Balancing Adulthood, Gaming, and OCD

Do You Have Difficulties Balancing Gaming and Being an Adult? An Inside Look and How to Tackle It Day to Day.

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TLG19911217d ago

This is pretty identical to how i feel right about now, more and more games. less and less time

the only thing i would add into that equation is a girlfriend who want to go out and do thing at every spare day i get off work and every weekend. (shes still a student so stays at home all day so doesn't get the "privilege" of coming home to chill out)

watching E3 and still playing the witcher with batman around the corner. im not even close to finishing the witcher gameplay wise or personally. i could sit there for days and play it but when i do it causes issues with the other half which i can understand.

i suppose i can't complain she plays the odd game herself. and we have played a bit of diablo 3 together to. i suppose it could be much worse.