Nintendo's E3 Nintendo Digial Event Showed Their Continued Commitment to First Party Games

Another year, another Nintendo Digital Event in place of the traditional E3 press conference. Personally, I love the format of the Nintendo Digital Event. It allows them to focus on the content and avoids pandering to the crowd by taking cheap shots at their competitors, I'm looking at you Sony and Microsoft. That being said, they opened it in a very playful manor as puppets that morphed into the Star Fox characters to introduce Star Fox Zero. They showed not only the gameplay of Star Fox Zero, but the influence for the series itself.

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-Foxtrot1271d ago

Not like they have a choice...third party devs won't touch them

Neonridr1271d ago

yeah it's either support the platform themselves or watch it sink.

Moonman1271d ago (Edited 1271d ago )

That has always been their lane since N64. FIRST PARTY. Anyone who is not in denial knows this. Hopefully that can change but I never see it being exactly like Sony with third party. Hopefully they can woo the Rockstar's, Sqaure Enix's and Ubisoft's to put all their big games on Nintendo.

They still seem confident to me. I mean you saw what Microsoft did last year dropping prices of Xbox Ones like they were giving them away. Why is Wii U (you know the one everyone claims is dead) is still $299.99???

That is not a desperate price. You would think it would be at most $149.99 if it were in such hard times. Obviously Nintendo is making good

1271d ago