AMD Radeon R9 Fury X - First Official Benchmarks Revealed

AMD has just revealed the first official benchmarks for its latest high-end GPU, the Radeon R9 Fury X.

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stragomccloud1216d ago

Oooooo. I want this so badly, though I'll probably get the cheaper R9 Fury instead.

TacticAce1216d ago

Whats the sense of having it if it only really virtually 30 fps at 4k. If you use display port yes you will get higher but you won't get 60 and your fps will be all over the place unless you lock it at 30. No HDMI 2.0 support...

On top of that its only 4gb of vram and thats what the r9 200 series has, so Im trying to see where is the real upgrade for me. I've been using AMD since I've started PC gaming but this one seems worth a skip.

The only saving grace for this card is if DX12 really does give massive performance boost, and even then you need a monitor to benefit from it.

Lon3wolf1216d ago

Does HBM not help with the ram?

IrishSt0ner1216d ago (Edited 1216d ago )

Um don't you realise the the 'only 4GB VRAM' is HBM which is vastly superior to GDDR5.

GDDR5 bandwidth = 28 GB/s
HBM bandwidth = 128-256 GB/s

It's 4-9x faster.

It'll be a few years before we see this large increase in bandwidth utilised efficiently, hence the comparable benchmarks.

TacticAce1216d ago

who cares what the speed of the vram is if the threshold is still 4gb.

IrishSt0ner1216d ago

So why not just use 2TB HDDs then instead of RAM, with a 2000GB threshold.

Joking aside, if you can move data in and out quicker, you can process more data in the same amount of time with less memory.

stragomccloud1216d ago

Actually, I do plan to buy a factory over clocked version a bit down the line. that said, who says I'm going to playing my games at 4K. I'm actually still playing at 1080p. However, I really want to play games like Final Fantasy XIV without any dips in frames. With framerate unlocked, I generally hover at around 80-100 fps with my r9-290; however, when things get really crazy, it can drop all the way to 30. Since the expansion will be getting a DriectX 11 upgrade, I really want to have a smooth locked 60fps experience in everything except the most insane of circumstances(e.g. s rank hunts with several hundred people).

ATi_Elite1215d ago

Titan Ti inbound.

This card looks great especially the HBM vram which is super fast.

Overclocked and turn off shadows and 60fps is achievable at 4k

Or just run sli or cfx for crying out loud.

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LostDjinn1216d ago

I've been waiting to see how these stacked up before buying a new card.
After checkin' the bench's I think it may be time to give the red team a run.

starchild1216d ago

I have a Gsync monitor so I prefer to stick with Nvidia for a while (dammit, Nvidia, you got me ;) but I definitely don't have anything against AMD. These seem like great cards.

Captain_TomAN941216d ago

That's why don't lock yourself into one vendor like that.

LightofDarkness1216d ago

Looks like a sound victory for AMD. The nano looks like an intriguing prospect too, if you're building a mini-ITX system and want dual GPUs, all we need now is a PCI-E controller/splitter that can effectively divide the single x16 lane in two. Easier said than done, plus latency might be an issue, but otherwise HBM is looking to be a real winner for space saving and heat reduction.

edqe1216d ago (Edited 1216d ago )

The only winners so far are PC gamers / customers.

We still need to see more benchmarks. There are some very strong NVIDIA GTX 980 Ti as well:

SteamPowered1216d ago

Good on AMD. I heard Nvidia wont have the new Pascal until next year, so this gives AMD a nice lead. And hopefully force Nvidia to put out some more VRAM options and price cuts.

Asuka1216d ago

I am currently running a gtx 670 paired with a core 15 3570k. I'm happy i waited to upgrade because I think im going to go amd with their R9 Fury X as it's getting Titan-x performance while being ~$400 cheaper.

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