UGO: Resistance 2 Impressions

UGO writes: "When Sony's PlayStation 3 launched, Insomniac Games' Resistance: Fall of Man was the game to own. While it didn't exactly redefine the genre like a certain competitor's console-exclusive FPS starring a green-armored hero did, Resistance carved out an impressive niche for itself thanks largely to its top-shelf graphics and diverse selection of unique weapons. Although we didn't get to actually touch Resistance 2 at this year's E3, we left our hands-off demo confident that the coming sequel will be just as potent as its predecessor when it drops this November.

Like Fall of Man before it, Resistance 2 follows the travails and exploits of Sgt. (now Lieutenant) Nathan Hale as he works with his fellow humans to put a stop to an invading alien force: the Chimera. The new game begins with Hale being transported from London to Iceland, where he hooks up with a group of freedom fighters who are also resistant to the Chimera virus. It's not long before the base is attacked and Hale, along with the three other members of his squad, flees to the United States."

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NO_PUDding3738d ago

Good job Halo for redefining the genre, it was so stale and full of Sci-Fi before you came along


Afterburn3738d ago

Was The Hulk a popular game when Resistance released?

arakouftaian3738d ago

But why they did not use.:( kz2 eng... This game will look better on it I hope they use it for r3 or make a huge jump on their eng.. On every aspect ala kz2. :) but I know the game play is fun thisbis going to be againg a must buy for a fps lover only on ps3!!!