Star Ocean: Integrity and Faithlessness hits West, but only with English&French texts

Star Ocean: Integrity and Faithlessness will see a Western release 2016 on PlayStation 4, as announced during E3 2015.

According to a German press release by Square Enix Germany, the game will only support English and French texts.

This might be a disappointment for Star Ocean fans in other western countries, who expected translations into Spanish, Italian or German, which was supported by Square Enix in other titles.

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Yi-Long1216d ago

Do they mean speech or written text!?

If this is missing the original Japanese voices, I'll absolutely be skipping it. So disappointing.

styferion1215d ago

damn right, please include original japanese voice as an option SE.

3-4-51215d ago

* Why do English only speaking people suddenly dislike their own language ?

What I've found is basically it's about .001% of ANY gaming community wants Japanese voices only.

Everyone else is like " Cool we get to play the game"

* Hearing complaints over at Xseed to.

Players beg for a game...get it....and then complain because it doesn't have the Japanese voices.

How pathetic.

You could have NOT gotten the game, but that concept doesn't compute with babies.

Yi-Long1215d ago (Edited 1215d ago )

What makes you believe I'm 'English only'!? I'm Dutch.

That doesn't mean I hate English (I love English).

It also doesn't mean I would like the game to be dubbed in Dutch.

I want my entertainment in their original language, whenever possible.

Also, you seem to be mixing the facts up. It's not US who have special needs and demands for these games. WE would be perfectly fine to just see the Japanese version being released with some English subs slapped on.

It's people like YOU who would cry about having to hear the game in a foreign language and/or having to read subs while gaming, that are demanding for an English dub, which causes extra costs and longer waiting for the rest of us. They are going out of their way to create dubs for you, cause you would moan and whine and cry otherwise, refusing to buy their game.

So don't mix that little factoid up again.

Also, you pretend only a very small fraction of gamers want the original language to be included, which as a complete lie. Not only does it's potential audience for a large part also overlap with anime-fans, of which a big amount of people also usually prefer their anime with the original voices, but the audience for this game isn't just the USA, but the whole world, and for many in those world English is as foreign a language as Japanese.

blackblades1215d ago

No wonder we get less jrpg over because people wanna skip them over many stupid reasons.

Yi-Long1215d ago

Maybe they'd sell better if they wouldn't butcher the original language out to replace it with a mediocre dub...

blackblades1215d ago

As an American, dub sounds fine to me. Still with JP voice don't under stand a word they say so it doesn't matter. Still from what I said people bsing and skipping over an jrpg over reasons like that and others are stupid and effects why we get less of them.

Magicite1215d ago

Texts = only written stuff, voices will probably be in both English and Japanese.

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DrMack1215d ago

It says "on-screen text" so I am quite sure it means subs and menus etc. I think they allow Japanese voice overs, though.

rextraordinaire1215d ago

That's funny they specify French for North America.

I'm Québecois and my friends always play games in English.
I understand there are laws about French translation for products to reach Canada, but for video games it really is a bit useless.

Actually, video games did more to help me learn English than any class at school!

masa20091215d ago

It's not for Quebec it's for France, where Japanese culture is very popular, so they put a little extra care for their clientele there.

rextraordinaire1215d ago

Europe and North America don't gave the same editions of products.

Most games have french translation in North America, because Canada's two official languages are English and French.

Zero1091215d ago

Well dang it, why no English voice actors? I really don't like subtitles for anything because instead of being focused on the screen (animations, surroundings, facial expressions and etc) I'm forced to look down and read what everyone is saying...I can't be immersed in the game if I'm looking at the bottom of the screen most of the time.

Baka-akaB1215d ago

Except that not how subs fan exactly watch a video or play a game . We don't look down and focus on the bottom .

But i understand if it doesnt come naturally for some people , and not their thing .

Baka-akaB1215d ago (Edited 1215d ago )

As long as i get the original voices ... i'll be happy

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