TVG: Guitar Hero: On Tour Review

TVG writes: "TVG thrashes wildly, plectrum in hand, as we go on the road with the first portable version of Guitar Hero...

A modern phenomenon, the Guitar Hero franchise has relentlessly taken videogames by storm since it first appeared nearly four years ago. Giving non-guitar playing philistines (including myself) the chance to feel like a rock god with a peripheral that wouldn't look out of place at a Fisher-Price store, the series has continued to grow without losing (much) steam.

So it was perhaps inevitable that the franchise would shift away from its home console beginnings and go portable, which is where Guitar Hero: On Tour comes in. Bundled with the 'Guitar Grip', a four fret add-on that slips neatly into the DS' GameBoy Advance slot, the game aims to deliver the same Guitar Hero experience on the move. But without the usual plastic guitar, can On Tour even begin hoping to replicate the same thrills of the main franchise?"

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