Sniper Ghost Warrior 3 Preview - Sneaking out with the First Playable Demo | GodisaGeek

John Vanderhoef: "After tracking through a minefield, the dev climbed into his safe house, a cave hidden in the side of the mountain. The safe house is where players can craft new items and weapons, fast-travel to other safe houses they have discovered throughout the large map, or acquire new missions. Players can also change their load outs here. The game features handguns, machine guns, a ton of rifles, knives, and drones, among other gadgets. "

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Aon1308d ago

We don't know a lot of information about Sniper: Ghowst Warrior 3 but I'm very happy they show us some trailer on E3 because it looks very good. Information about Sniper was very interesting: open world, possibility to change weapon and different way to finished mission.

NativeBlood1307d ago

As I said: trailer is short but I think it's worth to wait. Of course I hope CI Games will show us some new trailers or teasers soon...

Dogbert651304d ago

I enjoy tactical games and shooters, so I must check this out. Graphics looks stunnig, and game itself promisess to be loads of fun :)