Destiny PS4 Expansion 'The Taken King' Gigantic - Weighs At Least 17.4GB

Both the EU and US PS Store have listed the new Destiny expansion ´The Taken King´ with a gigantic file size. The EU store on the PS4 mentions even a larger file size.

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Neonridr2731d ago

I wonder if it is that large because it might possibly have all the expansions (Dark Below, Hunger of Wolves, Taken King) rolled into one.

VER1ON2731d ago

They did state the expansion would be double the size of older expansions but this seems gigantic.

OmegaShen2731d ago

No, thats much bigger then this. Bungie hasn't everything that comes with taken king yet.

VER1ON2731d ago

Also Destiny alone requires 40GB at least. The collectors edition is said to include Destiny and all of the expansions so 17gb for the set is way off.

Neonridr2731d ago

I was merely referring to the expansion size containing the previous 2 expansions as well. Not the base game.

OmegaShen2730d ago


An he was pointing out it isn't sold with just the two other dlc's, you buy taken king dlc or full game with all three dlc's.

Forn2730d ago

Probably a bunch of locked hidden content is in the update which they will unlock later with more dlc smh.

Mikeyy2731d ago

I took the plunge yesterday and got the digital guardian edition. Haven't played since beta, meant to get it sooner but so many other games came out.

Palitera2730d ago

Why not call CoD DLC "expansions" too?

It is just a generic DLC, pure and simple.