I Haven’t Lost Faith In Nintendo (And You Shouldn’t Either)


"Tuesday morning, Nintendo had the E3 Digital Event and other than a few highlights (Star Fox, Super Mario Maker) it seemed like a relatively weak event. Unfortunately, the internet retaliated, mocking and insulting Nintendo’s presence this year to the point where thousands flocked to an online petition to get the games cancelled. At the time of posting this piece, the YouTube video for Metroid Prime: Federation Force had over 500k views and over 48,000 dislikes as opposed to 4,900 Likes."

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RocknRolla2730d ago

For such a special year for Nintendo this was quite the horrible digital event. I'm sure they know what they're doing but this was rough.

Neonridr2730d ago

agreed, they will still make awesome games and life will go on, so it's nothing to worry about. But they left out too much to focus on lesser things.

addictedtochaos2729d ago

Yeah, they should've cut out a couple 3DS things and shown Devil's Third, Fatal Frame, and Fast Racing Neo.

N4g_null2730d ago

I'm glad they are not pr masters. If I wanted that I'd have a ps4 instead of a pc. It's good to see the greats stumble sometimes. They took the feedback seriously and many of these games where not for the older fans it seemed.

Mario maker, fast racing are good additions to the release window though.

sonic9892730d ago

you should listen to what reggie is saying lol.
if anything iwata is the voice of reason in nintendo and clearly understands everything .
riggie isnt even acknowledging they did bad .
i am sure nintendo will do something dont know if its good or bad but they figure a way .
speaking about your comment seems like that press conference did something with many people lol .
and on my part if believed in your type of gaming i would have got pc but you know what i like the pr masters more XD looool .

N4g_null2729d ago

Iwatas has a plan. He will do something about the outcry. The same to a lesser extent was hyrule warriors. Had everyone just went along with it it would have been more lacking graphicly.

Also Reggie has no say in changing any of these games... he is just a pr guy. Iwata and shiggy need less yes men.

Timesplitter142730d ago

Let's hope they're just holding everything back for the NX

Trolltroll2729d ago

Lets hope they dont hold anything and they keep their promis to support the wii u. But the NX will be dead on arrival if they don't fix their vision and put games on it instead of good feelings and ammibo. The only things they care about now are amiibo and 3ds.

REDDURT2730d ago

The cult always forgives

eagle212730d ago

Like how the cult forgave Sony for abandoning Vita?

mikeslemonade2730d ago

They abanadoned the Vita but if you own the PS4 there's still hecka content. And PS Plus still gives you free games for the Vita. Abandoning a handheld isn't as bad as abandoning a home console.

N4g_null2729d ago

Like sony fans, vita, move, paid internet, the cell lol, lack of exclusives. What about that gaming tv? Phone? I mean the all stars game lol. The buggy first wave og games and empty hype. You guys are incredible it's no wonder you are so angry. Hey but you guys are fine with all of that. Do we come and rain on your hype, nope you and Sony got a thing going lol. If it works for you then good. Nothing any one says on the out side will change that unfortunately.

Moonman2729d ago (Edited 2729d ago )

In the Digital Event, Reggie said the theme was "transformation" of Nintendo. He mentioned Universal Theme Parks, DeNa and NX. I mean, he flat out said "on how Nintendo itself is being transformed" from those announcements by Iwata.

I remember too much. Watch it for

10:17 mark

Trolltroll2729d ago

Transform, from a gaming company to a ip licensing company? Change is not allways good. When the make allready make good games what does transforming do for their current fan base.

Shnazzyone2729d ago

My thoughts is Nintendo had Zelda U planned but couldn't so they kinda rushed out A 3ds multiplayer centric coop game for it. I also have a sneaking suspicion The same happened for Metroid. I think they had a new prime entry planned in secret, but it wasn't ready to show by this e3. So once again, a multiplayer centric 3ds title replaced it. It would explain the style choice. The 3ds is more powerful than a gamecube, it can do prime graphics. So I think they style was a quick development choice. Plus simple character models are easier to do in online co-op.

Worried this year was when Nintendo hit a wall in developing HD titles. Realised they could not be developed as fast as they expected. 3ds titles are faster development time. Result : Nintendo E3 2015 I expect more from next year.

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DiscoKid2730d ago

Being a Nintendo fan requires patience. It's a company that cherishes quality and unique gaming experiences. These aren't things that can be dished out rapidly. Nintendo's biggest battle is the third-party front, and that just comes from hardware hindrances. If the NX can graphically compete with the others, it will do Ninty a solid.

pompombrum2730d ago

"Nintendo's biggest battle is the third-party front, and that just comes from hardware hindrances."

Yet they had great third party games they could have showcased at their presentation like Devil's Third and Fatal Frame.. neither of which they bothered to show instead thinking it would be better off showcasing a cross dressing Zelda game.

Hardware is just one of the issues Nintendo have imho. That won't stop me from appreciating the unique experiences they offer but they could really benefit from taking their key word of the event "transformation" to heart.

SCW19822730d ago

They just completely shit all over the metroid brand. I have lost all respect.

obener2730d ago

so many amiibos were announced. I dont think I saw anyone complain about that.

Brunire2730d ago (Edited 2730d ago )

They are getting harder to ignore as they seemed to be the focal point of the whole digital event. I fear they will want them to be a part of every single game they create going forward. It's a shame.

bondigamer2730d ago

Boo hoo, I didn't get the Metroid game I wanted.

People on the internet need to stop being such babies.

obener2730d ago

i guess hardcore fans didnt expect that it would go that way!

Brunire2730d ago

People don't seem to grasp that it's just a spin-off like so many other franchises have. I love Resident Evil but I don't complain when they create a light-gun game. I just don't buy it.

MrSwankSinatra2730d ago

How about Nintendo learns who their market is before making crap that would blow up in their face?

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