Uncharted 2 on ps4. There's already enough games to play on ps4 as it is, do you really need to dig that ps3 catalog? It's good enough that if you have a ps3 you get plenty with psplus how much more gaming can you handle? And it's only gonna get more busy with the holiday releases. Your backlog of games will have you playing Bioshock 2 till summer 2016

Machiavellian1245d ago

What exactly does creating new IPs have anything to do with adding new features to the PS4. Its not like the two comflict with each other as one would be internal OS developers and the other would be gaming studios. Just because you might feel that the current games on the console is enough, I am sure there are a lot of PS3 gamers who still would like to play their games they invested money on and remove another device under the TV.

james0901621245d ago

Honestly, how much would you really use bc?

Pogmathoin1245d ago

They do have BC. It's called PsNow.... $4.99 per half hour for a $2 game at Gamestop. It's awesome.... Check it out.

sereal_killer1245d ago (Edited 1245d ago )

They can only do this via streaming. so they can perhaps recognize you have bought a game and make the psNOW edition free for you.

The cant actually do this like XBOX1 did it because the ps3 cell architecture is soo different that its is basicly impossible to emulate it in any good way on the ps4 unlike the xbox one with is pretty similar to the 360. even tho they also use a downlaod version. i do think the conversion can be automated pretty easily from 360 to One .

So no i dont think sony will do this atleast not like the xbox one, our only hope is free streaming version of the game.

FBNS1245d ago

I belive we can have both. Backwards compatibility only matters on the ps4. Psnow allows backwards compatibility with vastly different hardware power and architecture regardless of platform. People seem to always leave that out.

medman1245d ago (Edited 1245d ago )

What would be even better than Sony wasting their time trying to emulate backwards compatibility, is to give gamers the option of streaming their backroster of games linked through their playstation id's on psnow. Simple solution, no extra work required, and it's something Sony could do in the future.

Personally, I still own my ps3 and 360, but never really even think of playing my old games... I've got a pretty significant backlog of current gen games to get through as it is.

Professor_K1244d ago

Not shocking ps fanbase will bend down to any decision theyr dictators make, hypocrisy at its finest

bradleejones1244d ago

Sony invested like a bizillion dollars on buying gaikai and turning that into psnow. They have to recoup that somewhere. I doubt they will be doing BC this gen. Unfortunately. I still play the ps3 a ton.

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