Why Xbox One Backwards Compatibility Is Exactly The Right Move For Microsoft

So it appears Forbes are at it again and this article is live despite one going live beforehand saying that it was the wrong move for Microsoft

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green1220d ago (Edited 1220d ago )

Let me tell you why in my opinion, BCis a big deal.

First of all, last gen saw the rise of digital games with full AAA releases and smaller XBLA games. When a user invests so much into a digital ecosystem, it is refreshing to know that your purchases will be carried over to the next console.

Secondly- and this is one that people are overlooking - the graphical leap from 360 to X1 or PS4 to PS3 is no way as big a leap as we have had in the past like Xbox to 360 or PS2 to PS3.

PS3 and 360 made xbox and ps2 look down right terrible. In fact, they were so bad you just never wanted to play a last gen game again. But with this gen, it is not the case go back and play the best 360 and PS3 games and the graphics still hold up well. Maybe it is the law of diminishing returns but Uncharted 3, Gears 3 etc still look and play great.

Now, with the backlog of AAA games that i never played on the 360, i can pop down to my local CEX and buy some classic 360 games for as little as £8 and enjoy them to bits.

In my opinion, BC is like the XBLA experience the 360 gave us but this time on the Xbox one. I know we will not get all games but i am very happy that Microsoft are giving us this feature.

joab7771220d ago

It's huge b/c it sounds alot better than it actually is. And its something Sony can't counter. Sure, they have Now, which will ultimately allow us to play a gigantic catalog on our TVs, and mobile devices, as well as our consoles...but who cares!

I remember reading articles about how a Hugh percentage of ppl want it, but very few ever actually use it. They just want the option. And many gamers that keep all their old games, and don't sell or trade them in, also keep their machines. Also, the ps3 and 360 do alot more than play games. I kept my ps3 as a blu ray and media player, and gave my nephew my 360.

Does getting all your digital games a big deal. Yeah. But Sony can counter this. I think Sony should simply allow us to pick 1 Now game a month as PS+ owners.

Now be honest...very honest. The Witcher 3 is out, Batman is coming soon. Many still play BB. Heavensward is almost here. Destiny just launched dlc. And starting in Sept, PS4 gamers get MGS5, Destiny expansion, Fallout 4, Battlefront, BO3 and zombies, possible Persona 5, AC Syndicate, GoW3 remasteres, Nathan Drake Collection, a bunch of smaller Indie titles etc etc. Xbone gamers can add Tomb Raider, Halo 5, GoW Collection, and new Summer of Arcade. How many of you are going to be using BC?

Honestly, how many?

IVanSpinal1220d ago

Im still playing Gears 3, BF3, Halo TMCC, BF4(X1) online

starchild1220d ago

I can tell you that I use backwards compatibility on the PC all the time. Games are works of art and they don't automatically stop being good just because a new generation of hardware comes along. Some of the much older games can feel a little clunky in their mechanics (not all), but games from last generation and the one before are generally refined and quite playable. I'd say nearly half of the games I've been playing this year are games that released before the start of this new console generation.

tinynuggins1220d ago

My son still plays black ops 2, legends of wrestling and battle block theater daily. That's the only reason we still have it. When those three titles are bc, 360 is out the door!

Bigpappy1219d ago

I don't buy every new game I like. Some get skipped because I budget my game spending and don't have time to play all the big games. I do buy some smaller games that are lest involving but fun to play. This is why BC is so important. I still have my 360, but it is to slow and under powered. The old games will play better on my X1. Love Phil for this. It is really a big F***** deal for me to play the stuff I bought previously.

lastking951219d ago (Edited 1219d ago )

I will! Honestly, sold my 360 and games for $160 so I could make that jump to next gen.

I never played gears and I wanna at least try it out. Idky but i didn't buy red dead redemption and I was so hype to play it but never did. What's so special about fallout? With the hype I wanna try it out. I'll buy Halo reach and wars to complete my halo collection. Need to buy hitman absolution and with so many game that'll be under $10 I'll probably end up buying more but these are sure buys. BC is good for me cause I can now play the games I never got to play like Alan wake for example. No need for a remaster MS youre better off doing a sequel.

Sure buys
Gears 1
Gears 2
Red dead redemption
Hitman absolution
Halo reach
Halo wars
Alan Wake

Probable buys
Residents evil games
Mass effect

These are all games I never bought or played (besides reach, I rented that)Out of all the E3 games for 2015 I only plan to buy Halo 5, rare replay and hitman.

TheOnlyMastrx1219d ago

I will be. No really, I have quite a few games on Xbox 360 and so many of them I haven't touched. Of the games I haven't played a few have been remastered or are getting remastered, which is great and all but with BC I can play them without paying for them again. Remasters might get exclusive new content and have updated graphics/framerate, but again its free for me to play if I own the 360 version and they make the backwards compatability list.

DeadManMMX1219d ago

Still playing Dragon Age 2 this moment so I can play Inquisition. After this I have to play the Witcher 2 so I can play the Witcher 3. I paid for these games and I intend to play them. Like green says and I've said before in other threads on here the graphical leap this time wasn't huge. For those of us with huge backlogs this is a wonderful thing. You guys keep arguing using PS3 as your example. It is simply not the same thing PS2 games looked horrible on HD tvs. Also were coming off of a console generation that went strong for 8 years. I know everyone has their opinions but man some of you guys are reaching trying to make this seem like less then it is.

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ltachiUchiha1220d ago (Edited 1220d ago )

I totally agree that every system should have BC but Sony has been down that road & they learned with the ps3 that the % of gamers who bought BC ps3's were far less then the models which were more affordable with no BC & is why the ps4 & xb1 didnt include BC at launch. Only reason MS is bringing BC back is because they had no other choice & its a smart move knowing Sony wont counter them since the introducing of ps now. If there is an area that MS has caught Sony slipping its with BC & even though it may not be as huge a deal to those who dont care about BC, MS will take what they can even if the % isnt as much. Like I said its not that its just a smart move on MS but they had no other choice with the position their in. It was definitely a great move on MS is part.

DeadManMMX1219d ago

They had plenty of other choices but they put it to us the fans and feedback and we wanted it and its a hell of a boon.They could just ignore it and create a streaming service like Sony and let all our purchased digital content die with the PS3 but they didn't. The people this matters to far outnumber and outweigh the nay sayers.

RaTaTaT1220d ago

Well said. My thoughts exactly. You could also add the games run better on Xbox one and this lets you play with friends still on 360.

tinynuggins1220d ago

Green gets it. Well said.

ChronoJoe1219d ago (Edited 1219d ago )

Personally I think the impact of BC in this form is very much inflated and that's because it's not automatic, or universal.

So long as there is one title in people's libraries that is not supported, they have to keep their original systems running. Being able to play other titles adds a little convenience, but doesn't save the consumer any cash if it doesn't support everything.

For example, the original PS3s had backwards compatibility supporting 90% of titles, but Jak and Daxter was one of the few games that did not run properly. That alone meant I had to keep my PS2 around, as I couldn't rely on PS3 backward compatibility to support my games library. The PS3 backward compatibility added a little convenience as it meant I did not need to switch systems, but it wasn't anywhere near as impactful as it could have been if it universally and flawlessly supported every title in its predecessors library.

Letros1219d ago

This is why MS is allowing users to vote on which titles come first, so that the few that are left out have minimal impact. RDR is on top atm.

ChronoJoe1219d ago

That form of voting system does help, but doesn't resolve the issue, as many people do not only play the most popular games.

Sure I enjoy games like Red Dead Redemption, but what if I want to play Earth Defense Force Insect Armageddon, what is the likelihood of specific and less mainstream titles being supported immediately? It's just not going to be complete enough to justify putting my 360 away for a very long time.

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n4rc1220d ago

People need to stop thinking is Forbes magazine..

One is a well respected publication, the other is a typical site with contributers that don't know a damn thing.. Just one random dudes opinion usually crafted for as many hits as possible

Excalibur1220d ago

I just hope they don't put a half-hearted effort into like they did with the Xbox/Xbox 360 titles.

riverstars861220d ago


I think Microsoft will do a great job though, the main reason being they are under the microscope now. If the BC list isn't satisfying consumers, they will hear about it. Luckily they are actively asking consumers what games they want for day one when it's released to the public.

Excalibur1219d ago (Edited 1219d ago )

Agreed, TBH I still find myself playing way more of the 360 than I am the Xbox One as I still have a massive backlog I still need to get to.

It kinda sucks they took the route of have to do something to the game instead of emulating the 360, it would just be nice to just stick the disk in and go instead of waiting on them to make our favorite titles work, this it what worries me, are they going to get half way through the 360 catalog and stop? The 360 catalog is massive compared to the Xbox and I think they did less than half of those titles.

Rookie_Monster1220d ago (Edited 1220d ago )

Biggest Megaton in recent E3 memory as far as impact go. It is an announcement that the competition really have no answer for and make those 80 million plus X360 owners very happy they can carry over their games with all the saves, DLCs, achievement while still be able to play against other x360 online and take advantage of the XB1 features like DVR, Screenshots, and snap.

Can't wait to play Skyrim, Red Dead Redemption, Halo Reach, Gears trilogy, Lost Oddessey, Alan Wake on my XB1 soon!

This is a game changer!

StrayaKNT1220d ago

Definately ended the console war. Best feature to ever come out I hope ps follows soon.

emilijo7771220d ago

what about that 10 million lead PS4 has?

SaveFerris1219d ago

Ended the console war? It hasn't even been two years into this gen.

wegetsignalx1219d ago

The announcement of BC for X1 seems to have done almost nothing for Xbox sales on Amazon.

PS4 will continue outselling Xbox 2:1 in global sales the entire generation.

wegetsignalx1219d ago

BC is a nice bullet point, but rarely used. It won't significantly alter sales.

PhoenixUp1220d ago

Backwards compatibility made upgrading to GBC, PS2, GBA, DS, PS3, Wii, and 3DS a no brainer. Can't say the same for PS4.

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