Uncharted 4 Looks Gorgeous, But Media Weren’t Allowed to Ask Any Questions During Extended Preview


At the end of Day 2 of E3 2015, we had an appointment with SONY to check out Uncharted 4 : A Thief’s End among other titles on their upcoming roster. We got a nifty 30 minute demo, which was the footage shown from SONY’s E3 Press Conference and just a little bit more.

Once Drake smashes into the wooden barricade on the side of the bridge, he is then dragged at least a couple of hundred metres through mud whilst trying to stay attached to the grapple hook he managed to snag on the truck. Shooting enemies on bikes and jeeps trying to shoot Drake, whilst still smashing into other obstacles such as barrels and wooden crates scattered on the road.

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-Foxtrot1218d ago

Kind of disappointed as I thought we'd get more answers to overall story

Hell I honestly thought we'd get a story trailer along with a look at the Multiplayer.

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RocketScienceLvlStuf1218d ago

It's only because they want to protect the story and the media would have been asking questions about that.

SmokingMonkey1218d ago

I think it's the co op single player thing we talked about earlier.

I think it's going to be a megaton reveal, hence why they "can't ask questions"

and the fact that they said 30fps for Single Player and 60 FPs for online.

fei-hung1218d ago

I don't want to know more than we have already been told. Part of the fun is playing through the story yourself and discovering the twists and how everything plays out.

We know it has something to do with pirate treasure, that Nathan's brother is involved and that Elena isn't happy with Nathan pursuing this treasure. That'r more than enough info. I hate trailers and previews that give too much away.

jb2271218d ago

We did get confirmation on the treasure being the Libertalia in Madagascar, so we are starting to see a guess is that the e3 demo takes place first sequentially, they get up w/ Sam & take off of Madagascar where a plane would crash or something would happen to split Sam & Nate up. Seems like that PSX bit will be later in the game. I honestly don't want any more story given up before release, that's easily one of the best aspects of Uncharted, so why spoil it beforehand?

Regarding the title of this article, it's worded pretty suspect IMO, almost like it's alluding to the devs being quiet as a bad sign or something...all I know is that the history of the franchise, the creators involved on this installment & both demos paint a pretty great picture for the title. Hell I'd probably pay full retail just to have those two sections, seems like there's more fun to be had in that alone than the entirety of many other games I've played this gen. Can't wait for release. Really hope we get to see the Uncharted collection gameplay in motion soon too, that was one of my biggest letdowns from E3

rezzah1218d ago

It was a trailer to show off the scale and level of technological advancement since the previous release.

Basically the details of the facial features at the beginning not being CGI, but in game (seamless movement from close up on face to back of character.

Point of pointing at the tower and actually reaching it without any loading screens (plus the details of everything leading up to that point).

Finally the inclusion of a large amount of people at the beginning with a lot of them doing their own thing. This was the aim for the PS3 but they couldn't pull it off properly.

Godmars2901218d ago (Edited 1218d ago )

What? Right now its heads or tails whether or not Drake's brother's going to be a bad guy if not the main bad guy. Other than that, its going to the same AAA-grade playable - and enjoyable - action movie every other entry into the series has been.

Also on another note, might want to consider this as food for thought:

I'd submit it as a story, but I doubt NG4 would allow it.

Mega241218d ago (Edited 1218d ago )

You know what I hate the most? Trailers that spoil the whole movie/game. Like Jurassic World, I went in thinking the trailer was just a glimpse... was practically 2/3 of the movie.

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die_fiend1218d ago

Disappointed? Uncharted 4 shat all over pretty much anything! You thought you'd see a single player trailer and multiplayer? Like with 2 and 3 where they always showed set pieces at e3? I was expecting an epic set piece just like before and like the rest of us with a brain, ND delivered and then some!

Let me guess, Gears 4 blew your mind with how 360ish it looked?

-Foxtrot1218d ago

I didn't say I was disappointed with the game I said I was dissapointed with the lack of question and answers

I really think people only see what they want to see

"Let me guess, Gears 4 blew your mind with how 360ish it looked?"

LOL....Really ¬¬

Me....Gears over Uncharted....HA

uncharted561218d ago

I think they are intentionally holding back on revealing story details this time around cuz one game is still 8 months away from release at least and second I think they feel they revealed too much of the story with last of us and esp uncharted 3. Hence the reason they are only revealing some gameplay sequences with little story if you notice which is actually good imo. As for multiplayer expect something for it around the time of paris expo where sony will be or when uncharted collection releases.

JackStraw1218d ago

Still feeling entitled I see.

-Foxtrot1218d ago

You really need to look up the word entitled if that's what you think.

Saying how "I thought" is now entitled. If I said "We should have" then you'd have a point

Nice try though

JackStraw1218d ago

Here you go, buddy.

Definition 3.

Feeling entitled isn't reliant upon on a demand. It's the belief which makes you entitled, not the demanding.

Nice try, though!

S2Killinit1218d ago

personally I'm glad they had the trailer focus on game play.(which looked super fun btw). I rather know as little as possible about the story. I want to be completely surprised. I hate it when for example, you want to watch a new movie, and you watch the trailer, and it tells you every single thing about the movie. Same for Uncharted. I want to be pleasantly surprised.

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bondigamer1218d ago

Uncharted 4 is like a museum, you don't touch, out just look!

UKmilitia1218d ago

what gets me is we know the standard they set themselves so why worry.
i would happily buy any ND game without even knowing anything about it or even seeing it infact.

i think there personal standard is set that high we can trust them.
i certainly do.

jb2271218d ago

Yup, totally agree. People have their pitchforks at the ready for so many titles these days, but they are pulling them out at the wrong ones. Devs that have actively lied to gamers numerous times in the past are asked to be given a pass, meanwhile a dev like Naughty Dog w/ an unblemished record for at least one solid generation of masterpieces gets questioned? History is an absolutely crucial factor when it comes to art & entertainment, while I absolutely think gamers should be leery & take devs to task where applicable, this is not one of those instances. Now if Uc4 is a disaster on release, by all means shout it from the rooftops, but at this point it just looks like an amazing evolution of the franchise. What other cross gen franchise has truly widened their scope w/ the new hardware while also retaining the core essence of their franchise? I'm not sure we've seen many games at all do that marvelous work yet. Can't wait to get my hands on this en

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StarLord_Who1218d ago

Good because the questions would consist of:




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