Final Fantasy VII Remake: Watch The Crowd at PlayStation E3 Experience Go Absolutely Bonkers

How did you react when the Final Fantasy VII remake was announced during Sony’s E3 press conference? Did you scream? Did you cry? Or maybe you were silent, dumbfounded?

Apparently, the crowd in several theaters part of the PlayStation E3 experience went absolutely bonkers.

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DarkOcelet1244d ago

LOL! That was awesome.

FFVII Remake and Kingdom Hearts 3! Thank you Square Enix. I still cant believe this is happening.

I need a hug!

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bouzebbal1244d ago

NieR, Star Ocean 5.. you forgot these two! but yeah, it was too much.

DarkOcelet1244d ago

Every single Square Enix game is on my must have list.

FFVII Remake
Nier 2
Star Ocean V
Rise Of The Tomb Raider
Hitman 6
Deus Ex Mankind Divided
Just Cause 3
World Of Final Fantasy
Life Is Strange

I dont know if i missed anything but everything there will be Day 1.

CaptainObvious8781243d ago

This is why Sony clearly won E3 and why I just can't understand anyone saying otherwise.

Nineball21121243d ago (Edited 1243d ago )

It was a great E3 for them!

Edito1243d ago

Don't thank them now because this game can land on a PS5 and Xbox Two, I don't trust square enix the only good thing about theme is the Square name that reminds me of how good Squaresoft used to be...

pivotplease1243d ago

You speak the truth. Square can't redeem themselves through announcements and flashy trailers. We really have to wait for the end products. I do have faith though because Tetsuya is leagues ahead of the Type-0 and XIII guys and he is heavily involved in their three major projects (XV,KH3 and VII).

nitus101243d ago (Edited 1243d ago )

Personally I have never liked Kingdom Hearts but I definitely liked FFVII although I was fairly lukewarm with FFVIII but it did improve as you advanced in the game.

I do think that FFVII is viewed through "rose colored glasses" since it was the first FF on the PlayStation 1 and like I have said it was a good game. Would I buy a remake of FFVII for the PS4? Well that begs the question since I don't have a PS4 yet since I am waiting for a bundle that will entice me to buy.

Even when I do get a PS4 I probably will purchase the remake since some [email protected]&%er stole my PS1 game and even if it wasn't stolen pretty much all PS1 games look fairly grainy on my HDTV even with smoothing on. PS2 games are fine since their output via my BC PS3 look like an upscaled DVD some good some not as good but all graphically acceptable.

Actually I would like to see a remake of FF 4, 5 and 6 since they are IMHO all good games however Square/Enix would also have to update their graphics and most likely completely change the game such as keeping the story but making the game-play more inline with what was done with FFX, FFXII and even FFXIII. I can't ever see this happening though.

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pivotplease1243d ago

Comparing a full remake on PS4 that's going to look like Advent Children to the original PS1 game is kind of ridiculous. If even you had the original this would be worth getting just because it's going to be entirely different.

Kidmyst1243d ago

Let's just hope Square Enix keeps the combat the classic style and doesn't ruin it by modernizing it.

pivotplease1243d ago

Yes, just a simple ATB battle system would suffice. I'm sure they'll want to add some cinematic stuff as well though since making Advent Children into a game is kind of Nomura's dream .

CrazzyMan1241d ago (Edited 1241d ago )

i used bad language when i saw this trailer on e3 live conference.)
This was like no way) but it`s true!) The best gaming new in last 5 years at least for me.) Really hyped!

It`s hard to tell what FF game is my favorite, i love them all. But FF7 was my first FF game.
Well actually when i got psOne, i had oly 2 games with it, FF7 and Red Alert.)

But i liked FF7 over FF6 for sure. Not only story, but the whole ATMOSPHERE was great in FF7. Prerendered backgrounds, cg trailers, 3d battles. This was GREAT in those 1997/98.
I completed the game at least for 2 times, and every time over 100h of gameplay time.)
FF6 was good, but FF7 is the game which made me to love jRPG. And i think for MANY gamers too. THAT IS why people wanted so much FF7 Remake.)

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itsjustexuma1244d ago

Is this currently the best Final Fantasy game in the series? I want to start playing them but idk if I should wait for that game or get the other remastered game

Debaitable1244d ago

Each numerical game is their own story. The best in the series varies by person. VII is great but I also did enjoy XII.

DarkOcelet1244d ago

FFXII is my favorite in the series but that announcement made me so damn happy.

Final Fantasy is coming back to be the king of RPG genre again.

nitus101243d ago

FFXII was a departure from the so called "battle zone" which is basically common in all other FF games. For some this was not acceptable but for others like myself and many others this was more in line with modern RPG's although I do remember Breath of Fire 3 1997/8 did this as well.

Like you have said choosing the best of the series varies from person to person and IMHO that is a good thing.

pivotplease1243d ago

Not sure how people could have that opinion unless they got into the series very late. Such a bad story and characters. The general consensus is that IV, VI, VII, and to some extent IX, are the best. Most of the old school fans would say X was the last great game in the series.

Hoffmann1244d ago

Play the original today, it is still a phnomenal experience and play the Remake when it is getting released in 2017.

GhostTurtle1244d ago

Goddamn I can vouch for this. Just got done running through it on steam and I don't care what anyone says, game still holds up to this day and is just as amazing as it was 18 years ago!

Muigi1243d ago

FF15 is gonna be out 2016
Kh3 2017...hopefully if this games development goes smoothly we should have it 2018 at the earliest. Regardless DAY ONE PURCHASE.

Kurisu1244d ago

To many it is considered the best. To others it's considered overrated. To others, it plain sucks. Not all FF fans like all FF's, so it's a pretty subjective question. I say dip in, try them, and make up your own mind :D

Shadow Flare1244d ago

The ones that say FF7 is overrated come from mainly 2 camps:

-They either didn't play it at the time of its release, and therefore dismiss it for its graphics and miss how revolutionary this game was at the time

But more importantly

- They likely have been told it's the best rpg of all time, heard a lot about it from everywhere, so they play it with massively inflated expectations, expecting to be blown away straight away. And all that will ever result from that is disappointment. And so they say it is way overrated.

However, if you play it without any expectations and play it with an open mind, chances are it will leave a nice impression on you

All I have to say to people that say it's overrated is, tell that to the people in the above videos. The game means something powerful to them. And if you don't get that, it's your loss

Nineball21121243d ago

I like this reaction video. LOL

You can see how happy these guys are.

meganick1244d ago

It's definitely one of the better ones, but that's subjective of course. By all means try the original part 7. It still holds up well for the most part. I do have issues with the translation though.

goldwyncq1244d ago

By the majority of the Final Fantasy fans, yes. Though I would place IX slightly above VII personally.

WelkinCole1244d ago

It s hard. For me it is 6,9,7 for top 3.

meganick1244d ago

That's also my top 3 with 9 being my favorite.

blackpanther251243d ago

man i love 9. Playing that again on my vita right now.

rainslacker1244d ago

It's considered by many to be the best. But FF8 and FFX have a strong following as well. For me personally it's FF9 just because it is an homage to the older style of FF games before 7.

You can start on any of them though. they have stories independent of one another, set in different universes, but that carry the same themes. If you're aware of the Tales series and how they handle the different titles, it's pretty much the same for FF.

nitus101243d ago

I can't comment on FF9 since I have never played it although I have played FF4, 5, 6, 7, 8 10, 10-2, 12, 13 and 13-2 and found all of them to be excellent games although to be fair it took me a while to get into FF8 since I found the main character to be annoying.

I am playing Tales of Xillia and have found that the actual fighting can be quite complex. You don't just keep pressing the same button and selecting menus although you can for some of the fights. However by using your left hand stick coupled with all your buttons you can actually pull off some quite complex combos. IMHO this game is more of a fighting RPG than an Action RPG.

Unfortunately I have to limit my playtime on Tales of Xillia since I started to get RSI on my hands. Ouch! I am OK on other games though.

rainslacker1243d ago

The relation to tales was simply in how they handle stories where each game is it's own thing with similar themes among the franchise.

_-EDMIX-_1243d ago

I would say no, but I personally like FFVI more and FFIV more, but thats just me. Don't ever let anyone tell you what THEY think the best is lol. That is really up to them, FFVII is easily the most agreed on FF in terms of being the best, but you can have your favorites as those might remain your favorites for a long time.

I would legit just wait for the remake. Play Squares other FF's games. You can get most of them on PSN if you have a PSP, PSVita or PS3, you can also play some of them on Steam.

thehobbyist1243d ago

If you can get past the dated visuals you'll find a well made game with some really good writing(Mostly for characters that aren't Cloud, oddly enough)

titans99991243d ago

I am a true fan of this series, if you want to be a "true" fan, then you need to start with ff 1. you can play this on the playstation origins that was released. Great game....

Other than that, 7 was pretty good, not my favorite, I liked 9 and 10 the best. If you count the old classics then ff4 and ff6 was the best in my opinion.

If you are going to play them all, you better get started, they are all pretty long....

BlackWolf121243d ago

Put it this way, from final fantasy 4 all the way up to final fantasy 10, are all amazing games. You will find a very strong case to love all of them.

But the BEST is subjective, however it almost always comes from those mentioned.

To me, Final Fantasy 7 is the best game ever created.

LoveSpuds1243d ago

I think FF7 was the one the really became mainstream, it was all about the timing as much as anything. The PlayStation was starting to deliver games and graphics that had never been seen in a home console before.

Playstation was flying and then FF7 comes along and looked like something from the future, it was incredible and just captured everyone's imagination, it was part of the console boom and really placed the JRPG into the lexicon of gaming.

The game, for me, is the most important in the series for the above reason, it defined a whole genre of games.

If you cannot wait for the remake I can recommend playing it on VITA, it looks really nice on that platform.

Gardenia1243d ago


I would suggest playing FFVII right now, it will be at least 2 years before FFVII remake will be finished. After that I recommend FFVIII and FFIX. Definitely try FFIX

garos821243d ago

FF7 was my first so it always has a special place in my heart. My favourite one was FF8 though.

FF7 had the best soundtrack and story IMO

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C L O U D1244d ago (Edited 1244d ago )

The energy in there must have been so estatic

Jaqen_Hghar1243d ago

It was. A man and the crowd just kept getting more bonkers with each of these holy trinity announcements. Also Horizon and Dreams got some great applause.

Spotie1243d ago

Yeah, it was insane. I thought I was gonna die, like the guy in the last video, who just gave up on words and screamed, lmao.

acdramon1244d ago

This brought a tear to my eyes. Watching it live was like hear a shot go around the world!

SmokingMonkey1244d ago

The last one cracks me up.

Dude is literally just screaming at a couple points.

"AAAARrrrrGGGHhhhhhh!!!& quot;

dc11244d ago

Yeah. Number 2 had me laughing as well. Truth be told,.. I was yelling at home as well.

SmokingMonkey1244d ago

Sometimes words can't do these reveals justice.

"!YYaaarrrGGGhhhHHH!!!!& quot;

Jaqen_Hghar1243d ago

A man yelled in the theater as did pretty much everyone else in Pittsburgh lol