E3 2015: Announcing The Top 20 Hottest PC Games And Their Release Dates

What Are E3 2015's Best PC Games? Here's A List of 20 Amazing PC games To Look Forward To!

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freshslicepizza1218d ago

1 game per page, these sites should be banned

SniperControl1218d ago

Just typing that, yep, 20 pages, one for each game.

ATi_Elite1218d ago

I'm looking forward to Total War Warhammer Stalker 2 Arma 3 Dlc StarCitizen and Elite Dangerous fps module Dota2 reborn and Overwatch along side Rainbow Six Siege

Tera Dlc more Guild Wars Dlc Black Desert Dlc oh and Everquest along with Starcraft legacy of the void.

Oh and liberty city modded into GTAV to go with the Vice City mod. San Andreas with Vice City and Liberty City with you playing as Ironman in a hulk buster suite and flying between all 3 maps flawlessly. You just can't beat that.

Hopefully Project Hon gets uncanceled.

Oh and a handful of multiplat games too but I thought I would add some real Pc games to this thread.

Perjoss1218d ago

I'm super hyped for Fallout 4, As much as I love Witcher 3 I think from what I've seen so far Fallout 4 might top it as my GOTY mainly because of the setting and locations. I think it all boils down to how good the story and side quests are because Witcher 3 killed it in that department.

_-EDMIX-_1218d ago

I love Fallout, but I feel Witcher 3 will take many GOTY awards and rightfully so. Fallout has always been like the little brother to the elder scrolls games in terms of awards, it won many in 2008, but no where near as much as Skyrim banked. So I feel based on Witcher 3's setting, play style etc I feel it will likely get the majority nod, even though I actually like Fallout more then elders scrolls, I feel those games get received much better.

Though Witcher and ES are not the same, they get a lot of the same crowd. I think its going to be a mixture of MGSV, Witcher 3 and Fallout as those past games have gotten many game of the year awards.

First time I feel I might not have a 100% GOTY lol. Love the Witcher, love MGS TO DEATH! (legit gave MGSV a media blackout, have not seen any of its E3 footage...I want to be surprised damn it) and LOOOOOOOOVE Fallout!

I'll agree to any GOTY, that is those 3, anything else is BS and a lie and some sort of Borne Supremacy conspiracy.