Sony Are The Masters Of Making Us Cheer, But For What?

An opinion piece via EGMR in which the author takes a look at the biggest announcements of Sony's E3 2015 press conference - The Last Guardian, Final Fantasy VII and Shenmue 3 - and tries to rationalise what we just got excited for.

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xHeavYx1219d ago (Edited 1219d ago )

Give gamers what they want and they'll cheer. I didn't see anyone from any other conference that went crazy over announcements like the people at the Sony show.
And yes, not all of the things that they promised will be available right away (I think that there was an article saying that Sony has yet to deliver 40% of what was promised at 2014's E3,50% for MS) but it's always good to know what their plans are.

Septic1219d ago

"I didn't see anyone from any other conference that went crazy over announcements like the people at the Sony show. "

Backwards compatibility got a great reaction though.

But yeah, no games stirred that kind of reaction for the other 2 conferences.

GrieverSoul1219d ago (Edited 1219d ago )

I once heard a phrase that said:

"History belongs to the victorious, not the just."

SONY has a plan for its console. They showed it in this E3. Im not into this "who won" argument because to each their own. I was an adamant believer of backward compatibility and bought a launch PS3. Never played a PS2 game for more than 5 minutes on it. I still think it was a great feature for Microsoft to add to its console. But I think it came too late. Clearly, Microsoft didnt want to do it from the start but tried to jab SONY due to the later didnt go with the "no to 1 time game licences".

Overall, great E3 this year! Much to look foward on each console.
Xone and Ps4 users are pleased with their systems.

Nirvana315911219d ago

When Microsoft announces games lik Scalebound, Crackdown and Phantom dust with no release date it's okay. When they announce quantum break in 2013 but release said game in 2016 it's okay. But when Sony announces a game without a release date it's nothing to be excited about? Who allows these articles to be posted here?

mark_parch1219d ago

that's simply because the xbox games were already known and sony's were a complete surprise

Lightning Mr Bubbles1219d ago (Edited 1219d ago )

When you start getting this kind of hate, you know you're doing something right.

There are a lot of bitter, bitter XBOX fans.

But they weren't complaining when XBOX 360 was getting exclusive DLC from Call of Duty and others. Or when they paid for Tomb Raider Exclusivity.

And The Last Guardian looks great, we never really saw the true version on PS3, it always looked more like a PS4 game that's why we were so blown away by it, and that's why PS3 couldn't handle it.

It's great to be a PS4 owner these days.


Payback for last gen is in full swing. When they tried to turn the industry into some college frat boy First Person shooter infested shit hole.

Things have come full circle. I mean Call of Duty DLC maps are coming to PS4 first. Ouch! hitting them where it hurts.

EvilWay1218d ago


The problem is this years E3 for MS was about games releasing this and early next, while Sony's conference was full of uncertainty. Last Guardian may not come out at all next year and Shenmue probably won't, and Horizon who knows. I hope Horizon releases next year because it will be a tragedy if it doesn't IMO.

When they showed the crowd during the Sony conference people looked very disinterested. Idk if Sony was pumping noise in or what but my friend was there and said not may people were cheering at all.

Only games I liked from the Sony conference were Horizon and Uncharted. Last Guardian idk what it is, and I am not a big Japanese game fan so FF7 and Shenmue don't really interest me. Horizon is a must buy for me it looked stunning, probably the second best game showed all of E3 behind Fallout.

I think MS had a better conference because they showed stuff we will see soon instead of the distant future. Though who won is up to the person

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Shadow Flare1219d ago

This is for the players

Sony living up to their motto. 3 games nobody ever expected to see. And we got all 3 of them. Final Fantasy 7, I'm still expecting to wake up.

Even games like Need for Speed are going back to what the fans want. This has been the best e3 ever because it's all been for the fans

pivotplease1219d ago

And the classic Tony hawk, the mirror's edge, rainbow six, Ghost Recon, and rock band revivals. It's kind of awesome. I also worry though that nostalgia and household names are being used as a crutch and that were not seeing enough new IPs yet. At least Horizon, Dreams, and a few others are moving forward with new ideas. I'm still wondering when Deep Down is going to surface. It looked amazing.

dcbronco1219d ago

Sony's biggest announcement for me was ala carte cable. I really like Horizon. Never played Final Fantasy because the turned based androgynous thing does nothing for me. I do love strategy but FF just doesn't do anything for me. And don't get me started on Dreams. MMs goal seems to be do as little work as possible. "Here's some tools. Go make some stuff and we'll say we made a game".

Don't get me wrong. LBP was making something that others could actually play. That's great for inspiring people to become developers. But Dreams is not only going to the well twice, it's like "look at what I created. At it pretty. I'm totally --cked up right now". Just make a game we can just play MM.

But the whole thing is very funny to watch. Sony fans going on and on about new IP and then going on and on about a remake and a third installment of a game that last appeared over a decade ago. But I still want another Brute Force and that was a decade ago.

But all of the cheers just make Steve Jobs look like more of a genius. He did say people don't know what they want until you tell them. Sony it's time to tell them they need BC again. Because Microsoft embracing it makes it seem unnecessary to your fan base.

MysticStrummer1219d ago

"This is for the players"

Exactly. Players cheer for games, and Sony's conference was the most game focused I've seen in a long time. It included some titles that people have written off for years as vaporware and/or impossible dreams. I'm not surprised at all to see Sony declared the "winner" by so many people.

NewMonday1218d ago


you got No Mans Sky and Dreams from MM delivering original experiences

dcbronco1218d ago

I have a feeling Dreams is going to consist of a small package of LSD and no game disc. That new experience has been happening since the 60's. Ask your parents.

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Letthewookiewin1219d ago

Anecdotally I went over to Amazon to see if there have been any changes to console sales, PS4 is at 17 and climbing while the X1 sits a 33 stagnant. Sony obviously did something right. There were people left speechless and giving standing ovations after Sony's conference. That didn't exist at MS's. Now I'm not saying that MS had a bad conference, I thought it was good. It just wasn't as good as Sony's and people need to stop down playing it. Nostalgia aside they announced Horizon for 2016, that is bigger news than anything besides BC at MS's conference.

CerebralAssassin1219d ago (Edited 1219d ago )

Most of what Sony had to say didn't wow me. I liked uncharted of course but project Morpheus does nothing for me. I couldn't care less about ff7. Or the other FF game that got announced. Nothing wrong with Sony presentation. I thought it was good. But IMO Microsoft had a better conference because they showed a lot of which will be available THIS year. I don't want them to show me what's coming out next year beyond. That's what next years E3 is for.

MrDead1219d ago


Why go on about 2015, we already know what Sony has releasing this year. It would be a very dull E3 press conference if they focused on the same few games and repeating themselves... still it look like some people are happy with that.

CerebralAssassin1219d ago

@MrDead I don't like getting excited about games coming out over a year from finding out they exist. I'm not saying there isn't room for those type of announcements during the conference. I'm just saying I'd prefer a conference about games coming out the same year they are being talked about in detail. Nothing wrong with a teaser trailer here and there. I don't want a whole conference about them though.

Moe-Gunz1219d ago


They announced what will be available this year because they were the same games announced last year. I don't get this argument. We knew those games was coming. They been announced.

tmh35931219d ago

Lmao so in your mind since Sony has more sales their e3 was better hmmm ok... Everyone had an awesome e3 ea, Bethesda, ubi,square enix, playstation, and Xbox. I don't really see how its become a competition. And why the hell do you even care about sales lol does that made your games more fun or something?

rainslacker1219d ago


I posted this in another article, because someone else was making the same argument as you although with a fan boy spin. I think the point is pertinent, although I"ll clip the stuff that doesn't pertain to you.

Things I've heard MS fans hype up(since their reveal)

Since E3 2013: Halo 5. Releasing holiday 2015. 2.5 years later

Since E3 2014: ROTTR. Releasing this holiday 2015. 1.5 years later, 2.5 if you count it's initial reveal when it was multi-plat.

Since Early 2014: GeOW after MS brought the IP from Epic. Releasing next holiday 2016. almost 3 years later.

Since E3 2014: Scalebound. Release date unknown

Since E3 2013: Quantum Break. Releasing sometime in 2016, about 3 years later.

Since that Cloud demo 2014: Crackdown, release date unknown.

End of comment

Anyhow, I could do one for Sony or Nintendo as well, ,so I'm not trying to say it's a MS fan boy thing, just that people get excited for hearing about new games. E3 has always been about what's coming in the future, and there is also times when they show stuff coming out soon. That doesn't make the announcements any less compelling, nor does it mean that people shouldn't be excited for them just because they may be a couple...or nine....years away.

I understand that you may be talking about your own perspective, but I can't see why you'd be excited for any E3 if you are hoping that a majority of the games are coming soon, because most games shown at E3 won't be released until after the following E3. MS conference this year wasn't much different, but they did show more than is normal for stuff releasing sooner...likely because of the current trend of discussion among forum goers. Every time they said, "This year" it was a shot at Sony.

someOnecalled1218d ago

Since E3 2013:
Since E3 2013:
Since Early 2014:
Since E3 2014:
Since E3 2014:

Since that Cloud demo 2014:"

lmao oh my god. reaching to the new extent. what he says still stands. and 2013 was before these consoles even release so you could say that about them all. you even broke down the whole year just to tru and prove your point.

i agree with him e3 should be about what is coming in the year from e3 to e3, just like every trade show. at ces sometime you get the rare electronics thats far off because a problem or because it got delayed.

e3 always benn overhype and over-promise for games thats not coming for a few year if that. some games disappear or just become not what were promised.

remember wardevil and agent. we could go on. all e3 did for me in the last couple of years is tell me these console isnt worth buying right now. bout time they are a new console will be ready yo come out. what they launched at 2013 and most of the good games is coming out in 2016-17. lol 3-4 year in a most likely for good games 5-6 year console cycle. i could buy one now but for what just for bloodborne and sunset overdrive. this e3 was good for both but they havent sold me. ill wait to more games a released.

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joab7771219d ago

Not sure why so many dislikes. Anyway, we wanna see games and be wowed. Everything else can be announce at other times. We see it as filling the space games should take.

If theres an update or new feature, then surprise us and release it, or do it b4 the show.

SonofGod1219d ago ShowReplies(4)
miyamoto1219d ago

They always say MS announced games playable this year but Sony announced games not playable this year.

What lies from many Xbox fanatics.

Arkham Knight, Taken King, Black Ops 3, etc PS4 the 3rd Party King since PSOne!

Its because PS4 is lightyears ahead of the competition in terms of vision and great games a coming.

They announced future games because 2015 is jam packed with Tons of console exclusives.

The Order
Toukiden Kiwami
JStars Victory
Dragon Quest Heroes
Persona 5
Disgaea 5
Sword Art Online Lost Song and Re:Hollow Fragment
Planetside 2
Onechanbara Z2
FFXIV Heavensward
Deception IV

AngelicIceDiamond1219d ago

That's way too many JRPG's. Every time someone makes a list that's all I ever see.

ThichQuangDuck1219d ago

I really wish there was a little more coop multiplayer games.

Spotie1219d ago

No such thing as too many JRPGs.

Plus, while people chastise Sony for showing games that won't be out this year, didn't we see something from most of the big titles last year? How can people really say an E3 conference full of games we already knew about is better than one with games we could only have dreamed of?

DDOS-DelDaemonicOSes1219d ago

I'd trade ALL of those for any one of the Xbox exclusives coming THIS YEAR... I'd even trade ALL of those for the new Xbox OS with Cortana.

Also, you're ironic and BACKWARDS... you comment about "What lies from many Xbox fanatics" while LOL... you ended your list with Deception "4".

If you don't want lies, maybe you shouldn't put "Deception IV: Blood Ties" on your want list.

I often think "Sony are the masters of making us cheer", because most people are easily deceived (due to ignor(e)ance of what is WRITE UNDER OUR NOSES), thus how CLAUS, that GOES ON A sLAY MISSION to FirePlace, gets all the kids "cheering" and smiling when they're rewarded with (candy) CANES, AKA a clue you're BACKWARDS.

tmh35931219d ago

Ok yea bunch of exclusives. Buuut are they GOOD exclusives? Most of them no.

rainslacker1219d ago

"That's way too many JRPG's"

I disagree. I say it's not enough. I really miss the days when I couldn't decide which JRPG to buy next. When I could walk into the store and have 3-4 on the shelf I hadn't played yet. The PS2 days were like that, and there were plenty of games besides JRPG's to choose from as well. Last gen was mostly waiting around for the next one to release until the end, and even then the selection was pretty niche most of the time.

I see people make comments that certain systems have too many of one kind of genre, shooters, JRPG's, whatever, but why complain? Is it taking away from other games? Are those JRPG's getting more attention than the more mainstream games? I know from Xbox fans it seems JRPG's are taking away from shooters or WRPG's or adventure games, but that's just them bringing more attention to the JRPG's themselves. JRPG fans seem to be quite happy with the selection.

If I said that the Xbox had too many dudebro shooters and Forza games, would you agree? Because if you look at it comparatively, that's what it amounts to. Are those games OK, but JRPG's are not?

JackStraw1219d ago d.php?t=1065003

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Horyzon1219d ago

For what? The 3 most anticipated games of all time on PS4. 1 exclusive, 1 timed exclusive and 1 probably never coming to another console.

maybelovehate1219d ago

Let's be real haha. The main reason Shenmue was never finished is because it didn't really sell well at all and to be honest it wasn't very fun to play. As for Last Guardian, this wasn't even the reveal. It was revealed over half a decade ago.

Final Fantasy 7, well I guess if you are into remakes.

I thought Sony had an amazing conference, but not because of those games. It was because Uncharted, Horizon and Dreams looked amazing.

Moe-Gunz1219d ago

Shenmue 2 didn't sell well because 1) It was a hassle to get on the Dreamcast. People had to import it. 2) it released on Xbox in the west. A system not known to have a fan base that are into that type of game.

It needed to be marketed correctly. Sony can do that. FF7 remake has been wished for forever, and it's happening point blank period. It's not about remakes it's about giving gamers what they want.

The entire conference was brilliant. The weakest point was COD.

maybelovehate1219d ago

@Moe-gunz: Did you play Shenmue and Shenmue II? They basically pioneered the Western RPG's. It had some awesome ideas that are present in many games today. And games over the years have refined most of those ideas into much better implementations.

However, the reason it did poorly on Xbox was that it just wasn't very good at the time. The gameplay mechanics were horrible and it had so many glitches. And the graphics were not good for that system at that time.

As or FFVII, I am super excited for younger gamers that never got to experience it on all consoles.

Moe-Gunz1219d ago (Edited 1219d ago )


Did I play them? I still have them and they're in my top 10 of all-time. People loved Shenmue 2. I actually think it's better than the first one. Had nothing to do with it not being good, it was great.

The reason was how it was released. Dreamcast version being hard to get and that being the version that allowed game save transfer. The original xbox was still young. You saying the game wasn't good at the time is laughable to me. I can still play that game today. Shenmue II and Indigo Prophecy are the only reason why my 360 is still hooked up.

Have I played Shenmue I and II lol this guy.

maybelovehate1219d ago

@Moe-Guns: reason I asked you, was you said Western Audiences do not like games like that. When Shenmue is considered by most as the father of Western RPG's. Of course not by its theme, but by the mechanics it introduced. Personally I hated the gameplay of Shenmue. It felt clunky and like a chore. And many of the reviews for the Xbox version pointed that out. Great story, and very forward thinking ideas but horrid gameplay.

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phoenix_dusk1219d ago

All these salt cause Sony won E3. Ha!

Cupid_Viper_31219d ago

People keep on claiming that Sony used "the effects of nostalgia" to win us over. And then you find them in earlier E3 threads going "Backwards Compatibility! Megaton!".

Isn't Backward Compatibility the very ESSENCE of Nostalgia in this instance?

Now I read the article and you can clearly tell the tone of the author is one of envy for Sony. Not so long ago, Microsoft had Usher on stage at E3, and Cirque du Soleil, and all the fluff for Project Natal. Plus let's not forget the almost 10 years old line up of Halo, Gears, Forza, Fable. Fast forward to 2015 and it's once again, Halo Gears Forza Fable. It simply isn't going to grab much attention to be honest, people are actually fatigued of the line up and the sales will show that.

Meanwhile, Sony's first party studios have shown that they will break away from well established franchises to create new ones. Naughty Dog with Uncharted to Last of US, Guerrilla Games from Killzone to Horizon, Media Molecules from LPB to Dreams, and the list goes on.

GrayXeos1219d ago

Here's the problem. Not very long ago Sony fans were ripping Microsoft apart for timed exclusives and timed dlc.

And at Sony's conference, they did the exact same thing, and you all praise them for it. Even going as far to brag about timed call of duty DLC.

You guys are embarassing yourselves. Think about how you acted about the Tomb Raider announcement. Suddenly at E3 2015, everything's okay with timed exclusives.

Cupid_Viper_31219d ago (Edited 1219d ago )

There's also another way to look at it.

When Sony fans and fanboys were saying how detestable the practices of securing time exclusives and stuff of that nature were, you guys were not having any of it. You guys praised MS for doing it, and created the whole "Exclusives don't matter" slogan that existed for the last 3 years of the last gen.

You guys kindly pointed out that exclusives games don't sell nearly as much, and that MS were "smart" to invest in Call of Duty and GTA4 DLC and others.

So if you look at things for what they are, you can congratulate MS on popularizing those practices that are now coming to bite them, and you guys in the ass.

It's the same thing for online subscription, it was free on the PS3 and PSVita. But Sony decided that if MS is getting away with charging people for online play, why not do it too? And now, everyone is paying for online except for PC gamers.

Less than a year and a half ago, MS was ready to be leader in yet another sleezy/greedy move where they prevent you from borrowing games and buying used games for your XBox One. Also mandatory, always on Kinect. And there are many other examples of where MS try to lead the industry in doing f'd up moves like this.

I clearly remember when they denied the Unreal Tournament 3 devs from releasing free DLCs for the game and forced them to charge for it.

"You guys are embarassing yourselves. Think about how you acted about the Tomb Raider announcement. Suddenly at E3 2015, everything's okay with timed exclusives."

Once again, you're failing to see who sets the example here. People already had the game preordered on PS4, and MS swooped in, and you guys defended it.

And I'm not defending fanboys of either camps either. But I think you misunderstand why people cheer these latest moves by Sony to Securing 3rd DLCs and time exclusives. I don't think it's because they actually care to get the game or DLCs first. I think that most of them are cheering the move as a "Yes, in your mother effing face, MS" type of way.

If feels good to slap someone back after they've slapped you, even though violence is seldom the answer....

It's kind of like how you guys are simultaneously ragging on Sony for a few remasters, while praising Halo MCC and they upcoming Gears remasters.

Or how 1080p vs 900p or 720p is a heated topic now. I don't really care if a game is 720P or 1080P, but you guys made such a huge deal last gen about a few missing pixels between multiplatform games, even the PS3 exclusives left everything dead in the water. So now, people are enjoying rubbing it in your collectives faces. And part of being a good sport is knowing and admitting when your opponent has beaten you at your OWN game...

343_Guilty_Spark1219d ago

There are a lot of holdovers from 360 that haven't committed to either PS4 or Xbox One. I think you are greatly underestimating the impact of BC. For one, the 360 still sales a lot of games and secondly people who have 360s have very large libraries. With all the trade on offers and the recent announcement of BC, it makes a lot of since now to make that trade in for $175, pay the other $175 and jump in to the current gen while maintaining the investments made during last Gen.

GrayXeos1219d ago


It's called double standards. You once had a problem with the practice because Microsoft did it, but now that Sony is doing it, suddenly the skies are a different color.

When Xbox games come to PC, Xbox is doomed, but when Playstation games come to PC(possibly Xbox later), they win E3.


remixx1161219d ago (Edited 1219d ago )

And you guys are just as hypocritical for praising Microsoft and bashing Sony...

The reason Sony is getting so much praise is because they brought games people had been begging for, like the last guardian, ff7 remake and shenmue 3...

Plus they brought other games that were unexpectedly stunning like horizon, worlds of final fantasy and dreams plus some new uncharted gameplay...hell even square enix announced another ps4 exclusive at their conference being made by platinum games called Nier.

I love the new ips and im glad they arent just running along old franchises but also making new ones as well, not to mention the games were all varied and diverse , not a bunch of adrenaline micheal bay-esque sprinting while the terrain below you breaks like MS had in theree of their demos (halo, gears, tombraider).

All the third party stuff was just side bonuses.

My issue with MS conference (which I thought was amazing by the way) was the same reason as to why you guys are praising them, all they showed was the same games that are coming out this year, games we have already seen gameplay for and we've already known were coming.....gears 4 was great and the new pirate game from rare was great but I didn't find any game they showed lift me from my was just oh that looks nice...

The big thing was backwards compatibility, which sucks for me because my 360 broke 2 weeks before halo reach came out so I don't have a huge list of games to play on my Xbox one from the 360 era...

No matter how you dice it, which you guys will try and dice it, Sony had a great conference when it comes to games. Cus I'm a gamer and I want to see games, big surprising games, not the same stuff from e3 and gamescom last year and not the same old run franchises but new diverse games.

But overall both had great showings no matter what either camp said and you can't possibly claim other wise.

Not to mention Bethesda, squeenix and ubisoft conferences all applied to us as well cuz they're third parties...

Nnow if you wanna discuss this like gamers then I'm always willing to talk.

curtis921219d ago

@gray, don't forget about TV talk.

Cupid_Viper_31219d ago (Edited 1219d ago )


I'm not underestimating the impact of BC for the XBox, I'm merely putting it into the right context. The XBOX 360 wasn't really known for it's exclusives beyond Halo, gears, forza, and fable to a degree. It was known as the de facto multiplatform shooter's console, and the "Play it first on XBOX 360" console. It's biggest franchises, Halo, Gears, Forza, and Fable are released almost on a yearly or every other year basis.

To give you something to compare to it; a lot people assumed that Halo MCC was going to move a ton of XBox One and sell a bunch of copies. That didn't happen. As a matter of fact, Halo MCC has barely reached inFamous Second Son sales numbers according to yours truly, VgCharts.

But let's say that BC brings in an extra 1 million gamers (very optimistic number)to buy an Xbox One before it becomes old news and is no longer talked about. So what? The PS4 does that in one 1 month without even ever dropping in price.

BC is for the XBOX one is in the same ballpark as when MS announced that every XBox One would be a Dev Kit as well. Yay, great news, but how many people have bought Xbox One in droves because of that? How many people even remember that?

I have BC on my PS3 and only 1 game is ever played on that, Tourist Trophy and that's it. I also have PSnow, and I've never rented a single game from that, even with my free one month trial. Truth is, BC is a very nice option, but it will be rarely ever used.

"When Xbox games come to PC, Xbox is doomed, but when Playstation games come to PC(possibly Xbox later), they win E3."

lol, I conclude that you guys are really upset that nobody is really talking about Microsoft after E3 as much as they are talking about Sony, so you guys are trying to make little points here and there to play the victim.

The PS3 launched with the BC which gave it access to the biggest game library available at the time. You guys said that it had no games, that it was just a glorified bluray player, a toaster, etc. Now you guys are praising BC.

Let me ask you a question, between Sony and Microsoft, which one of them have more exclusives games? between the 2 of them, one has more and the other has less. If the guy who has less games is also sharring it's lesser pool of games with another platform (the pc) then it is a bigger deal.

I have $5, someone else has $10, if both of us loses $2, who do you think is more affected by that?

But beyond that, the whole point of losing exclusives rights to a game meant doom for a company only started with from the Microsoft camp. The PS3 no longer had GTA4 and Final Fantasy13 as an exclusive. And these games going multi were used as ammo to show why Sony is getting out of the console business and how the PS3 is doomed.

Do you not remember?

medman1219d ago (Edited 1219d ago )

I agree with you, I don't like timed dlc, no matter who is doing it, or has the "upper hand", so to speak. It's pretty ridiculous. That being said, I haven't seen many Sony only fans mocking xbox only fans over the dlc announcements at all.

What I have seen is many angry xbox only gamers who are, for whatever reason, unable to handle the news that the vast majority of gaming media sites and gamers in general loved Sony's show and consider it one of, if not the best, E3 conferences ever. Personally, I thought Sony's show was spectacular. I also give Microsoft credit because they also delivered a fantastic show. But I've seen far too many xbox only gamers trying desperately to downplay Sony's conference by claiming the games aren't coming in 2015, as if multiplatform games won't dominate fall game sales, and as if Bloodborne didn't just launch to critical acclaim, or as if it won't be a full year between Microsoft AAA exclusives. It's silly pettiness, and it goes both ways.

I think Microsoft is making a mistake with their development cycles....they always seem to be stacking their lineup for the holiday, while the rest of the year is comparatively bare for their releases. This year I think it will hurt them, especially for Tomb Raider, which launches less than two weeks after Halo, and on the very same day as Fallout, with Star Wars Battlefront launching the following week. That isn't good, in my opinion. Everyone talks about Sony not having a AAA game of note this fall, yet conveniently seem to forget the biggest titles this fall are primarily multiplat, and there are a plethora of them, some of which include the likes of MGSV, Fallout, BattleFront, Assassin's Creed, COD, etc, etc.

GrayXeos1219d ago (Edited 1219d ago )

I never said Sony's conference was bad. It was hard not to like. Horizon really stood out for me. It's not timed, it's simply a PS4 exclusive and it looks amazing. Might be a game that'll define the generation. Dreams, I liked the creative focus. Nothing to not like about Uncharted 4 either. The Last Guardian is finally coming. Great showings.

These are the megatons people should be talking about for Playstation. They're Playstation exclusives.

Microsoft also had a great conference. They showed stuff we'll play this year and also in the future. They announced backward compatibility, and that for a lot of people is great news. Some of us have built up a library over the years, and it's great to see progress in getting all of it on our new consoles.

Gears of War 4 looks great. Halo 5 is shaping up to have a great story. Recore is an interesting new IP. Rare is trying something new.

Neither conferences were bad, but I see a lot of Sony fans focusing on the things they once criticized Microsoft for.

Can't really say anything good about Nintendo other than Starfox Zero.

JeffGUNZ1219d ago

Stop trying to justify it. He is right, it's a complete 180. COD was ripped apart for having DLC content first, yet when Destiny have PS4 users exclusive content no one said boo. People here were screaming from rooftops about the Tomb Raider move and how this exclusive agreement is terrible. Now Sony has CoD and still has some content agreements with batman and destiny, yet that is fine!

Lets put it this way man. If MS came out asking people for money to support a game like Sony did for Shenmue III, this site would be tearing MS apart.

At the end of the day a GAMER should be against this DLC exclusive crap. You can't move goal posts or wiggle around it with weak counters. I was against timed TR as an Xbox fan and I am against it still. I am also against the time content in Destiny.

Cupid_Viper_31219d ago (Edited 1219d ago )

"Lets put it this way man. If MS came out asking people for money to support a game like Sony did for Shenmue III, this site would be tearing MS apart."

I'll paraphrase common lines thrown on here on daily basis:

"Sony's broke and they can't afford to lower the price of the PS4, haha."

"Microsoft makes billions in profit quarter, and Sony is in the red, har har har."

"$500,000,000.00 set aside for Kinect advertizing, it's going to sell like hot cakes".

"Sony can't even afford to market their games, because they're so broke, hahaha".

"so what if Microsoft blows money on timed DLCs, they have tons of it."

So of course after you guys have bragged about MS's massive pile of cash, and how you guys have enjoyed paying for Xbox Live for 10 or more years now, it WOULD be odd for Microsoft to ask for kickstarter funding....

But you see, you're too clouded right now to see it. And since we're on the topic, I don't play Tomb Raider, I've never played the one on the PS3, nor the remastered version, and I will not play this new one coming out. I don't play Call of Duty either, and I gave destiny a shot but got bored after level 17. So I don't think I need to tell you how much I don't care for when and if DLC's come out time exclusive contracts expire.

I'm simply going to watch it eat at you guys now that the roles are reversed.

Enjoy it...

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Spotie1219d ago

If anything, the hypocrisy is on both sides, isn't it? Last gen and even at the start of this one, buying up DLC was perfectly fine for Microsoft. Now it doesn't matter.

With every remaster announced for the PS4, there's hate from the Xbox crowd, yet watch them praise the Gears remaster and gloss over every flaw MCC had to say it was the "best evar."

Hell, DriveClub launches with issues and it's a disaster. MCC comes out with problems that also took months to rectify, but nobody says a thing about it.

FFVII and Shemue and TLG are just nostalgia trips, but the XB1 getting a form of BC is the biggest announcement of E3.

Since last generation, every time PlayStation has given the Sony crowd a way to fire back at whatever criticism leveled at the brand, the Xbox crowd changes the argument. Then they have the nerve to call somebody else hypocrites.

magiciandude1219d ago (Edited 1219d ago )


"With every remaster announced for the PS4, there's hate from the Xbox crowd, yet watch them praise the Gears remaster and gloss over every flaw MCC had to say it was the "best evar.""

There's also hate from the PS crowd. I remember when TLOU: R was announced, I and many other Sony fans were criticizing it. Mind you, this was long before I even cared about the Xbox One. Why just single out the Xbox crowd? The semi-recent GoW III Remastered also stirred up some heated discussion among PS fans. Again, it's not only the Xbox crowd that is at fault for hating on remasters. You're generalizing only for the sake of it.

As an Xbox fan, the kind of person that you like to demonize at any given opportunity, I am not getting the Gears remaster. I wanted a collection similar to Halo's, not some singular repackaged game. My criticisms leveled against PlayStation will also work against MS and Nintendo when they apply.

"Hell, DriveClub launches with issues and it's a disaster. MCC comes out with problems that also took months to rectify, but nobody says a thing about it."

Wrong, MCC had a huge uproar. Please do some research...

"FFVII and Shemue and TLG are just nostalgia trips, but the XB1 getting a form of BC is the biggest announcement of E3."

Uh I am a fan of all the above... Again, generalizing for the sake of it.

someOnecalled1218d ago

from what was said sony didnt bring back those game SE brought back ffvii most likely from people constant nagging, but somehow "first on PS" means sony brought it back( see this is what PS fanboys do, sony is god and no one can do anything without them). and the other is a sequel that is doing a kickstarter( again how sony brought it back by doing a kickstarter. i guess he didnt know how to do it or just didnt know they exist and got hussled). how is promoting someone else kickstarter their handy work of reviving a game and they are not even doing none of the work.

PS fanboys man, what they say speak volume of what they think about the industry. if sony would of said they fans need to get a second job to buy morphues i think they would laugh praise and do it. all SE exclusives was do to xbone not having a presence for jrpgs sony did nothing besides show off a few games and a ps3 port.

ps fanboys give credit to sony more than the people that actually did the work. just like they ignore what happens in gaming unless is sony or sony approve. these are bare far the worst fanboys.

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WellyUK1219d ago

"won e3"

You can't win something solely based opinion.

People please stop being moronic.

rainslacker1219d ago

I disagree. Sort of anyways. I think Sony won because they have the majority of the presses favor right now, and they seem to have gained even more positive feelings from PS fans....which I didn't think would be possible given that it was already at PS2 level highs.

It's possible to set up any criteria for what's considered winning, but I think Sony did exactly what it needed to do this year, and truthfully, given the momentum of the PS4, they didn't need to do much. The fact they knocked it out of the park only made them more popular.

ssj271219d ago

Actually you can! Sony has been winning the last few e3 and sales talk. Only the near future sales will prove who won but let's be honest PlayStation kill it!
Yes xboxone will makes 360 owners jump ship's and that was nice.. tom raider will make those fans get a xboxone ( not so much because Playstation 4 has a similar and better game uncharted 4)

But PlayStation will make every or most COD fans play on the PS4 and those are huge numbers. H0d will make even pc gamers want to own a PS4 for me the game of the show in term of everything (TLG was my intimate game of the show but i know the game won't sale or do as well as Horizon0d)

Plus pleasing the gamers will helping the devs to bring FF7 Shemune3 was a nice touch that gamers appreciate with their money. . They showed that they are doing their best to please the gamers kind of the same message they send with supporting huge time indie devs.

This is why I and many think sony won but the only way to know is once sales numbers appear and I am sure because of everything I point out sony will keep doing amazing. . Not saying xboxone is doing bad, from my understanding they are also doing good at their own but sony is way ahead.

Mikefizzled1219d ago

Sony had 3 great announcements but they all benefited significantly from nostalgia. Not that its a bad thing but its a big factor in why it was such big news.

maybelovehate1219d ago

True, I can't imagine any gamer under the age of 23 that would even know what they were cheering for. Although in the case of the FF7 trailer it was a very impressive CG short.

Mikefizzled1219d ago (Edited 1219d ago )

I'm 20 and have a large and diverse knowledge of games but I've never played FFVII, Shadow of the Colossus, Ico or Shenmue but I know them and could easily pick them out of a crowd. I bet all 3 would be at the show and I bet all 3 would get an amazing reaction. And they all did.

MysticStrummer1219d ago

"I can't imagine any gamer under the age of 23 that would even know what they were cheering for."

Gamers over 35 outnumber gamers under 18 so that should tell you why bringing back beloved older franchises is a big deal. It should also explain the current surge in indie popularity, with their largely old school gameplay.

SmokingMonkey1219d ago

Horizon ZD is a New IP so no nostalgia

Dreams, also is not benefiting from nostalgia.

Stop saying Sony only had 3 announcements please.

Mikefizzled1219d ago

Sorry I changed what I wanted to say and didn't proof read. It should read as 'Sony had 3 great announcements that benefited significantly from nostalgia'
I was talking about sheer excitement. Horizon looked great and got a great response. Not heard many views on Dreams. Shenmue however nearly killed Michael Huber of Gamestrailers the second that first petal fell. I wager no new IP can get anywhere near the same level of hype that they got.

plmkoh1219d ago

You talk as if nostalgia is a new concept. What do you call Rare Replay? What do you call Star Fox Zero? What do you call Mario Maker?


rainslacker1219d ago

What do you call any sequel really? Sequels are all about nostalgia. Game doesn't have to be 20+ years old to have fond memories attached to it.

proudxgamer1219d ago

BS Sony Played us like at PlayStation