Shenmue 3 returns, but has it already been left behind?

More than that, though, I'm concerned for more selfish reasons. Shenmue's a great game, and one deserving of its heady cult status - it was an open world made before the term and the genre became commonplace, and in its handling of the everyday, in its period backdrop and in its slow, sullen story there are traits never bettered in the many years since. It's a classic, and I fear its reputation could be soiled by whatever trials lie ahead of Shenmue 3 before it finds its way to completion. But I've invested my money, and I watch on in hope. Yu Suzuki has a pedigree of excellence, and Monday night's reveal was a jaw-dropping surprise - by fulfilling the heavy expectations of its many fans, maybe there's another, even bigger surprise awaiting in Shenmue 3's protracted tale.

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medman1405d ago

The correct answer to the articles headline is no.

SegaGamer1405d ago

And here comes the pessimism.

Spotie1405d ago

Good lord.

I want the game. Literally millions of others want the game. The damn kickstarter hit 2 million in like a day. I feel pretty certain that the people wanting this game are fully aware of what they're getting themselves into.