Fallout 4 'must not miss 2015 release date'

Bethesda’s Fallout 4 must arrive this side of Christmas as promised, say UK retailers.

Triple-A titles have continued to slip out of 2015, including the likes of Uncharted 4, Dead Island 2, Zelda, Quantum Break, The Division and more, weakening what had once promised to be a blockbuster end to the year.

So the announcement that Fallout 4 will arrive on November 10th is welcome news to physical retailers.

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fermcr1220d ago

November is going to be a crazy month.
Fallout 4 and Tomb Raider, both on November 10th. One of them will have to leave that spot... probably Tomb Raider.

I think they should release Tomb Raider beginning of October or postpone it to December.

LightofDarkness1220d ago

I know Xbox like to brag about what's coming THIS year, but Tomb Raider in November is shortsighted. It has no chance releasing the same day as Fallout 4. It'll sell OK, but not nearly as well as it might releasing the end of January, say. It would be wise for MS to push Tomb Raider into Jan/Feb 2016 to give it a real chance to excel, practically uncontested, and avoid a similar situation to early 2015 where they had no exclusives lined up until closer to the holiday season.

poppinslops1220d ago (Edited 1220d ago )

I'm gonna get Tomb Raider on day 1, play it through, then get Fallout... I love Bethesda as much as the next man, but their games always launch with tons of bugs, so I'm gonna wait until it's good and patched.

I got The Witcher 3 day 1, played for about 30 minutes, then spent 2 weeks waiting for the 1.04 patch... I used the time to read the novels (which are brilliant), but I won't be buying any more open-world rpg's on day 1.

Not even Fallout... still, I'm sure Lara's got two weeks worth of killing in her, and she's nothing if not distracting.

LightofDarkness1220d ago

Not a bad plan, actually. I might do the same!

Nineball21121220d ago

The smart move would be to move Tomb Raider up a few weeks, if that's possible. Out of the 2, Fallout will be the bigger seller, imo.

sizeofyou1220d ago

Fallout can miss 2015 if it's not ready. Why are people so eager for rushed titles. Patience is a virtue! :)

Quofo1220d ago

Rushed titles? They've had at least 5 years to work on this game. This isn't Assassin's Creed we're talking about here. And game developer's need to learn how to keep their mouths shut about official release dates if they aren't going to deliver.

Antifan1220d ago

This game was being worked on before Skyrim. Trust me, this game is ready to launch.

1220d ago
showtimefolks1220d ago

Been in development for over 4 years, so I don't think we need to worry about delay. So many of my favorite gaming series are releasing another game

Witcher series
mgs series
just cause series
batman series
fallout series

Remaining years purchases for me not counting indies:

mad max
mgs 5
just cause 3
fallout 4
heavy rain beyond 2 souls combo
Plante side 2
God of war 3
Uncharted trilogy

Huge year for me personally as a gamer

LoveSpuds1220d ago

Very similar to my intentions chief, so many awesome games to look forward too.

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