Retro Studios Currently Hiring For A Number Of Positions

We never did get our Retro Studios game at the Nintendo E3 Digital Event, but that doesn’t mean the development studio is sitting idly twiddling their thumbs. If you’ve been following Nintendo of America’s job opening Twitter account you will have noticed that there have been a number of positions open at the acclaimed development studio. It seems reasonably likely that their next project will be for Nintendo’s next platform which is codenamed NX.

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R00bot1407d ago

Huh. I wonder what they're working on, possibly a new IP?
(As the Metroid Prime producer said work had not begun on a new Metroid Prime game)

iplay1up21407d ago (Edited 1407d ago )

Probably an NX project. I bet. If Nintendo wants to sell NX, they are going to need to come out with big guns. Even I won't buy NX day one if there is not compelling software right of the bat.

I suppose now we won't see many more Wii U games. Don't get me wrong, I love and play my Wii U all of the time, but if Nintendo has nothing else MAJOR planned for it, my time may soon be more limited playing Wii U.

At least there is still more DL content coming to Smash, MK8,X.

X should keep me busy for quite awhile. And it looks fantastic.

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1407d ago

nope. Dev kit arent even available.

They been working on their new game since Dec. 2013

iplay1up21407d ago

There last game was DKTF. Yes I know Dev kits are not available to 3rd party's, however that does not mean Nintendo 1st and Second party are not making games for it.

A AAA 1st party Nintendo game takes years to develop. Don't you think Nintendo is working on games for NX?

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1407d ago

NX is still in planning phase.

Hence code name.
When the code name changes that when devs kit are sent.

Monolith Soft, Nintendo EAD didnt get there dev kit til
late 2010.

Wii U was in planning stage during 2009.

N4g_null1407d ago (Edited 1407d ago )

True you can't even get an nx development kit. Retro needs a wiiu presents. Putting a new iPh on nx without working out the kinks on wiiu could be a huge problem. Come on fast racing really is showing nintendo up on their own console and they don't even have it optimized yet.

If you look at what iwatas is saying it won't matter if the game is wiiu or nx. The player will choose what platform they need be it handheld, console or a new type of premium experience down to phones and back up to pcs.

gangsta_red1407d ago

You can still start development using specs that may be in the NX console.

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Moonman1407d ago

Whatever it is or where it's going...if its awesome...I will buy it. :)

Activemessiah1407d ago

A proper Metroid as part of the launch line-up for the NX

PhoenixUp1407d ago

Does Retro Studios ony work on dormant Nintendo franchises

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