Splatoon Must Be Banned: We Must Save Our Kids From Corruption [Satire]

Sean of Ready-Up looks at why Splatoon must be banned, for the greater good:

''Video games are known for their disgusting lack of morality and humanity. For years now they have corrupted generation after generation, caused wars, increased crime rates and resulted in the creation of the Big Bang Theory. Video games are worse than drugs, worse than organised crime, they are the single biggest danger to modern society. Grand Theft Auto, Mortal Kombat, Beautiful Katamri and Call of Duty all train our youth to kill from the day they are born. Blood, gore, senseless murder, unholy messages… how could things get any lower?''

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Neonridr1218d ago

ummm... satirical? If not I have real questions about this author.

PixelGateUk1218d ago

It's satirical XD, poking fun at some of the random outrage thrown at a lot of video games these days

Neonridr1218d ago

lol, I figured as much.. sometimes it's blatantly labelled as Satirical. But you never know nowadays.. :P

Relientk771218d ago

I agree with this. The sex scenes and violence in this game is just too much, worse than any GTA game