Report: Batman Arkham Knight Update 1.01 is 3.5GB, Patch Notes Listed

While Batman: Arkham Knight doesn’t release until next week on June 23, it appears some copies have made their way to gamers, with one user on Reddit posting a screenshot that reveals update 1.01 is 3.5GB.

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AgentSmithPS41243d ago

I assume that we still can't preload a patch if we buy a physical copy? This will take me hours to download... I hope I can play while it's updating and that it won't erase my progress. I'm off to check my HDD free space.

If true, please join me in complaining to Sony so we can start downloading the patch as early as possible.

Aenea1243d ago

Yes, this, I have a really fast internet connection (200/20 mbit) and a file of this size is still gonna take me 3 to 4 hours with Sony's slow download servers, sigh. :(

I'mm receiving it by post, on tuesday they are always late (around 5pm) so I'm lucky if I can play the same evening, it's silly.

PaleMoonDeath1243d ago

Quite a big patch, "improved performance" is what I like to see, here's hoping it runs as well as it looks.

DEEBO1243d ago

Wow my harddrive is giving it all she got captin!

Greyfoxdbz1243d ago

this made me giggle more than it should have

Kingdomcome2471243d ago

Haha. You aren't the only one.

Software_Lover1243d ago

WTF is going on with devs these days. I mean its June. If you need(ed) more time then get more time. Publishers don't care im sure but a 3.5gb patch before launch is sad.

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The story is too old to be commented.