TVG: Raven Squad: Operation Hidden Dagger Preview

TVG writes: "Could Atomic Motion be the first developer to successfully blend RTS and FPS gameplay? We take a closer look at Raven Squad to find out...

RTS-FPS hybrid games have popped up on our radar before, but we're racking our brains to recollect one that's successfully made it onto the marketplace. Sure, there was Command & Conquer: Renegade, but that was actually a pure FPS game that adopted some aspects of the C&C format (e.g. primary, secondary, and tertiary objectives). Other than its setting within the C&C universe, there weren't really any RTS elements to its gameplay.

So, can Raven Squad be the first game to successfully merge the two genres? If our recent first look at the game is anything to go by, then it's actually got a fair shot at this lofty task. There's certainly the risk that the game could be spread too thinly across both genres, producing a title that will please neither hardcore RTS fans nor seasoned FPS veterans. That said, nobody is suggesting that the RTS elements of Atomic Motion's Raven Squad will rival those in games such as World in Conflict or Company of Heroes."

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