18 Best Video Game Levels Of The Decade (So Far)


Even though the current generation has been a bit of a bumpy ride, the decade itself has seen a huge number of worthwhile experiences – all of which backed by developers getting more and more acquainted with the hardware itself.

Gaming in 2015 looks better than ever, and regardless of whether the budget is hanging on a shoestring or reaching up into the millions – these are the levels we’ll be fondly remembering come the close of the decade.

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trywizardo1245d ago

18. Sen’s Fortress – Dark Souls
17. The Lizard – Heavy Rain
16. We Shall Be Together In Paradise – Red Dead Redemption
15. Any Outpost – Far Cry 3/4
14. A Dame, A Dork, And A Drunk – Max Payne 3
13. Castle Rock (Black Betty) – Rayman Legends
12. Facing Ramsay Bolton – Telltale’s Game Of Thrones
11. Claws Of The Horde – The Evil Within
10. Surfing The Sand Dunes – Journey
9. Any Riddler’s Revenge Campaign – Batman: Arkham City
8. Plains – Shovel Knight
7. Securing The Plant – Deus Ex: Human Revolution
6. Death Wish – Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number
5. Wild At Heart – The Witcher 3
4. Deckers.Die – Saints Row: The Third
3. Crystal Maze – Grand Theft Auto V
2. The Suicide Mission – Mass Effect 2
1. The Firefly Lab – The Last Of Us
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I-Hate-usernames1245d ago

Castle rock from rayman legends is amazing. It's underrated game. Deserve better.