Is Project Cars the New Racing King?

Tin Salamunic: Founded as an independent British developer in early 2009, Slightly Mad Studios quickly gained critical acclaim as one of the top 100 most successful developers in 2010. Taking over the Need for Speed series with their Shift entry, Slightly Mad Studios flawlessly combined the franchise’s legendary arcade gameplay with a healthy dose of simulation. Many gamers compared Shift to survival horror due to its realistic first person cam and dynamic driving physics. To this day, Shift remains one of my favorite racing series, so when I found out that Shift 3 wasn’t being considered for development, I was more than disappointed. That is until I played Project Cars. Project Cars may be called a new IP (mainly for marketing purposes), but in reality, it’s the unofficial sequel to the brilliant and underappreciated Shift 2.

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Sonyslave33023d ago

HaHaHa no Forza is the King of Kings

Motor Head Bow down to the King song


xfiles20993023d ago

I dont know project Cars looks amazing on PC The cars are so real looking looks good on PS4 as well but not as good as the PC. Controls are really good as well

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C L O U D3023d ago

Time to play the gameeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Rookie_Monster3023d ago

Yes it is on the foreseeable future on PS4. On XB1, Forza Horizon 2 is already better and Forza 6 will be the new king of racers when it comes out this September.

343_Guilty_Spark3023d ago

Nope it's a place holder for Forza.

Sokol3023d ago (Edited 3023d ago )

Personally I prefer Drive Club however Project Cars is a excellent simulator!

At this point in time I would have to agree it's a top Sim racer.

Lets not forget however that Gran Turismo is yet to be released and if we go by the past six console titles, it will probably continue its Real Driving Simulation license which honestly no other racing game on the console at least was able to take away the crown from.

poppinslops3023d ago

Have you played Forza?

The physics and the tracks are meticulous and the Drivatar AI system is the best I've seen... the cars handle more like their real-world counterparts (or the few that I've driven) than any other game.

Project Cars is way too fiddly to be considered the king of anything... unless there's a King of delays.

Personally, I found Driveclub's handling to be too slow and the AI was terrible (although, the version I played was unpatched, so that may have changed)... king of graphics perhaps, but not racing.

Alas, there can only be one king and currently it's Forza... Horizon 2 was the first racer I bought since Mario Kart 64, and since then I've tried CARS, Driveclub, GT6 and the Crew, but none of them are as polished as FM5 or FH2.

Orbilator3023d ago (Edited 3023d ago )

Lol forza realistic lmao, I cant find the rewind button on my car. And please don't talk rubbish, you never played any of those games you said wernt polished. TROLL for sure.
Seriously though forza on xb1 for sure, drive club on ps4 and on the pc , well who cares, whatever it is they play these days. But if it was multiplatform games were talking about then I will say project cars comes second place on all of them. Will disappear into oblivion when Forza 6 and GT7 hit for sure.

poppinslops3023d ago (Edited 3023d ago )

I've absolutely played those games... yeah, I only played the Crew for roughly half-an-hour (on a friend's ps4, where I also played Driveclub), but it really wasn't worth playing for any longer than that.

I didn't say they weren't polished - I said they weren't AS polished... because they're not.

It's not trolling, it's the truth.

BaronVonRhett3022d ago

You obviously have never played a real racing Sim if you think For a has the most realistic physics. Try Asseta Corsa with a proper wheel set up and you will laugh and everything else.