Until Dawn is the Kind of Horror Game David Cage Would Create | VGChartz Preview

VGChartz's Nick Pantazis: "Have you ever sat through a horror movie and thought “this is stupid, no one would do this in real life?” Good news! Until Dawn is here to let you make your own choices in a horror movie, and it is more a horror movie than a horror game. That’s not necessarily a bad thing; indeed, as an experience Until Dawn is both enjoyable and interesting."

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AudioEppa1271d ago

My kind of game, can't wait to play it in two months.

Sony hardly disappoints with first party titles.

chrisx1271d ago (Edited 1271d ago )

i dont think ive seen any sony exclusive im not interested in yet...thats crazy. will def be playing until dawn

smolinsk1271d ago

point and click no thanks, i could just watch a movie insted.

DarkOcelet1271d ago

There is room for every type of game. If you are not interested then no one asked you to play but many will be playing it.

I love this genre.

KyRo1271d ago

Agreed! I love Life is Strange, telltales TWD series (ain't been to fussed on their other titles), HeavyRrain and indigo prophesy. The only one I couldn't really get into was Beyond: Two Souls but not because it was a bad game, I just didn't like the way the story went back an forth to different times in her life.

KUV19771271d ago

Until Dawn looks great. I hope the story makes more sense than Cage-games. Cage usually doesn't seem to care about logic or continuity at all which is a shame because his games usually have lots of potential.

Toiletsteak1271d ago

So is the game just about serial killers or is there paranormal stuff in it also?

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