Resident Evil Zero HD Remastered continues Capcom's good work | Videogamer

Impressively good-looking. The remaster of the original remake hit a level of visual fidelity that fans had dreamed of for years, but this is even better still. Backgrounds have been extensively redrawn, with much-improved texture work and character integration. The net result is that Rebecca and Billy both fit nicely in the world, rather than appearing to float (or skate) through it.

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DarkOcelet1222d ago

2016 can't come soon enough dammit. I can't wait to play this beauty.

Loadedklip1221d ago

It's a fantastic game. Played and beat it on Gamecube. Should be even better now. Enjoy!

PhoenixUp1221d ago

Capcom can't rely on these remasters and spinoffs forever. Sooner or later they'll have to make RE7 and show if they really have what it takes to make an enjoyable horror experience

scark921221d ago (Edited 1221d ago )

I suppose you are right, but they should at least add much more content to these remasters.. regardless, would rather play an visually attractive classic than mash buttons to punch boulders.

psplova1221d ago

Right after RE2 Remaster, please.

WizzroSupreme1221d ago

Resident Evil Remastered is proof that Capcom doesn't need new Resident Evils. All it has is remasters.