FIFA 16 Will Feature Vanishing Spray

FIFPlay: Referees in FIFA 16 have vanishing spray for free kicks, one of the most wanted items in FIFA 16 wishlist.

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Maul_T_Pass1216d ago

The real question is will you hear a loud cheer from the crowd when it is used?

SegaGamer1216d ago

They need to sort out career mode too. Get rid of hidden attributes, i want to play the game, not spend all day searching for players. If i want to go around looking for players i will play a manager game.

Also, it's time to bring the homegrown rule into the English leagues.

yezz1216d ago

They don't care about the career.. The AI is so unrealistic that there is no point playing against it.

SegaGamer1216d ago

Career mode is all i play. I hate playing online.

yezz1215d ago (Edited 1215d ago )


Pro Clubs is pretty much the only thing I play because it's fun with friends and it feels more "human".. I used to play a lot of career but it's simply unplayable.

I don't know how you can do it without getting incredibly mad about how unrealistically the AI works.. Every team has the same 90% passing rate because they don't take any risks. They always play the safe ball so you find yourself chasing the ball all the time. Almost every tackle and body shift is anticipated by the computer.. it feels nothing like real football.

Der_Kommandant1216d ago

Biggest addition to the FIFA franchise in years. s/

playstation4epic1216d ago

With how stale fifa is getting it kinda is close lmao

OzzY-waZZy1216d ago

women's teams and vanishing spray.. brilliant.

Speak_da_Truth1216d ago

Ohhh vanishing spray what I game changer s/ Just saw PES gameplay on Playstation access Youtube channel and I will never buy a Fifa game again.

Baka-akaB1216d ago

Yeah a pity PEs is really turning the ship around . But i decided that i'm boycotting Konami titles for the foreseable future , after MGS5 .

Oh well my choice , my loss

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