Rise of the Tomb Raider: the best game at E3 2015 | Eggplante

Check out the lengthy impressions of Rise of the Tomb Raider. Every detail included in this recap of a behind closed doors session at Microsoft, and the lengthiest preview we've seen of the game yet! Eggplante calls it the best game of E3!

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UKmilitia1308d ago

and there they lose all credability imo because it wasnt.
there was numerous titles that looked alot better and if they behind closed doors bit was so good maybe they should of shown it at the conference.

christocolus1308d ago

That is your opinion and this is theirs and its clearly stated in the article. Smh. Also CD isn't the only dev showing demos behind closed doors at E3. Every top publisher at the show had closed door sessions for journalists.

BiggerBoss1308d ago

Yeah but if you compare what was actually shown of ROTTR, and what was actually shown of other games like Uncharted 4, ROTTR just looked extremely scripted. The gameplay reveal was EXTREMELY underwhelming IMO. Why didn't they show a more open section of the game?

inveni01308d ago

Tomb Raider looks great, and it actually had me a little worried about Uncharted 4, because it looked THAT good. The graphics were impressive, the scripted sequences intense, and the production values top notch. Of course, imo, Naughty Dog came out delivering all of those things and then some incredible icing, proving to me that they're still the top Dogs.

Overall, however, I was much more impressed with Horizon than Tomb Raider, because it's not more of the same. That's why Horizon got my game of show. It's something new, fresh, and unique and totally worth getting excited about.

xHeavYx1308d ago

How dare you say that the website lost credibility?

UKmilitia1308d ago

my point was the bit they showed at the conference was terrible.

at curent time tomb raider isnt coming to ps4 that we know of so i would really want to pull the ps4 gamers in and blow them away and it didnt,infact it was far from a great show of the game imo.

ravens521308d ago (Edited 1308d ago )

Definitely agree Horizon was the best shown. And I'm an uncharted fan have beaten all 4 of the games and think it looks fantastic as usual but horizon got it. I was actually excited watching that trailer. I saw concept art on here like last e3 or some months back idk but I wasnt expecting to see a trailer let alone gameplay and awesome gameplay at that. Horizon hands down. Btw beat and own the first tomb raider and can't wait till ps4 receives the 2nd. Which I hope if not I may have to buy an Xbox which I would like anyway but don't have the means. All 3 games i mentioned look great:)

Nirvana315911307d ago

So a cross gen Tomb Raider game is better than Uncharted 4? Lmao idk what these guys are smoking but I want some

mikeslemonade1307d ago

The gameplay in TR was underwhelming. They were using same scripted events as a COD4 and Uncharted 2.

Ezz20131307d ago (Edited 1307d ago )

I just watched all E3

Uncharted 4(Incredible gameplay full of destructions and a lot of new elements to gameplay and by far the best graphics/animation i have seen on consoles games match it)

Horizon: zero dawn(Incredible open world game full of details and amazing gameplay with incredible graphics )

Fallout 4 (the gameplay looked really awesome and i'm sucker for Fallout games)

MGSV (Freaking incredible...nuff said)

were the highlight of E3 for me

Tomb Raider trailer and the other gameplay video looked very underwhelming...won't even get it when it come on Pc.

freshslicepizza1307d ago

why is everyone commenting on the demo they showed us? this article is about the closed door demo they got to play privately.

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starchild1308d ago (Edited 1308d ago )

Oh quit being a fanboy and acting like your opinion is a fact. I really liked what I saw of Rise of the Tomb Raider. It's easily one of my most anticipated games.

I would have preferred the demo include a mixture of combat, exploration, tombs and setpieces, but that would have made for a long demo. I'm sure they just want to save some aspects of the game for future reveals.

All the previews I've read so far have been very positive.

mcstorm1307d ago

I agree I really liked the look of this game and going to look at picking the 1st up now too. I am not getting this game on day one but I will be picking it up at some point looks a good game.

-Foxtrot1308d ago (Edited 1308d ago )

If it actually felt more like Tomb Raider then I would actually agree with the article

But it seems like it's just continuing on from what the first game gave us.

Seriously I feel like I'm looking at a different franchise at times.

Hopefully in the far future when they reboot it again I hope they go back to the original Lara Croft and start with her origin story in the Himalayas

SmokingMonkey1308d ago


I agree it shouldn't bear the name Tomb Raider.

-Foxtrot1308d ago (Edited 1308d ago )


It's basically a new IP they came up and thought

"Hey lets slap Tomb Raider on this to boost it's sales"


Lack of Tombs
Swamped with uninteresting characters
Uncharted styled gameplay
Full on shooter
Regen Health (For an apparent survival med kits)
Near death experiences constantly

If you had an origin story about the original Lara Croft it could have still been a survival game and it would have been a very isolated area. All they would need to add is a massive underground ancient tomb underneath the Himalayas that Lara accidentally finds

gangsta_red1307d ago


Lack of Tombs - What exactly should tombs be? You realize that there are different types of tombs around the world. She was in a cave exploring, could she maybe be searching for a tomb?

Swamped with uninteresting characters - What characters would that be? Since you played the game already.

Uncharted styled gameplay - So Uncharted started the whole third person action genre eh? I did not know that....even though TR came out way before Uncharted...hmmmm/

Full on shooter - Maybe we saw a different trailer but I saw hardly any shooting sequences. I guess the original TR of Laura being double fisted with two Ninas was a dream.

Regen Health - C'mon...this is a complaint? I guess.

QTE - Lol, yea...90% of all games are using this, why is it a problem now. As long as it's not overdone like other games.

Near death experiences constantly - Are you serious? Near death experiences in an action survival setting with danger lurking at every corner in a VIDEO GAME!?! You must have hated the original Super Mario Bros where everything was trying to kill you.

Your complaints make absolutely no sense especially when you have generally described almost every video game created.

Volkama1307d ago

Wait for the PC version and you can probably get a mod to triangle-off Lara. That should make it feel more like the Saturn original.

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RocketScienceLvlStuf1308d ago

Never even heard of this site before.

Trekster_Gamer1308d ago

You have your opinion and they have theirs as stated in the article... RTFA...

IMO Halo 5 will be much better, ROTTR will still be awesome, and I can't wait to play both on my XB1 among others...

Magicite1308d ago

Im rly excited about next TR, Im actually replaying TR 2013 right now, but its FAAAR from best game E3, there were so many new and exciting IPs, for example Horizon and For Honor.

Godz Kastro1308d ago

Did you attend the show Militia? Did you play all the games? Im not being a jerk. Im just assuming based off of your response that you did. If so, thanks for your valuable opinion.

fermcr1307d ago (Edited 1307d ago )

Fallout 4 and XCOM 2 were among the best in E3.

Just proves that graphics aren't the most important aspect of good games.

mark_parch1307d ago

i disagree my friend, this uncharted and sea of thieves were my 3 picks from e3. horizon looks interesting and the new mode in halo 5 (warzone looks amazing)and battlefront. ok so yes there were loads of great games lol

mav8051307d ago

I don't know about credibility but imo Tomb Raider wasn't even in the top 3.

umair_s511307d ago

Mark my words, Rottr will destroy most games this fall

avengers19781307d ago

Graphics and gameplay wise you might be on to something, but with Halo 5(huge franchise) Forza 6, BLOPS 3(COD always huge) AC, MGS V, Fallout 4, Hitman, and Just Cause 3 all coming in the fall it surely will not be the top seller, may not even be in the top 5.

umair_s511307d ago (Edited 1307d ago )

I dont care sales I am not publisher, quality wise

2) Fallout

Dread1307d ago

Wow how dare they have a different opinion. This is n4g u are only allowed to prefer sony exclusives otherwise you loose credibility and bubbles.


3-4-51307d ago

Yea whatever this site kidding themselves,

They have their opinion, but in this case their opinion IS wrong.

* If my opinion is that 2+2 = 17......I'm Wrong.

No if, ands or buts about it....I would be wrong.

* I can believe 2+2 = 17....doesn't mean it does.

* I can FEEL that 2+2 = 17.....doesn't mean it does.

You get / comprehend / understand that ?

There were easily 4-5 games that stood out a lot more than Tomb Raider.

I don't hate Tomb Raider, but lets stop calling the 10th man on the bench of the pistons the best player in the league.

He's not.

Back to reality please.

Kingdomcome2471307d ago

Hardly a fair comparison with that math bit. I'm not saying it will be the best game that was shown(Horizon has me the most pumped out of everything shown), but the idea that it was someone's favorite out of the bunch is not just inconceivable. I think it's going to be absolutely amazing, as will be the case with many of the others we saw. Your opinion along with mine is that it wasn't the best game shown, but don't just write it off, as I truly believe that in the end it will be excellent and worthy of the universal praise that it's received thus far from all who've demoed and got an in depth look at it.

itBourne1307d ago

The 3 disagrees are from nerds you totally lost, when you started the sports reference. = P

TheXgamerLive1307d ago

So sayeth the cries of the Sony fanboy. But but UC4, shut up dude. Its opinions. We all have one. Move on.

medman1307d ago

LOL...who rated Tomb Raider best of E3? Square Enix?

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the-dragons-bane1308d ago (Edited 1308d ago )

that's a weird way to spell 'horizon: zero dawn' ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

ifinitygamer1308d ago

Hah, I'll admit it took me a while to get that joke, but it was quite funny :)

Relientk771308d ago

Yeah that's my top E3 game too

1308d ago
xKugo1307d ago

Their is a serious hype-train behind this game; proud of GG for expanding on their talents. KZ2&KZ3 where beyond great imo but I know not everyone liked them so I'm happy to see them do something a little different.

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playstation4epic1308d ago (Edited 1308d ago )

Funny when I was watching SE conference no one cheered and one person scorned while every other game there were cheers so that pretty much proves how bad it was, coupled with that embarrassing demo filled with QTEs.