Ni-Oh Announcement Might Happen This Year

Remember Ni-Oh? It was a PlayStation 3 game Koei Tecmo announced in 2005. It never came out, but was eventually handed off to Team Ninja. It was still “very much in development” as of November 2014. It’s probably not a PlayStation 3 game anymore. But whatever it is now, we might hear about it at some point this year.

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Golden_Mud1270d ago (Edited 1270d ago )

(I made a stupid comment before this relating to something else).

OT: Hopefully

Majin-vegeta1270d ago

I bet top dollar we'll see it at Sony conference at TGS.

ThichQuangDuck1270d ago

Watched the E3 2005 trailer. Decade long development ehhhhhh

_-EDMIX-_1270d ago

lol, was FFVersus before FFVersus.

chaos9991270d ago

When Hayashi become Head of Team Ninja got this title under work.

Should be different from Musou

chaos9991270d ago

Was an interesting project at his time but let it die silently pls