Sony: Remasters Serve The 40 Percent Of PS4 Owners That Didn't Own A PlayStation 3


"During our conversation with Sony president of worldwide studios Shuhei Yoshida, we spoke about the wave of remasters that the company has and continues to issue. We asked about the company's thought process behind reissuing older games just one generation later."

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SaveFerris1245d ago

Interesting stuff. So remasters, BC and PS Now will be important for some gamers who are looking to get a current gen console.

chrisx1245d ago (Edited 1245d ago )

yea. Alot of xbox360 owners and non Ps gamers jumped onto the Ps4 train so the remasters make some sense.

Cupid_Viper_31245d ago (Edited 1245d ago )

I had yet to offer my 2 cents on this issue, so here I go.

First off, let's understand one thing very clearly. On it's own, the XBox One's BC is a good thing for XBox One and XBox 360 owners. Meaning that if you're looking at it in a vacuum without any causes, but just the effects and impact it will have. The issues only flare up when you take this great news for the Xbox Camp, and try to use it as ammo vs Sony and the PS4. We can get into that later.

Out of the Big 3 (Sony, Nintendo, Microsoft) Sony is known to not only release more games than its competitors, but to also support their consoles for the longest duration of time. A support which directly translate into major games (new IPs and existing big franchises) still being made and released on older consoles when the competition has all but moved on and shift focus onto the upcoming generation.

You should understand that one of the main reasons why Sony released more remasters than the competition is directly related to the FACT that hey have MANY great franchises to actually remaster. If the competition knew of many different games that they could make money from by remastering them, you best believe they would. But you can't really remaster much from the XBox Beyond Halo and Gears, and maybe Fable? Forza get's a new release every other year. What else would Microsoft remaster that would sell enough to offset the cost of development?

The PlayStation 4 was announced in February 2013. The Last of us was released in June 2013. Beyond 2 Souls was released on October 8, 2013 (One month before the release of the PS4). Gran Turismo 6 which is arguably Sony's #1 system seller was released for the PS3 3 weeks after the PS4 was released. I don't need to tell you guys that the competition would never do something like. They would of shafted their current user base and shift everything to the new console, EXACTLY, like they did.

In other words, Sony knew that the PS4 would cannibalize the sales of GT6, Beyond 2 Souls, and TLoU, but they released it regardless. How many people would buy a PS3 when the PS4 is right around the corner. There is a reason why sales of current gen consoles take a sharp dive once the newer consoles hit the market. Most people want the new product. So based on the fact that they didn't shaft PS3 owners and move the BIG Guns to the PS4, they have more reasons than any of the competitors to make remasters of said games.

Now not every game that is remastered by Sony was released late in the PS3's life cycle. So this rule doesn't apply to every single remastered game. So this is when you consider the other legit reasons why remasters are made. The Wii sold 100+ million consoles, and the Xbox 80+ million, and the PS3 80+ million as well for an approximate total of 260+ million gamers. Meaning that are a possible 180+ million gamers who never owned a PS3, and who probably never played some of the best games on the PS3. Not to mention the folks who would love to see some of their most beloved franchise get a nice fresh coat of upgraded graphics/performance boost, etc. The remasters are for these markets.

BC is nice, and I would never turn that down. I still play Polyphony Digital's Tourist Trophy to this day, and it's a PS2 game. Truth is, if you want to play PS3 games, Sony makes very reliable products and some 90% of all PS3 sold works just fine even today, you should turn on your PS3 and play PS3 games.

If you've never own a PS3 and would like to check out their catalog while still supporting the devs who made those games, Remasters or PSNow are probably for you.

If you don't own any console at all and only own a Sony TV and want to play PS3, PS2, PS1 games, you should also check out PSNow.

Septic1245d ago

To simplify the above:

Lots of people moved over to PS4. Sony can capitalise on the $$$ with the 'new crowd' by making the remasters .

Simple as that. It makes perfect business sense.

Nineball21121245d ago (Edited 1245d ago )

The remasters are good but BC for the Xbox One has me thinking...

Ok, full disclosure. I had an Xbox 360, but I got it kind of late in it's cycle and I ended up gifting to my niece. I didn't play on it too much because I felt like I had everything I needed on my PS3.

I now own a PS4 and I'm happy with it so far.

Since I didn't game on my 360 much, AND with this backwards compatibility announced, I'm entertaining the idea of getting a Xbox One. That way I can not only play the exclusives on the Xbox One, but I can also play those 360 games that I didn't get to play.

What's everyone's NON-TROLLISH opinion on that? Did the 360 have a big enough exclusive library to justify sinking money into a Xbox One at this point?

My only concern is time constraints. At some point, I'll have more than enough to keep me busy on just the PS4, let alone trying to play games on both systems.

Concertoine1245d ago (Edited 1245d ago )


It totally did. The early life of the 360 in particular was defined by a wide variety of software. Lost Odyssey is considered by many to be a hidden gem and one of the best JRPGs last gen, and it was on 360.

Alan Wake, Crackdown, Dead Rising, Shadow Complex, Condemned, Deadly Premonition, Viva Pinata, the Forza games...

dantesparda1245d ago (Edited 1245d ago )


My none trolling honest opinion is I don't really care after this much time. If it had came out at the release of the system then it would have been much more of a selling point but at this point in time its kind of painful for me to go back and look at last gen graphics. They just look so dated now. They are very low res and fuzzy and have bad frame rates and aliasing everywhere. Heck, current gen systems barely do it for me graphically. Don't get me wrong, its a nice feature to have. But its one of those things that you really want til you get it then you don't really end up using it (well at least that's how it is for me). Unless there was still a bunch of must have games coming out for the 360, I wouldn't even bother. I mean seriously, would you prefer to get FH2 for the X1 or the 360? How about TF? But to each their own and im just telling you how I see it/feel about it, since you're asking. So my advice is, unless you want a X1 for all the other games that are coming out for it I wouldn't get it just for BC. I mean the X1 doesn't even up res the games like the 360 did. And on the 360 you had to wait a long time for them to add games and it wasn't that many and a lot of them had a bunch of problems. I remember I couldn't even play Fight Night 2 even though it was on the list. It would just always freeze at the loading screen. So beware.

Concertoine1245d ago


This is true. But the first games they're going to make compatible are the 360 exclusives, and thats what Nineball was asking about.

They did the same with the original Xbox BC.

mkis0071245d ago


I did just that after ms conference. Best buy had a trade in deal for 175$ I did not want to miss. I will have no need of my 360 now that bc is coming...just make sure all the games you want to play have a good chance of being added. I totally forgot I had superman returns for 360, I love flying around in that game as terrible as that is...probably wont be added. Sunset overdrive is fun ! Would definetly have been recieved better on playstation, but that is sonys own fault.

MightyNoX1245d ago

Lot of converts who jumped ship.

Great job, Sony.

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WelkinCole1245d ago

The thing is though BC, Remasters, PS Now serve different things.

BC is really for those that have a backlog of old existing games to play.

Remasters is for those that don't have these games from previous gen or for those that just want an upgrade version of existing games they have.

PS Now is really for those that want game streaming like with netflix with movies where in time they would also be able to play them on different devices other than exclusively on a gaming console.

I honestly don't understand why people are lumping them all together when each of them predominately serve vastly different purpose for different segment of the market.

phoenix_dusk1245d ago

PS4 have as much non-PS3 owner userbase as Wii U's? Damn!

Genova841245d ago

Backwards compatibility would serve them better, Sony.

ravinash1245d ago

But these people don't own any PS3 games, so why would BC be any good for them?

raWfodog1245d ago

I think that might have been a clear case of typing before thinking it through :)

Imalwaysright1245d ago

Because they would be able to buy and play whathever last gen games they wanted to instead of a few select remasters and they would be buying each game for €10 or less instead of paying €50 or €60 for them.

lemoncake1245d ago

Maybe cause you can now pick these games up for almost nothing from used, bargain bins and even digital store. You can even pick up huge packs of past games used for price of one new game.

It's much cheaper than current ps now prices and you are not just renting them.

Dasteru1245d ago

Definitely didn't think that through before posting and actually got 15 agrees.

You have to buy the games either way and PS3 games are cheaper. Or did you think Sony was giving away remasters for free?

mhunterjr1245d ago (Edited 1245d ago )

They could save a lot of money buying used PS3 games instead of buying re masters...

Remasters are attractive to publishers because they get to republish a game at full price with relatively minimal effort... converters by them in droves because 1) they didn't get to play them previously, and 2) they don't have any other way to play them...

Backwards compatibility would make reason number 2 false, and as a result, would likely reduce the amount of people willing to pay for remastered games.

I have NO IDEA how you got so many agrees....

freshslicepizza1245d ago

sony thinks creating psnow and pushing remasters is better than eating the cost of emulating those games for free. they want to make money after all the money they lost on the ps3.

scottieleverne1245d ago

It would be good to pay $5 for a PS3 game and own it and be able to play it forever on the PS4 without frame-rate dips instead of paying the same amount to stream it for a week. Of course, that would serve me better! It's naive to think otherwise.

FarEastOrient1245d ago


Did you forget how bad backward compatibility was from Xbox original to Xbox 360. There's a website dedicated to represent the errors each title produce through the software emulator.

Genova841245d ago

Ever hear of this amazing site called ebay? Or this store called gamestop? Well, you can buy older games from there, and then play them ...

It's a "clear case" of Sony trying to maximize profits. Don't blame them. But I call it like I see it.

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Summons751245d ago

Yup, and if MS could figure out how after they said there was no possible way for them to do it then Sony sure as hell can figure a way out too. Do it Sony!

Bathyj1245d ago

PS3 to PS4 was vastly different hardware. It's apples to oranges. X360 to Xbone was just apples to a bigger Apple. If anything their BC proved they really should have had it from the start. Sony is unlikely to ever get it.

SniperControl1245d ago

But they cant due to different system architectures.

Imalwaysright1245d ago

The X1 and 360 also have different architectures and MS did it. Sony could do it too especially when the PS3 has the same architecture as the 360 (powerPC) and PS4 has the same architecture as the X1 (X86).

FarEastOrient1245d ago

Why would you refer to Red Gaming Tech, whom have very limited experience in writing source code? You can tell by how they write their articles with a "drive by" experience of the hardware.

Imalwaysright1245d ago

It's just to prove that the 360/ps3 have powerPC architecture and X1/PS4 have x86 architecture. The content of the article besides proving that is of little interest to me.

KingPin1245d ago

indeed it would.

but id want BC done the way the launch ps3s did it via hardware not the way the Xone is doing it.

dont get me wrong, xone BC is a great feature by all means but not all of us can download 8GB in a matter of hours or few days. 8GB a game, 30-40 chance of me downloading all those games again. im better off holding on to my last gen console and play games straight off the disc.

as for hardware BC, well, not only is the chance gone on the PS4 but sony learnt their lesson never to include it coz it drove ps3 prices sky high and everyone moaned. i dont think they were going to risk it a second time with the ps4.

mhunterjr1245d ago

Hardware is ideal, but emulated BC is better than none at all. And it isn't just about playing games that you already own... There are tons of games that folks have missed, I likely would never have played of it weren't for BC...

Your right, not everyone can quickly download games... But you can do it all in the background...

Roccetarius1245d ago

Sony got themselves into a weird situation, mainly because of the Cell. It's different for MS because they didn't use that piece of tech.

Now though, they're trying to sell you a streaming service for the most part.

SakataXGintoki1245d ago

Finally someone who understands :).

For others, I request you to watch Mark Cerny's road to PS4. It will clarify a lot of questions that occur in people's minds.

SakataXGintoki1245d ago

Thing is, even if Sony wanted to do it they can't. PS4 has an architecture so different from PS3 it could almost be called with another name. They are totally incompatible. The streaming option is the only possible way.

rainslacker1245d ago

It is possible to emulate Cell code on a x86 processor, but it's extremely inefficient. Despite both consoles having a powerPC core last gen, the SPE's in the CELL work more like the processor in a GPU than they do in a CPU. Given that the PS3 used the SPE's to offload graphics tasks to the CPU SPE's, the emulation of SPE code for those processes alone would not be as simple as allowing a more powerful GPU to handle the graphics processes, like in the 360/X1 setup.

Someone up above keeps saying that the CPU cores are the same between the two, which is true, but conveniently leaves out the SPE part which is where the trouble comes in from the PS3->PS4.

Granted, I may be wrong, and Sony may be able to come up with something. I never would have thought MS would have made it happen because it shouldn't be possible given the power of both systems. I doubt Sony will work on it unless X1 BC becomes a real thorn for their marketability.

I actually do find it rather funny people saying it should be possible for Sony now, despite the fact they were the same people who claimed it wasn't possible for either system due to the difference architectures since before the gen started.

I work with hardware and software engineers. Some damn good ones actually. And all of them were shocked at the announcement of it being native. It was discussed for quite a while after the conference ended. We came to some interesting conclusions, but they're still all based on speculation due to not enough facts being known.

Baka-akaB1245d ago

The only way it would be useful to those people would be by purchasing game they miss used or cheap .

And some people are actually happy with seeing those game enhanced with extra and upscale , and 60 fps for some that didnt feature it .

of course the best path would be to feature both remasters ands BC

badboyz091245d ago

Microsoft released/announced there only 2 exclusive franchises from last gen Halo and Gears so they said screw it.

Malice-Flare1245d ago

so, you want them to make the PS4 BC to the 360? depends on how much MS will want to charge for that... /s

in case you really did miss the point, how would gamers who never owned a PS3 nor PS3 games be served by BC if they're going to need to buy the games anyway? and, why would they choose the inferior versions? BC is overrated and MS should've announced this before or after E3, now all the games they showed just got overshadowed by this...

mhunterjr1245d ago (Edited 1245d ago )

Well, there are hundreds (thousands?) of PS3 games, and only a handful will ever get remastered... With backwards compatibility the number of last ten games that will be playable on the new console has the potential to instantly dwarf the number of games that will get remastered.

In most cases, it wouldn't be about getting the inferior version... It will be the only version that exists...

Why would someone buy the inferior version over a remaster? Because they can get it several orders of magnitude cheaper.

Also, wouldn't it be nice someone new to playstation could take advantage of the PS3 PS+ games?... That service would instantly become more valuable (since the PS3 offerings are much better than the ps4 ones)

Also, MS has already announced that some 360 titles will be bundled with the purchase of new xb1 titles... Buying the new Rainbow6, but never played the only ones?... Problem solved. Want to get caught up on Mass Effect 1,2, and 3 before 4 comes out? This could be the solution since EA has no interest in remastering.

There are so many reasons this is a good thing...

CorndogBurglar1245d ago

Because you can go buy the last gen games for almost nothing now. Lol.

You act like people would have to go buy the old last gen games for full price or something.

italiangamer1245d ago

You people now suddenly consider backwards compatiblity as the second coming of Christ. I am so curious to know how many people use that feature, like Jim Ryan said in a yesterday interview, lots of people ask for it but a very little percentage of these use it. I am one of those, I have lots of PS1 games that I can play on my PS3 thanks to the backwards compatiblity but the ONLY title that I played was MGS1 over a year ago. Is it so hard to keep your old console along with the new one?! Damn when I will get a PS4 I will take my beloved PS3 and put it back in his box, so whenever I want to play an older game (you know, 1 time in a 4-5 years span in my case) I will just stick it out of the box and plug in it. We are on PS4 folks, watch the damn future and leave the past behind.

SniperControl1245d ago

I have over 150 games for my PS3, have barely touched it since PS4 launched.

lolosgolos1245d ago

Jim Ryan will say anything to validate PSnow and Remasters. Truth is some Ppl like me who had a 360 with over forty games will benefit from this feature. If the future is paying a data stream fee and renting a game you already own then its a shit one and I want no part of it.

kenshiro1001245d ago

You never really responded to what italiangamer said, did you lolos?

rainslacker1245d ago

Ultimately it's a nice feature to have, but as the generation moves on, it becomes less important. I'm the kind of gamer who often goes back and revisits older games I've either enjoyed in the past, or never got around to, but the lack of BC while not as convenient, wasn't a deal breaker for me. I have lots of systems that don't support BC, and it never once affected me. I will say I am still buying more PS3 games than PS4 right now, so it would be nice to play them on the newer console, but my enjoyment of those games isn't lessened just because they aren't on the newest hardware. I can at least use the nicer DS4 on the PS3, so ultimately it's about the same experience since I don't use all those nifty PS4 features like recording or sharing.

So I do agree with Jim Ryan 100%. There are people that want it. There are people that use it. but it's not so many that it's worth expending resources on it when looking at it from a companies perspective, and the longer that time passes, the less important it will be to 99% of the people. I would have happily paid more for a PS4 that had full BC given the option, but I know I'm not in the majority.

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MasterCornholio1245d ago


I would never play the original PSe version of Darksouls over the remastered ultimate edition on the PS4. Its because the game was rewired to take advantage of new hardware so it has a lot of improvments that the original PS3 version doesnt have.

1245d ago
CBaoth1245d ago

How many units did BC help sell with the original PS3? Did it keep the x360 from finishing 3rd last gen? Is it helping Nintendo and the WiiU this time around? In console gaming, BC is the proverbial chasing the dragon. It's an empty bulletpoint on a faq sheet, designed to illicit admiration and placate an existing install base rather than entice and expand to new audiences.

Remasters sell well because people just enjoy a shiny fresh coat of paint on older games in the absence of true forward compatibility (i.e. PC).

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Rookie_Monster1245d ago (Edited 1245d ago )

So that is their spin of not able to match the XB1 BC from MS? At least make the PS4 remaster with MP that was included in the original games, Sony. What was Sony's thought process by not including MP?

Edit for below: wait a minute. ND and Sony included MP in TLOU HD and now it is OK for them to omit it for their other major franchise in a similar remake? I love Uncharted 2 MP and I know I am not the only one.

SniperControl1245d ago

You guys have to stop with the Uncharted MP moaning, it's over, Sony and ND aren't suddenly going to change there minds and plonk it in, Uncharted has always been about the single player experience anyway, besides it includes the beta for UC4 MP.

If it erks you that much, dont buy the collection, simple as.

phoenix_dusk1245d ago

So UC4 beta(which is included in the trilogy) and the collections won't split the MP population?

CaptainSellers1245d ago

If MS included the full Gears of War Trilogy do you think they would have added MP to all 3 games?

Doubtful, it makes sense why they didn't do it in this case.

Bathyj1245d ago

"I'm not bothered by people who complain when we talk about remasters. There are always those people on the internet."


There you have it. Shu's not bothered worth you. That should be a meme.

MasterCornholio1245d ago

Yeah Shu doesn't deal with rookies like him.



Bubble up for funny.

rainslacker1245d ago

Gotta love Shu. He is a pretty straight shooter.

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