L.A.Noire in "final production phase"?

The Team Bondi site has been dead since 2006 when the trailers for L.A.Noire were first aired, until 2 months ago when this was posted:

"We're looking to expand our Animation Team to cope with the final production phase of L.A. Noire. "

Clearly the game, although claimed vapourware by Take Two at their E3 press conference last week is well on it's way to being finished.

Hit the link to read the full post.

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Real gamer 4 life5549d ago

So it this game exclusive or what? Is it coming out for both platform or just sony's ps3?

beast5549d ago

Next Generation ConsoleS... as in plural. So i am pretty sure multi

Real gamer 4 life5549d ago

Anyone know why sony stop funding this project?

NO_PUDding5549d ago

The is reason for confusion becuase Take Two stated it was exclusive, only last October.

And SCEA apparently funded the project.

But then the site says next-gen consoles.

So which is it? I would assume it's PS3 exclsuive, sicne Team Bondi, clearly haven't updated their site since it was created, and more to the point, if the Publisher (althoguh it is Rockstar, under Take Two) Take Two, is fine with it being exclsuive; the people interested in the money, then why it wouldn't be, I don't know.

Safest bet is to wait and see. Not many things are exclsuive these days.

Megaton5549d ago (Edited 5549d ago )

I think it's gonna be multi. Take Two has been vocal about the possibility, and Sony dropped funding awhile ago.

NO_PUDding5549d ago

Take Two have been quite the opposite. They have been vocal about it being exclusive, last June.

The last time this agme was mentioned, it was a press release that stated it was still exclusive. And it had been shifted back to fiscal '09.


Megaton5549d ago (Edited 5549d ago )

"The financial report also stated that fellow Take-Two title LA Noire is due out in fiscal 2008. The spokesperson suggested that both Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 releases are likely, stating, 'LA Noire is being developed for next-generation systems.'"


It's old, but most of the news on this title is.

NO_PUDding5549d ago

The article is in relation to to the report that says it's for the Playstation 3.

The Rockstar spokesperson is obviously quoting from Team Bondi's website, that hadn't been updated since 2004. This holds far less weight than an actual fiscal report. And it holds little credibility, since we still haven't seen the 360 exclsuive DLC, and GTAIV, did not come out in October.

The fact is, Team Bondi, consists solely of members from Sony's First party (ex-Team SOHO employees), and they were then bound in an exclsuive agreement, and ofcourse the project was funded by SCEA (originally, and possibly still). The were the team that created the original 'The Getaway'.

Dark vader5549d ago

Well we do know one thing, rockstart is going to develop a new franchise exclusive to the ps3. Its been confirm already.

beavis4play5549d ago

which is more than i can say for many of those people who put stories on this site.

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GiantEnemyCrab5549d ago

haha someone thinks this game is exclusive to the PS3.

http://www.rockstargames.co... (no platforms)


Rockstar Games
Next Generation Consoles

Notice the plural in consoles?? Gonna be some fun pwnage to dish out.

jerkstore5549d ago (Edited 5549d ago )

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juuken5549d ago

...Didn't it occur to you that this may probably be the secret game Sony was talking about that's exclusive to the PS3? There's no real indication on whether it's coming to both consoles yet. Keep sucking on that piece of information Crab because you are one dumbass bot.

Silogon5549d ago (Edited 5549d ago )

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juuken5549d ago

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jcfilth5549d ago

wow these xbots are really really desperate for some PS3 games.
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eagle215549d ago

You sit around like beggars on the street "oooh please can we get a pretty PS3 game"... we just want to play b3yond like Sony fans.

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GiantEnemyCrab5549d ago (Edited 5549d ago )

LOL @ Jerkstore. Did I hit a nerve you internet pusssy?
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@1.5: Desperate for PS3 games? No try you fishheads are desperate for games period. You've claimed this as some PS3 exclusive when what platforms the game would support have never been confirmed. It's been NEXT GEN CONSOLES for over a year.

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vegnadragon5549d ago

wow, I thought this game was being made by rockstar.

Le-mo5549d ago

L.A. Noire is exclusive to the Playstation 3. SCEA is funding the project.


Real gamer 4 life5549d ago

Yea but on their website it say, coming to next generation consoles.

IzKyD13315549d ago

SCEA is NOT funding it anymore

avacadosnorkel5549d ago

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