Sony was worried about a female protagonist in Killzone dev's new IP

Horizon Zero Dawn, the new game from the makers of Killzone, was the sort of title that had Shuhei Yoshida, head of Sony Computer Entertainment's head of world wide studios, nervous.

It was, he told me in a recent interview, easily the biggest announcement he made at the PlayStation press conference this week; more nerve-wracking to Yoshida then news of The Last Guardian on PlayStation 4.

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TLG19911219d ago

Really? why?
people loved ellie more than joel
people loved madison from heavy rain.
people wanted another heavenly sword
tomb raider
the uncharted females all of them lol
the list goes on, i personally put it at the top of my list of things i liked about the demo. we need more females

pasta_spice1219d ago

It's sad how often this topic seems to come up. Game publishers don't seem to give gamers enough credit. You would think that people working in the game industry would be the first to dispel the stereotype that gamers are lonely virgins living in their parents' basement who only want to play games about shooting and army men, yet they seem to be the ones who uphold that stereotype the most. It's 2015 ffs! Most people dont care if a protagonist is female, male, black, white, asian, a robot, or whatever! It really shouldn't be considered "risky" to have a female hero nowadays.

Bansai1219d ago

Well I may be the part of the problem but because of that I'm not buying the game.

Cindy-rella1219d ago

Lol, i have to laugh at some people who wonders why Sony would be worried about using a female character. Some are ignorant as to why while some are pretending they dont know and think its silly of Sony.

Most gamers care if their character is a certain race and is a male or female. Some gamers dont care. As a female i wish there were more female protagonists in video games

BattleTorn1219d ago (Edited 1219d ago )

One doesn't need to be a "lonely virgin living in their parents' basement" in order to prefer playing as your gender

Isn't it quite ironic that people have been pushing more and more for the inclusion on playable-female-roles, but once reversed it "shouldn't matter"

Sevir1219d ago (Edited 1219d ago )

I dont care either way. This controversy that narrowminded people like to stir up in entertainment is just pathetic. and in 2015 to see this still prevalent is sad.

I love games with strong capable three dimensional female characters.

Heavenly Sword
The Last of Us
Beyond Good and Evil
Mirror's Edge.
Tomb Raider.

I really don't see the problem, like most other social issues, This one is just silly.

There needs to be more!

Dir_en_grey1219d ago

This is Polygon sponsored by Microsoft, they are gonna take a line out of context and blow it out of proportion to make Sony look bad whenever they can.

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Saijahn1219d ago

I really don't get the problem with female leads in gaming. One of the all-time greatest franchises in gaming has a female lead.

Just make a great game that's all that matters.

marinelife91219d ago

I don't think most gamers give two flips. They just want to be entertained.

BattleTorn1219d ago (Edited 1219d ago )

Yea... the growing inclusion of playable-female-roles reaaaallly demonstrates that no one cares about playing as their gender...

telekineticmantis1219d ago

Ellie Was a sidekick, so were the Uncharted ladies, really they are not lead protagonists, and don't serve as a counterpoint to argument. The question is can gamers in a mainly testosterone driven industry take a female lead seriously, and the answer is most of the time, NO. The reason behind it, is most female characters are basically prostitutes with a superhero theme to them. Newsflash to Game devs SEX DOES NOT SELL IN THE VIDEOGAMES INDUSTRY. I'm not even getting MGS5 anymore, and that's my favorite franchise, but they've been going down hill with that franchise since they've force feeding us video vixen antagonists, and the biggest feature of MGS's story is the depth of their antagonists. I can't take quiet seriously as a stripper with a toy gun, and that is a bad enough signal to the series selling out, so I'll pass, same way I passed on Bayonetta. I guess they fthink we are all a bunch of foolish game nerds and they can insult our intelligence, pssh yeah right, I'll keep my money thank you.

TLG19911219d ago (Edited 1219d ago )

1. i was talking about females in general in gaming, they must have been worries for a reason but from most previous games lead or side female characters are usually loved just as much as the main male character. for not buying MGS for that reason and Bayonetta that is absolutely ridiculous. like they are making these characters just to sell games through sex appeal. because they make all male main leads ugly obese messes. its easy to see "sex selling" when you look at it as women only can sell through sex appeal. i probably wouldn't play a lot of games if the male character looked like he just fell out the ugly tree hitting every branch on the way down either.

what do you do when you create a male character on fallout say (i actually always chose female characters even though im male) do you make them ugly as hell (saints row not included)

ArchangelMike1219d ago

Exactly. Tomb Raider had a female lead in 1995 for cying out loud. 20 years later why is the gaming industry still under the illusion that a female lead is a risk?

chadwarden1219d ago

Now let's try a non-white/asian female and see where that gets developers.

rainslacker1219d ago

Remember me did that. It had good reviews, but don't recall the main characters gender or race ever being a factor. She was just what she was.

1219d ago
Zenith4k1219d ago

Watching the gameplay at E3 for this game I was mind blown and only since seeing this article did I realise that it was a female protagonist so it just goes to show ( for me anyway) that it's not even an issue. And thinking about it mirrors edge is aswell. As long as the game is worth it does it really make a blind difference for anyone?

_-EDMIX-_1219d ago

Agreed. I get where your coming from, but from a business stand point, they were right to be a little worried, but they didn't get the recognition for being one of the best by playing it safe anyway.

I can't say we "need more females" as that isn't up to me as its up to the artist, but I would personally like to see some more. We are getting and have been getting great games with lead female protagonist, Life Is Strange, The Walking Dead, Hellblade etc.

ThunderPulse1219d ago

I was more of a Joel guy actually.

rezzah1219d ago

Probably because they have stats that reveal games with male characters bringing in more money.

Perhaps because the majority of the console gaming population is male, thus they relate more to male characters than female.

rainslacker1219d ago

Probably because most of the marketing goes towards games with male leads. It's not really the gender that's the cause for the sales, it's more the style of game, and the marketing that surrounds that game. If you look at two similar games like UC and TR, you'd see that sales are generally about even, with UC likely taking the lead due to it not having a history of having sucky games in the franchise.

I'd be more interested in seeing the stats from a game that lets you choose your gender to decide which people actually prefer to play. I think on WOW a while back it was stated that male was the initial choice 60% of the time.

3-4-51219d ago

* It's not about Male or Female, but it's about Likeability.

* I as a guy prefer to play as a male character as it helps me get into the game a bit more.

I don't actually think I'm that character, but it's easier to get drawn into the world if I'm represented by a male character.

* That being said, it's all about likeability.

If the male character isn't a likeable person, then I won't really care for them that much.

* If the female is likeable, it will make playing as a female a little easier for me, because at least she is a good character.

* Just forcing ANY kind of female in there isn't helping anybody but a few screaming fans.

They seem to have gotten it right with Horizon, and although I'd prefer to play as a Male character in the game, I really liked what I saw....enough for me to buy the game anyways and have no problem playing as the female lead character.

It's all dependent on the individual game.

Cuzzo631219d ago

Should have made her not only female, but African/African American or Native American. It's 2015 and yet racism and sexism flourish. Smh

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Tdmd1219d ago

I'm glad they didn't opposed it. She looks amazing.

greenmiker1219d ago (Edited 1219d ago )

The first game I played with female protagonist was Tomb Raider and I really enjoyed. Previously, I had played Metroid games of course but I didnt know about Samus.

Anyway, I lie her and game too.

rainzor1219d ago (Edited 1219d ago )

The main protagonist is beautiful. Besides we need more female leads

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