The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt - Review | Player2

Player2 reviews this amazing open world RPG from CD Projekt Red

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Mapsman1221d ago

This such a good game, I just keep finding reasons to keep coming back. Well done CD Projekt Well done

SpamnJam1221d ago

How good is the end of the Bloody Baron quest line. Amazing stuff

JoeBloggs1221d ago

*SPOILERS* Did you free the tree spirit?

Elda1221d ago

Just couldn't get into this game will be trading it for Arkham Night next week.


Witcher 3 was awesome but I have to be honest, there was something about Witcher 2 that I enjoyed a lot more.

Footyspacecadet1220d ago

I Think the story was more immediate in The Witcher 2. It had more impact because it wasn't diluted by the millions of things to do in The Witcher 3

seawolf3991221d ago

On 19th May 2015, the third installment of “The Witcher” series was launched. I downloaded the same on 20th May 2015 and started playing. I have also completed “The Witcher 2 Assassin’s of Kings” as well so keeping in mind the past experience I really enjoyed playing the new game. Geralt of Rivia, also known as white wolf along with Triss and Yen was a beautiful story line with scenic picturesque, excellent melody and intense fight scenes and I loved the game very much. It took me 8 days 6 hours 4 minutes 27 seconds to complete the game in all. So a total of 198 hours game play which is a lot to reach level 34. I have completed 220 quests out of which 14 quests were partly failed and one quest which was completed earlier was a failed quest after that specific quest was complete it was Cave of Dreams. Seven quests of Gwent game and five quests of horse races were not completed by me so in total there were 232 all quest including main, side and treasure hunts. I have downloaded the games original soundtrack and the music is fantastic. I love the game very much.

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