Have Microsoft and Sony Left Nintendo Even Further Behind?

After stellar conferences from Microsoft and Sony, Nintendo's disappointing Digital Event could leave them a big hill to climb over the next 12-18 months.

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stuna11407d ago

I think Nintendo left it' on self behind! Simply because the company as a whole refuses to evolve. I understand Nintendo is a kids friendly company, and it can remain one while allowing the older gamers access to more mature gaming material. If their consoles are viewed in a more mature setting, more developers will be apt to put more content on the platform, which would draw a more diverse variety of gamers to the platform.

TLG19911407d ago

no matter how powerful they make there console they could still produce the good old same Nintendo games no matter what. but by juicing it up they would have allowed to be part of the multiplatform games increasing their library drastically.

they missed a big selling point in terms of gamers getting older and having little gamers of there own (kids) and having a console that would of catered to both their kids with the nintendo games and them with the mature multiplatform games.

i dont have kids and currently own both ps4 and xbox one and honestly would love to own a nintendo console but can't make that jump for whats on offer.

FarEastOrient1407d ago

If you want an example of company that can be kid friendly and continue to evolve in both IP an technology. The Walt Disney company is a perfect example! They evolve their existing IPs, tech for film and parks, and most importantly create new ones like Frozen or Pirates of the Caribbean.

-Foxtrot1407d ago

Thing is though Nintendo dosen't have to be a kids friendly company. It can do both.

They just stick to the kid audience because they want more money.

I mean the way Amiibos have gotten out of hand is a huge sign.

I swear to god if they next console centres on Amiibos then that's the final nail in the coffin for me. I can imagine the console having a circle on the top of it where you can put them.

Iwata needs to go. I can't believe they haven't got rid of him yet

TXIDarkAvenger1407d ago

Except its not Iwata who has the final say in Nintendo decisions believe it or not.

turdburgler10801407d ago

Nintendo is like that kid out in left field digging a hole with a stick. Everyone else knows what they are supposed to be doing and the role they play in the game but not nintendo.

pcz1407d ago (Edited 1407d ago )

i think nintendo doesnt even want to compete anymore, its almost as if they have admitted defeat and are happy to take their 3rd place in the market.

everything nintendo is doing is scaled back- neither the hardware or software is trying to be on par with the competition, nintendo are just doing their own thing... and while that would be fine if they were doing something exciting, instead they are creating their own lane for horrible mini game collections, party games and sub-par additions to established franchises.

its only going to get worse with the announcement of their move into mobile gaming

stuna11407d ago

I agree it does seem like they are trying to in my opinion "Silently kill the WII U", to perhaps move to their next console. But if that is the case, I think they first and foremost should be informing their fanbase and not just stringing them along. If that is what is actually happening, let's just say it's not going to turn out good for Nintendo!

deadpoolio3161407d ago

Nintendo has flat out said that they don't really want to compete with MS or Sony...

Granted they're more than likely massively full of crap with that statement, but they have been claiming that they want to be the alternative not the competition

TM3331407d ago

Sounds about right. I've supported Nintendo for years, and they just lost my business this time around. I don't feel they have hardly anything at all that I need. Xenoblade Chronicles and Zelda? Not worth buying their console for.

kneon1407d ago (Edited 1407d ago )


I don't know that admitting that they are giving up on the Wii U would be any help.

No matter what they do people are going to be wary about buying the next console from them unless it is something truly remarkable. If it's just a newer, shinier more powerful Wii U with a silly gimmick to make it stand out then it wouldn't surprise me if it sells even worse than the Wii U.

Hopefully next time they would at least be smart enough to give it a new name so people actually realize it's a new console.

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pompombrum1407d ago (Edited 1407d ago )

I think the fact they would rather showcase a cross dressing Zelda game over the likes of Devil's Third and Fatal Frame in their presentation speaks louder than any words about where their priorities lay. Most third party games in the west focus on more mature themes because that is where the money is at, if this is how Nintendo treats those sort of games, why would the developers want to release them on their console?

Nintendo have so much money though that they're not going anywhere but ultimately, they've become almost irrelevant to many Western gamers and they seem almost content with that.

Magicite1407d ago

In home console market Nintendo might become totally irrelevant rly soon if not already.
Its all PS2 era again and I see PS4 getting 55-60% home console market share very soon.

kneon1407d ago

It's already over 50% isn't it? Even Vgchartz shows the PS4 selling more than the Wii U and XB1 combined.

MEsoJD1407d ago (Edited 1407d ago )

My biggest problem is how their refusal to evolve has effected the longevity of their consoles. Hell, things are so bad, it maybe impossible to get back third party support. By the time their new console is released, the Xbox 1 and Ps4 will still be going strong with a healthy amount of support. How long will the Nintendo faithful stay faithful? I sure as hell not confident in their next home console.

3-4-51407d ago

* Nintendo has the talent to match anyone in the industry in most ways, they just don't have the visionary leadership to guide them there.

* They make the highest of high quality in terms of how good a game can get, with no bugs or glitches and EVERY gamer appreciates that.

The thing is, they are being held back a bit by the people in charge.

It also isn't within their culture to call somebody like Iwata out.....

If they would hire somebody who will tell them 100% and not tiptoe around their culture and worry about disrespecting them, they would get to the bottom of things faster.

* They keep allowing those at the top to "save face", as that is within their culture to no embarrass but to allow a person to "redeem" their dignity of sorts.

This is getting taken advantage of and we as gamers can no longer " Please Understand "

* I could personally give Nintendo some awesome ideas for games they've never made that would still be " Nintendo" and have that feel.

Many of us could, and I suspect so could many dev's already working there.

* There is a last crab in the barrel within Nintendo and that person or people are holding the rest of Nintendo back from how great they could be.

They need leadership change because the Base building blocks are there.

The talent and teams are there, they are just being guided in the wrong directions.

When Nintendo gets something "right", nobody gets it more right than them.

When they get it wrong, not many people get it as wrong as they do either.

I love their experimenting, it's actually honorable and respectable that they are sacrificing their time and Name to risk working on things that they don't know will work.

Not many companies risk that.

The problem is, they have somebody in charge, having them take too many of those when they just need to get back to what we want.

stuna11407d ago

Your comment could not have been better! Like all businesses there is a hierarchy that has to have a head and all information or orders trickle down from there. If you don't have a competent head in place everything from that point could be potentially disastrous in the business world.

Lennoxb631407d ago

Nintendo has been a joke to me since the original Wii. I mean what was wrong with what they were doing with Gamecube? They catered to both audiences and it was a success.

TM3331407d ago

Ya, I loved the Gamecube. The Wii was weird for me. Sure there were a lot of good games on it, but the graphics on a bunch of them looked worse than Gamecube games. It was awful. Made it difficult for me to enjoy.

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Toiletsteak1407d ago

I loved Nintendo when i was a kid and i wish they could go back to how they use to be, people just see them as a joke now.

TFJWM1407d ago

The issue is they are the same as they used to be, your just not a kid anymore.

Toiletsteak1407d ago

No the issue is they use to make great consoles now they don't.

Agent_00_Revan1407d ago

This exactly. I've said it many times. I, and many of us grew up, Nintendo didn't grow with us.

Ol_G1407d ago (Edited 1407d ago )

You are one of the few that seems to onderstand whats going on.
For better or worse they are still the same company that dances to their own tune it seems that people dont understand that as a company you cant grow with your audience you have to try and reach younger people cause whats gonna happen if they grow with their fanbase those people die of old age who are they left with?
I know this is not a popular opinion especially on n4g but i'm glad they stay the way they are that way i keep getting my high quality Zelda and Mario kart games and i buy all my final fantasy on ps4 so i don't miss anything i like
Also i will never buy a Sony or Microsoft console for my kids when they are 16 they can save up and buy their own console but there is no way in hell that i'm gonna buy those consoles for my kids knowing what kind of games are released on those consoles not saying it's not for younger kids but as a parent i can't say that a console with 90% mature audience games is something i want my kid playing on

And @ toiletsteak
The reason their consoles where more powerfull in the past is because back in those days PC was in it's child shoes hardware just wasn't that powerfull those days even if we go back a few years x360 and ps3 were more powerfull than the midrange PC's that were available around that time
If you look this gen the hardware is on par with low end machines if it had to compete with PC we'd be paying €2000-3000 right now

Gunstar751407d ago

Sadly, yes..

Never underestimate Ninetendo though. These guys are phenomenon creators.

Summons751407d ago

They still have a strong library for the WiiU that makes it well worth owning just like a Ps4.

SteamPowered1407d ago

The Wii U has been out over 2 years. They have put out a few gems, but I wouldnt say the library is chalk full of hits. If people were going to buy a Wii U, they would have done it already. Not too many people are going to buy the console just for Star Fox. Zelda....maybe.
Gamers are left feeling that Nintendo jumped the shark: Mariokart and Super Mario 3D world were incredible, yet didnt make the sales mark they were hoping. So now, its getting harder and harder to justify buying the Wii U.

Summons751407d ago

Pikmin 3
Wonderful 101,
Bayonetta 2
Smash Bros
Mario Kart
Mario 3D world
Toad Treasure Tracker
Zelda WWHD
Hyrule Warriors
Donkey Kong
Monster Hunter
Mario Party 10

All these are amazing games for anyone's library. Not to mention

Star Fox
Mario Maker
Fatal Frame
Devil's Third
Zelda WiiU

Are all still to come. To say they have a weak library is moronic. My WiiU sits perfectly with PS4's Bloodborne, ESO, Witcher 3, Theif, The Order and Xbones....halo. I'm a gamer, I love all the systems and get great experiences but this gen so far Nintendo has owned the shelving for the library so far Ps4 has a lot more to come and xbone is finally getting a gears game so that's 2. All and all, everyone is doing good.

Griever1407d ago (Edited 1407d ago )


The problem with that Wii U list is that it is not desirable for most. Nintendoland? Wonderful 101? Pikmin 3? Toad Treasure Tracker? Zombie U? Mario Party 10? Kirby? Nobody gives a damn about those games and nobody id going to run out to get a Wii U for them. Nobody cares about those kind of games except Nintendo fans and children. Hence the poor sales for the Wii U. Nintendo needs modern, adult-oriented and desirable games that millions of gamers want. That is the only way to successfully sell the home console. It is basic rule of business; you make and sell what people want and not the other way around

_-EDMIX-_1407d ago (Edited 1407d ago )

@Summons- Its a nice list....for Nintendo fans. They don't really know how to get new fans and they seem to be scared to take risk and whats strange is years ago this company right along with Sony was very much known for that.

Now they are playing it as safe as ever. I feel Rare being gone is likely due to that, they pushed the boundaries for that company and it seems without them, Nintendo was just stuck doing the same thing over and over and over.

What is Mario Kart to me? What is Smash to me? Consider I may not like any of those games, how do you get me as a gamer? Oh by making Mario 3D world? OH by making Nintendo land?

Whats sad, is I never thought I would see the day where MS was doing BETTER then Nintendo at bringing in new gamers. XB wasn't like that and 360 changed that concept. Since then, MS has been adding in new IPs to get in new gamers, Alan Wake, Gears, Crackdown, ReCon etc.

Sony doesn't even need to be mentioned as they are pros at the console new IP cycle of series since its arrival to console gaming.

But MS is very much showing they are learning and are adopting to what gamers want, not everyone likes Halo, Forza, Fable, well..they have something for you, its called ReCon, Sea Of Thieves, Quantum Break etc I'm just so sorry that Nintendo just doesn't get that. Mind you...this is the same company that passed up LBP, yet that game went on to do 5 million units, went on to become an extremely successful series and now Nintendo is making a create, share game....

At this point, who is looking at Nintendo for new, innovative IPs? I'm sorry but I've seen more new concepts that excited me as a gamer from PS4 and XONE and clearly PC then I have anything on Wii U. They legit played it safe. Folks are going nuts for ReCon, Horizon, Sea Of Thieves, Dream etc based on they are new concepts, some stranger then others, some more traditional but new none the less. I'm sorry but Nintendo might be playing it way, way too safe.

and edit- Bayonetta is not a Nintendo IP...

Monster_Tard1407d ago (Edited 1407d ago )


You do realize that Nintendo makes another piece of gaming hardware called the 3DS right? Similar to Wii U, it too pretty much only consist of "Kiddie" games and it is still selling very well and is only currently being outsold by the PS4, so the whole "Nintendo need to grow up and focus on adult orientated games in order to be successful" is kinda invalid. The lack of 3rd party is what's killing the Wii U and that's from Nintendo not going with stronger hardware and from them sticking with the PowerPC architecture that it's older consoles had, while MS and Sony ended up going with x86, making it more difficult for developers to port their games over to the Wii U. It's not the games, it's the lack of games that killed the Wii U.

MysticStrummer1407d ago

@Summons - Rarely have I seen a longer list of games I'm not interested in. That's a very subjective statement, obviously, but it's also obvious that most console gamers who have gotten into the current gen agree with it.

Griever1407d ago (Edited 1407d ago )


The 3DS is a $200 handheld; the 2DS is even cheaper. They are basically cheap gaming alternatives that parents can buy for their children. That is why kiddy games sell on it. A home console is a completely different beast. The kind of games that work on a handheld cannot hold their own on a home console. There is just no parallel between a handheld and a home console. Remember how all the Nintendo fans were claiming that the Wii U will pickup similar to the 3DS once the games arrive. Did that happen? Nope. Handheld trends and logic do not apply to home consoles.

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TXIDarkAvenger1407d ago

Most of their core games are out and its still not enough to compete with Sony and MS.