E3 2015: Forza Motorsport 6 is Introducing Rain and it will Piss You Off

Hardcore Gamer: Turn 10 has added some nice additions to their amazingly authentic car simulator, Forza Motorsport 6.

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turdburgler10801400d ago

I always enjoy the rain. Everything is washed clean.

maybelovehate1400d ago

Haha, yeah. I can already see my controller breaking after hydroplaning into a wall on the final lap. I can't wait though : )

Lennoxb631400d ago

I wouldn't have it any other way.

343_Guilty_Spark1400d ago

Does rain affect anything in PjC or DC or is it more like a cosmetic/visual effects?

nicksetzer11400d ago

Visual in DC, not sure about project cars. Regardless, Turn 10 never does anything half-a***d so I expect their rain simulation will be amazing.

Hydroplaning, loss of traction, spin-outs gunna be great ... and terrible lol

fei-hung1400d ago

Rain affects traction in DC, it's not just visual.

mkis0071400d ago (Edited 1400d ago )


Rain absolutely effects the road in driveclub. It is a big challenge added when you have it raining.

GTgamer1400d ago

clearly you never Played DC if you think the weather is just visual :/

LexHazard791400d ago

Lol..I love Turn 10 but when you said they dont so anything half assed I immediately looked at my Forza 5 game..sorry it was a rush job. And im not really putting it on Turn 10. MS probably said ship whatever you have. But Im sure glad Forza 6 is upon us. The true racing game Turn10 wanted to give fans from the get. Cant wait!

nicksetzer11400d ago

Never noticed a single difference in rain snow or otherwise and don't know anyone else that does notice..
"And I'd love to tell you how the cars handled, and how the weather affected them, but sadly this was very much a "look, don't touch" experience. Still, what a lovely thing to look at."

Aceman181400d ago

I play DC on the regular and the weather absolutely affects the handling and the cars.

NuckingFuts1399d ago

That link you posted was from June 2014, the game didn't release until October 2014 and I believe the weather patch went live sometime during December 2014

And yes the rain also affects the handling in Project Cars.

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Perjoss1400d ago

Rain? its like we're in the future!

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