IGN: Wii Motion Creators Interview

Next spring, over two years after the launch of the Wii, gamers will finally get 1:1 motion control. Those sublte movements that have previously caused the system to freak out will be possible. IGN caught up with InvenSense, maker of the Wii Motion Plus technology, to find out more about the device.

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ChickeyCantor3741d ago

"If you imagine an X, Y, Z frame. Now imagine it's not just up down left right, back forth, but also rotation. That's the maximum amount of motion that can ever be tracked.
But...but...thats 3D..!!! Sony promised 4D T_T
( i kid !!)

Product3741d ago

Interesting...even the developer says its true 1:1,and that this technology is more then enough for true 1:1 gaming.