Runbow is Going to Be The Wii U's Next Big Party Game | Controller Crusade

Justin from Controller Crusade writes:
"One of the most exciting things about E3 isn't checking out the yearly AAA titles, but rather taking a look at the smaller indie titles that show you things you wouldn't expect from games. This year, indie's were very prominent both on the showfloor and in the spaces around E3. One indie title in particular caught my eyes, Runbow for Wii U, and after playing it I saw that my attention was most definitely warranted."

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ifinitygamer1245d ago

At least it won't be Wii Party U Resort Zero or whatever they're calling the next one. :)

italkgame1244d ago (Edited 1244d ago )

Nope Nintendo's next big party game is going to be Super Mario Maker ... that is if Nintendo understands the impact this game especially would have among the Twitch & Youtube crowd.

Edit: misspelled Mario
@infinitygamer well played, you edit your comment so I look more like a fool than I eould otherwise