E3 2015 exclusive – RIGS PS4 Project Morpheus hands-on preview impressions video

PSU goes hands-on with the multiplayer arena shooter on PS4 and Project Morpheus.

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SmokingMonkey1216d ago

Cool concept, I like RIGS a lot more after watching that.

At first I wondered why Guerilla wouldn't just port Killzone Multiplayer over and called it Morpheus Merc, or just kept the Valor concept.

Reminds me of Virtual On...that's a good thing!

donthate1216d ago (Edited 1216d ago )

It seems a little like a casual type game and the controls based on his description seems off.

Why would you turn by using the headset. You should turn with the analogs just like you would if you were in a mech in real life. However, the head should change the field of view i.e. the controller change the mechs movement, but the VR helmet controls what you see.

I am looking forward to see what Sony has in store for Project Morpheus, but this seems more like what MS is showing with Kinect i.e. games not really targeted at the core.

Sony needs to step it up if they want the core to phony up, because the general public sure as hell won't.

JoeReno1216d ago

He said the camera would keep turning if you had your head turned all the way to one side. Not the Mech you are controlling.

playstation4epic1216d ago

Cant wait for Project Morpheus

ps4fanboy1216d ago

The experiences that could be created could be mind blowing , imagine entering a haunted house as a psychic investigator , spending the night there in real first person....