Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII PC Now Targets An Autumn Release

Square Enix revealed – via the game’s official Japanese Twitter account – that the PC version of Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII targets an Autumn release.

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Articuno761243d ago

I don't want to be a drag but there's no way I'm getting this game until they patch the performance of the first two. And that's not hyperbole, the performance of FFXIII-2 in particularly is so poor that I genuinely do not have confidence in this one being much better.

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Taz Yamauchi1243d ago

The worst Final fantasy ever

Irishguy951243d ago

No way!

FFXIII was WAY worse

goldwyncq1243d ago

Bet you haven't even played it.

PlayableGamez1243d ago

I hope to god they fix the textures in this game, because the textures in Lightning Returns on last gen consoles looked terrible.

Elda1243d ago

That's because the production was cheap,not the same production as the first FF-XIII.

Father__Merrin1243d ago

lightning returns was returned to Cex the next day, it's one of them games you won't like. any game that is time limited it's notvto me

NoctisPendragon1243d ago

They may change it for the PC version , we never know .

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