Nintendo's E3 Digital Event doesn't deserve the backlash - and fans need to get a grip

Dealspwn: "We described Nintendo's E3 Digital Event as "divisive" at that time, but that didn't really do it justice. The fans are furious about the lack of new titles and the perceived quality of those they showed, leading to backlash so vocal that Nintendo have actually acknowledged it.

Which, considering how long it takes for Nintendo to acknowledge anything, shows how serious it is.

Unfortunately, this is classic case of people needing to step back and get some serious perspective before flying off the handle. Now things have hopefully simmered down, it's probably worth a revisit."

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Nyxus1221d ago

It was pretty awful, and this is coming from a Nintendo fan.

freshslicepizza1221d ago

yes it was, especially for the wii u. most of what they showed we already knew about or saw before. then you have reggie saying they only want to focus on the now not the future yet how many times have we seen those games being shown. they also showed zelda a long time ago. nintendo's press is terrible and everyone seems to know it except for them.

zeal0us1221d ago

I think leaks and bs faux meteoroid game ruin it for them.

WonderboyIII1221d ago

As a Nintendo fan and a Wii U owner, I will wait for the kids to play and get bored of their gamers and chuck this console on ebay and buy a PS4.

ritsuka6661221d ago

Nintendo's E3 Digital Event doesn't deserve the backlash''

lol.. disappointed I am right now in just witnessing arguably Nintendo's worst E3 presentation in the company's history.

wonderfulmonkeyman1221d ago

Correction: Federation Force and that Animal Crossing board game, DO deserve the backlash.

The rest was debatably decent to excellent, but the reaction to Federation Force set the tone of fan reactions for the rest of the conference.

In fact, you know what? I'm just gonna be a jerk and say it flat out:


90% of the reason they're getting all this flack, lies SQUARELY on the shoulders of that stupid spin-off.
The remaining 10% is split between the Animal Crossing board game and the missed opportunity to include games like Devil's Third, Fatal Frame, and Fast Racing Neo into their main presentation.

Other than that, their Direct was solid.

Blues Cowboy1221d ago

I feel like they should have at least explained MPFF and walked us through what the game's actually about. From the article: "Ninty had to know that we'd react poorly given the complete lack of true series entries of late. Had they explained that it was from the creators of Luigi's Mansion 2 and Mario Strikers GC, fans might have cut it some slack"

mydyingparadiselost1221d ago (Edited 1221d ago )

The reaction to Federation Force has been ridiculous and has shown the worst side of the gaming community. Where was this backlash for Metroid Pinball? Where are the 20K dislikes for Conker being in Project Spark instead of a full fledged game, or for FZero and Metroid games in Nintendoland? When kids don't get what they want they piss and moan and scream about it and that's exactly what's happening here.

I'm a big of fan of Metroid and I'm sorely disappointed in another year without a big new console iteration, but to dump on what they did announce because it's not what you hoped for is stupid, reactionary, childlike and void any depth of thought.

You'd think Nintendo went on stage and said "This is our finale grand opus for the Metroid franchise, please understand". People went in wanting Nintendo to have a Sony style megaton conference and that's just not what N had on the slate this year. If anything this anger and resentment should be focused on AC, that game is frightening and slightly disgusting in its design...

gameboy11221d ago

Starfox visuals look slick and I'm positive they will get a fairly big polish before release think Starfox Direct in august when they will show final build,and i hope they add online dogfights as they say it's not ruled out but either way starfox is a points scoring game so either way I'm getting it.

deafdani1221d ago

Starfox visuals look "slick"?

Damn, those sure are some really thick fanboy glasses. I'm a huge Star Fox fan - I played all of them except the DS one - and this new Star Fox looked so bad graphically, it's become my biggest gaming disappointment this year.

I only hope Nintendo manages somehow to polish the graphics up big time before release. Please notice that I'm talking about graphics here, not gameplay - that one I'll judge when I play the game myself.

gamingpro1221d ago

I'm a big Nintendo fan, Nintendo consoles are always my main console, I will pick up a ps4 or xbone as a secondary console when the price drops.

OT Nintendo's e3 was poor, there's no denying it. I can't and won't defend such a disappointing showing. Don't know what Nintendo was smoking for them to do this, maybe they had one too many drinks or something.

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