Game Buzz Extra - Who won E3 2015?

Dealspwn: With the dust mostly settled from 3 days of press conferences and whole bunch of surprise announcements, the Game Buzz returns to answer that most important of questions - who won this year's E3? Join Carl, Jon and Brendan as they discuss their personal highlights and disappointments, along with the technicalities of spontaneous internet memes and JRPG naming conventions. As you do.

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Blues Cowboy1218d ago


Only joking. Bethesda rocked it so hard, though.

Ezz20131217d ago (Edited 1217d ago )

Ouya's E3 was by far the the best.

1217d ago
Ezz20131217d ago (Edited 1217d ago )


I agree that Sony Did the better job and Bethesda was 2nd

About your question
Yes ...(I hope)
The guy have been doing great as an actor and won Oscar He made some crappy movies in his early days like that crappy Daredevil he has grown as an actor a lot ever since

i think he will do very well as Batman
He got the look and body of a Comic Batman...Which is what the fans have been asking for since ever
which Christian bale didn't have

and The way Affleck talked to Superman using he's "Superman buster" armor voice in the trailer was scary

The first problem i had with Christian bale as that he can't give us a good fight to even save his life
add to that his voice felt like he has dust in his throat.

Say what you will about Man of steel
But Zack Snyder know how to do amazing fights
so i expect nothing less of a true Batman who is a master of 127 MMA and a one who can jump
and a true detective too who know how to outsmart anyone and can make his own tech

which i never felt he was in Dark knight 3 movies

The best batman for me till this day is Michael Keaton as Batman
and i think Affleck will be the best Batman we see on TV for a while ..again i hope i'm right

chrisx1217d ago

I think affleck will do a great job no doubt as batman. He looked badass in that trailer,his size is great

Garethvk1218d ago

Saying anyone won based on controlled looks at unfinished products seems wrong to me.

MysticStrummer1217d ago

Why? It's still possible to have an opinion on who had the best showing.

Garethvk1217d ago

Having a good show and winning are very diffwrent to me. I saw many companies who had great showings but would not ssy they won. Its a industry Buzzword to say won but for me you canmot have a winner on incomplete projects. Microsoft had their best E3 showing then watched Sony unload a series of games and business deals that diminished them. Ea was solid as were others. I would rather lose E3 and win in sales.

MysticStrummer1217d ago

From the official E3 page, under "About E3" :

"For three exciting days, leading-edge companies, groundbreaking new technologies and never-before-seen products will be showcased. E3 connects you with both new and existing partners and provides unprecedented exposure to emerging markets"

It's a trade show for debuting new things, not a commercial for what's about to be released.

22CobraKing1217d ago

Bethesda had one of the best shows. Sony and Microsoft had good showing but Sony stole the show. Sony won in terms of surprising gamers and the new ip Horizon. The only thing that Microsoft surprised me with is backward compatible everything else we already new about.

LifeInNZ1217d ago

I didnt know about the Elite controller, I knew about the revamped one but not the elite. Didnt know about ReCore either, or the new Halo multiplayer mode Warzone.

LifeInNZ1217d ago

oh yes, and Sea of Thieves and the Rare games collection.

Dont know about you but I didnt know about any of those games beforehand. Knew Rare was up to something but didnt pre-guess what they ended up showing.

chrisx1217d ago

Sony won e3,hands down

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